1. Daverex

    General Detection Signatures readout in Outfitting.

    So, as many of you know, fighting Thargoids is quite a bit easier if you cold-orbit. That is, you keep your ship's heat below 20% and force them to fire at you manually with no projectile tracking. I also think I've seen some discussions and some videos about how your thermal signature affects...
  2. Dr Pillman

    General Scarab Potential in Odyssey

    I developed some thougts in another thread on exploring gameplay in Odyssey, and then found an intersting thread that seems to have died, and I decided against necro-bumping it, but if you´re interested, here it is: Scarb Engineering ideas My thoughts were as follows: --> Ideas for the SRV...
  3. B

    Saving Ship outfittings

    Greetings Commanders, I just thought it would be a nice thing to store your ship outfitting like you can for your suits and weapons. That would make it a lot easier to switch between combat or mining build for the same ship. I don´t mean pre made outfittings or recommended outfitting or stuff...
  4. E

    Carrier - unable to outfit my own ships anymore ?

    Hi i seem to be unable to outfit my personal ships on my carrier anymore - i do not have the outfitting module but i was always able to complete this prior to odyssey's launch. i was however on a 3-5 month hiatus from the game - so i am just wondering if this is a bug or an intended change ? i...
  5. eN0x

    General [BTW] Huge Improvment Suggestion for the ED Univers

    Hello Everyone and especially The Admin and Producer Team Me and my Friends Bought ED Since it was in Alpha Stage and we love this kind of flight simulator in unknown worlds. I haven't invested a lot of time for the game, which has its reasons which will be included in this post. I would like...
  6. F

    Carrier outfitting packs still practically unusable, sadly

    I did post about this when carriers were launched https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/carrier-shipyard-and-outfitting-stock-packs-are-practically-unusable.548193/ I realise it's maybe an issue for the 1%, and therefore not super pressing for most people. I also realise that nobody who plays...
  7. PvpProAlt

    Ships Do all grades of power plant use a fixed amount of fuel?

    I'm outfitting an imperial courier for some speed and I need to know if a larger power plant will use more fuel.
  8. GN_Abbude

    (translated) I have a question about shields.

    I changed the post to another forum tab, sorry for the inconvenience
  9. DaraTheNeko

    Carriers outfit and shipyard troubles

    There are many, many issues with those two parts of a carrier, even if we simply ignore the base cost and weekly prices. All of which reduces their usage to one or two cases. 1. It takes a ton of room. The two services take quite a bit of place, and their content even more. Meaning you will...
  10. Old Duck

    What's the bare minimum?

    I'm closing in on being able to afford a fleet carrier, thanks to both hard work (hauling Tritium) and the VERY GENEROUS DONATIONS of other CMDRs (see my signature). I should reach 5 billion this week. My original goal was to acquire 6 billion before buying a FC, to ensure I have the extra...
  11. D

    Powerplay Best Station in Each Powerplay Faction for Outfitting?

    Hello, bit of a noob to powerplay and station searching. I was aligned with Li Yong-Rui for a little over a month and grinded enough at the powerplay to unlock the Pack-Hound Missle Launcher. Before I joined, I did a little searching and asking a friend of mine what the best station to dock all...
  12. Cheese Helmet

    Missing weapons

    Class 1 plasma. Plasma repeater off fighters is a good option. Class 3/4 rails. More spook up, power draw, heat, and damage Class 4 frags Class 4 missles/torpedoes /mines(buff mines) Mining fighter too please
  13. ebbrell

    Make military slots boost modules they contain

    I've been thinking, military slot can be used for only certain modules. This is great, and fighter class ships do have more of these. I expected using a hull reinforcement module in a normal slot to be less effective than when placed in a military slot. Should military slots boost modules...
  14. Symbiont

    Federal Gunship as all hull tank - Worth it?

    Hey guys, I've read that the Federal ship line is good for creating a strong hull tank combat ship, and as this outfitting approach sounds interesting and I've never done this before I wanted to give it a go, using the Federal Gunship. The main purpose is to engage in power play combat-wise and...
  15. GN_Abbude

    TYPE-10 DEFENDER, a ship with the potential to act differently in combat.

    greetings commanders, I come here to suggest a simple modification in the super heavy class combat ship Type 10, I will try to contextualize the situation using google translator due to my different language. First of all, my favorite activity in the game is to assist my squadron with building...
  16. F

    in game ship planner

    going off what coriolis.io does and what ed engineer does, i though what if we had a little of both in game so you'd go to the shipyard and select a ship then you'd select a button something like plan ship customization or something and it would go to an special outfitting screen, where you'd...
  17. Crimson Echo

    Prorated Material Salvage from sale of Engineered Modules and/or changes to Modules Storage

    Currently selling engineered modules to make room for more modules in the current 120 unit allotment is painful. This really only becomes an issue with a large fleet of vessels with different internals, the ton of modules that have been added like the new mining equipment etc, and need for...
  18. Happy Daze

    Improve Outfitting Stores

    It seems Outfitting is just RNG. My Home Station Outfitting Store sucks (no I'm not moving). FD should add Outfitting to the BGS or some way to get more hardware in stores. Unless I'm missing something you can't improve your stores no matter what you do. Say increasing the Station Income, or...
  19. Kelanen Alcatraz

    Distant Worlds II - The Outfitting Guide

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Please contact Qohen Leth if you intend to use the DW2 logo for merchandising items; he will do his best to help you with the technical requirements. The DW2 logo...
  20. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Stored Modules Sorting and Bookmarks

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type. Also, why is there a limit on bookmarks in the galaxy map?
  21. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Stored Modules Sorting

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type.
  22. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Heart and Soul

    Are there any plans for outfitting at the Heart and Soul nebula bases? shipyard at one? even if they don't sell many modules, it would be awesome to be able to store things.
  23. andrak

    Pitiful Outfitting Options in Colonia

    Colonia has been going for a while now, must more than a year at least. Many player factions decided to set up shop there. Why then are the outfitting options so pitiful? There is nowhere in the entirety of Colonia that offers sizeable A rated equipment. I thought I would head out there...
  24. W

    Emigrating to Colonia - Work in Progress

    Greetings, Commanders! My Name is waldgeist, and I am a commander from Austria, playing the game for about a year now. I am thinking about emigrating to Colonia (at least for a while), and I realised that this is a step which has to be well planned. I know that there is a bunch of threads and...
  25. S

    Outfitting broken

    It's so weird I logged in today, and the devs must have broken something overnight because I can't purchase or transfer modules.
  26. A

    Outfitting Idea to Add More Module Space - Module Racks

    There are a lot of small sized modules and more are on there way by the sounds of it in Beyond Chapter 4. I'm talking about the scanners and limpet systems. It's a shame to imagine a size 1 scanner taking up a whole size 3 or 4 slot especially when you can get 16 tonnes in the same space. I've...
  27. A

    Quality of Life improvement for outfitting screen

    When I outfit my ships with external components (utility mounts, hard points), I like to place them strategically. For example, if I outfit an ASP with Point Defence, I want to place it in the back just above the hatch. That is the best position (IMO) for the PD as it protects both against...
  28. GoStu

    Power-Specific Modules

    The eleven Power-Specific modules awarded at Rank 3 in Powerplay should be available in new ways. This would make more modules available to all players for Outfitting, even those who don't want to engage in Powerplay. ---- Short Version: Place the Pulse Disruptor and Pacifier Frag Cannon...
  29. Manfriest

    CMDR owned assets management

    Suggested feature - a tool in ship where you can look at all of the ships, modules and assets you own. I think this would be very useful, particularly for CMDRs who have been playing for a while and have collected a lot of stuff. I know you can check in outfitting to see what modules you have...
  30. Valen Zendaris

    Proposal for More Versatile Outfitting (No Engineering!)

    Summary: This proposal is about the principle of converting hardpoint slots to optional internal module slots. This allows an increase in the number of optional internals a ship can carry (= versatility/functionality), at the cost of firepower. Example of conversion rates: Small Hardpoint =...
  31. Highwayman

    Stored Modules Filter

    I’m sure it’s been requested before, but please add some filtering options for our stored modules. This is even more relevant now that we have 120 slots to store things, it gets very tedious trying to find specific items in the list. Also, please differentiate between legacy and updated...
  32. bigmatt

    VR panels (galaxy & system map, outfitting etc) QoL pass

    I know that VR player base may be limited but for me this is a number one issue that actually stops me from playing ED on a regular basis. After experiencing VR I can't force myself go back to playing on flat screen. But in VR this issue is making me quit after a short while. For me it's nausea...
  33. GURU-951

    Got a new Chieftan and need a reference build.

    I have a few engineers unlocked and would like to know a basic PvE build for my Chieftan. I'm not super savvy with outfitting. Thanks You.
  34. T

    Newcomer / Intro CQC is a good way to earn credits for new players

    If you are new to Elite Dangerous, you will find yourself in a sidewinder without the necessary credits to upgrade to a better ship. A fun way to get the credits to purchase a better ship while developing fighter skills is to head on over to close quarters combat and work your way up through...
  35. CMDR Runcible Shaw

    The Trouble With Limpets

    So, I think it might be time to rethink how limpets work in the game. Currently (and in the beta) there are Prospector limpet Collector limpet Hatchbreaker limpet Repair limpet Recon limpet Fuel transfer limpet Decontamination limpet Research limpet It's starting to get a bit out of control...
  36. Audaxxx

    Module Storage

    Please, please, please can we have more module storage? It's beginning to get really tedious having to switch ships every 5 minutes to access modules and weapons that i've had to store in storage ships. Having to transport an entire ship (and wait the required amount of transfer time) or fly...
  37. A

    Multicrew needs something more

    First off, the idea of multicrew is great, fantastic, revolutionary even! However, there are so many limitations to it that multicrew often becomes a hindrance if you're doing anything other than just flying around blowing stuff up. Here are just a few of the ways that multicrew could be made a...
  38. J

    Outfitting once you get to Colonia

    HI, Does anyone have a short list of best stations to outfit your ship once you get to Colonia. Came out with all D rated shields etc and need better equipment. My D rated tiny thrusters are not getting me away from the pirates out here.... Do I have to ship everything out?
  39. Yamiks

    [Video] Outfitting "immersion"

  40. shadow133

    Ship Builds & Load Outs FDL heat management help needed

    This is my first all encompassing retrofitting I do, since previously I only improved one module or another, not the whole ship. Since I had to unlock most of the engineers, I don’t have enough materials for G5s everything, and I quite enjoy the results so far, except heat buildup. This is what...
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