ANNOUNCEMENT Fleet Carriers - Content Reveal Announcement

After 2 years of playing at least 3 times a week, I've got 1.4 billion in the bank... and that includes several sessions of VO mining back, just to make money - I admit I never went at it in a dedicated "I-Think-I'll-Watch-Netflix-Whilst-I-Spend-3-Hours-Mining" sort of a way, but I still thought I'd made a nice little wad of cash.

I've no interest in interacting with other players, so I play in Solo.

With FCs costing about 4 times what I gained in 2 years of enjoyable gaming at a level I thought was reasonably realistic for some space traveller, I'm not going to be able to get one. Unless I suck it up and go and do whatever activity makes a load of cash for a few hours, which frankly, doesn't sound like fun. It was tedious enough hunting VOs, (though great fun actually blowing the rocks up).

I would have liked one to carry my little flying circus of ships around easily, rather than having them scattered about the bubble, but they're definitely not aimed at players like me. They seem more aimed at squadrons with multiple players who like the MMO aspect. Which I can understand, but I can't say I'm not really rather disappointed about it.

Oh well, back to enjoying myself in other ways :) For those who can, enjoy the Carriers; they look cool.
Hey @Mengy,

I have seen a couple of people saying that they don't have enough money to purchase a Fleet Carrier and it's worth stating that these huge vessels are a designed to be a massive investment for players who have acquired a large amount of credits. Although purchasing one will allow the owner to customise and manage their Fleet Carrier how they wish, Fleet Carriers are also there to provide services to the wider community, allowing commanders to interact with and utilise in a number of ways.

Whenever we've introduced content to the game, the community has blown us away with what they've done with it, often using it in ways we never imagined they would. Fleet Carriers are going to provide lots of opportunities for owners but also those without Fleet Carriers and we can't see all the ways in which commanders are going to traverse the galaxy together!

For all the details on Fleet Carriers, tune into next week's Content Reveal Stream!
Well, CMDR D8VEH has in its account ... 257,000,000,000 Cr. on February 10.

Is this from a press release, or their interpretation?

edit - pcgamer uses the same persistent debt that eventually exceeds the debt threshold could see carriers decommissioned and sold for parts language, so must be from a fdev press release. Interesting.
What happens to the ship on board. will you loose complex expensive and time consuming engineered ships or will they go to a location nearby?!

Can I permanently loose my rare 101million dollar corvettes from this?
I'm disappointed with my lack of enthusiasm after reading the weekly upkeep maintenance cost. But hey to each his own.
Congratulations for the announcement and I hope you guys have the time to enjoy it at its fullest.

What about some lore, do we get any? Wink wink
You can only make 100 milion cr per hour doing a single activity (mining). If you want to actually play the game and have fun with other activities you can forget it... And this because the game economy is a complete disaster!
Don't believe that contradicts anything I said, so we agree that a player can in fact make 100m an hour in the game today.

You might notice I was specifically responding to someone who suggested only players who had milked Robigo years ago could afford a carrier. At the time, you could also only make that kind of money by doing a single activity, so things are exactly as they always have been - you have an absurd moneymaker and then you have the rest of the game.

The only real difference is that Robigo got nerfed to the moon and back, as did long supercruise passenger rmissions and virtually every other form of income generation I can think of, yet you can make 100m an hour today from mining after FDEv's 'balancing pass' and with no indication that another is on the way.
Great news for those with the dosh. Really disappointed in a period with no content they went this way, but that is what it is. The strong get stronger and the weak got mugged further. Time to start looking at alternatives.
And if it's 3 million instead of 3 billion, it won't be a big deal. Not sure why you're assuming maximum suck, here.
Guess it's because I've seen such systems in work already. Be it for ships in a MUD or be it for houses in UO and SWG. In the last case, the house luckily was only packed up and stored away, so the player could place it again.

Yet in all of them, the mechanic of loosing stuff due to being offline for a while had a negative impact on the community. I've seen it happen several times that somebody returned, found out that the game took away his stuff for him being away for a while and immediately left again.

For UO and SWG I at least understood why they did it: housing space was limited. So they used the mechanic to clear up space occupied by old characters who were not played any more. But I don't see the same reason for ED. There's plenty of space in space. (Yea, the name kind of gives it away. ) And if somebody is offline for a week, just don't spawn the ship any more till he returns. No damage done.
People who have been playing for years and/or power gamers: 5bn isn't a big deal
People who are casual players or new: 5bn is massive

Both are valid tbh
And let's be honest here, when some of us started playing years ago the cost of an Anaconda seemed unthinkably huge. I remember thinking I would never be able to afford one and couldn't conceive of me playing the game long enough to earn that much.

Now players can earn enough mining in a single day to afford a Conda so it's about time there was something to aim for for the newer players.
So.... if i understand rigth the purchaiced carriers will be persistant in the universe? Even if you are offline? Even if you play solo?
No mention of Support Ships. Has the idea been abandoned? Since we've seen screenshots the assets already exist. Oh well, we'll know in a week.

I built up a Cr 10 billion Fleet Carrier Purchase Fund last year, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. I'm now wondering if Frontier have looked at players doing this and said to themselves, "All right then, now we know what the market will bear. Cr 5 billion for the base carrier and the same again for outfitting."

I can see the logic in scrapping the carriers of players who are no longer active in the game. But I hope they at least add a 'mothballing' option for players who know they're going to be out of the game for a while.
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