ANNOUNCEMENT Game Balancing Pt.2

so i went hunting a bit and i have to say i really like the current payment i can now earn good money the way thats fun to me, but i am worried that it may create issues in BGS.
Thank you Bruce and all Fdev for the increased communication and transparency. Elite Dangerous is evolving and growing again!

My comment is aimed at PvP and player bounty hunting. I think most would agree that humans are by far the most interesting antagonists. What PvPers desperately needs is challenging meaningful gameplay; the suggestion that Dezpe posted from reddit is a great start.

PvP is end game because of the necessity of being fully engineered; most PvPers are very flush and do not need credits. Fear of exploitation, mostly from PvEers who do not truly understand the intricacies of PvP, is mean and small-minded. Immersive gameplay should always be the deciding factor in progressive video game development, Not Fear. There are risks, but risk can be ameliorated. Exploitation of credits already occurs with fleet carriers. Furthermore, increased gameplay between PvPers would decrease unwanted PvP vs PvE interaction.

There is a divide between PvEers and PvPers in this game. We PvPers in general have felt somewhat marginalized for two reasons:

1. We are a very small minority of players; allocation of Fdev time is understandably aimed at the majority.
2. The perceived stereotype of PvPers by PvEers as being murder hobos. As in RL, the actions of a few PvPers have resulted in PvEers having extremely negative views of PvP. PvPers get judged by people who do not understand why we are PvPers in the first place. They will never understand the joy and exhiliration of the death dance in dense asteroid fields in the complete freedom of FA Off using the most difficult weapons in the game. Many try but get too frustrated and give up too easily; this no doubt contributes to the paucity of PvPers. (Age is no excuse, I am 55 and it took me years, but boy was it worth it.) PvPers are routinely judged by people who haven't got the slightest clue as to what the Elite Dangerous Flight Model can really do.

The positivity of meaningful gameplay, an actual reason for pvpers to reinstall Elite Dangerous, is far more important to the evolution of the game than fear, in this case the fear of exploiting credits. Virtual simulations attempt to recreate RL. RL is not without risk.

Thank you for listening.
Take Care xoxo
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I know this is a little outside of the current scope. But when it comes to reviewing player bounties, I feel a league table of players with the highest bounties with notoriety and they're real-time in game location (as long as they're not in an Anarchy system) would help all concerned;
  1. The players at the top of the board can bask in their infame.
  2. Players know where's the most risk of being interdicted by other players.
  3. Bounty Hunter Players would know where to hunt.
  4. Anarchy systems provide a safe haven for all the naughty commanders.
I think this is an area that Star Citizen got right. Player bounties are missions you can accept in SC. Upon accepting a player bounty mission, you get a marker to the player you're hunting so you can find them and it shows up in your HUD so you know exactly where they are, but they don't know you're coming for them. I've never done it, but watched some YouTube videos on it. It looks like quite a bit of fun.

Here's one such video of player bounty hunting in action. Includes both ship to ship and FPS action :) (The action starts about 1:20 in)

I would LOVE to see something like this in ED Odyssey!
Yes Sir! :) Time to remove the dust from the frags, pack a ton of gold and go find me some stupid npc pirates. First though, I might have to travel some Kly to gather all the mats I need for reloading them without docking every second second. Still, great balancing, thank you!
Based on the testing, bounties are really balanced and combat is now viable. Only thing what maybe needs to tweaked up is Kill Warrant Scanner. It kinda feels lackluster right now with the new changes.
The KWS lets you add non local bounties onto the target, they will have gone up 4-10x just like the local ones have.
Here are my first impressions:

I went bounty hunting today to a Haz RES and played for about an hour. I returned with ~13.5 million CR of bounties. This is not bad, much better than before, but still not good enough in my opinion. I wouldn't mind another 2x multiplier on the payouts per ship on average. Playing for an hour and fighting endlessly should net more profit in my opinion. It definitely feels more rewarding now than before but this is not the buff the game needs yet. If you could earn ~25 million / hour that would be great.

For reference, I'm fighting with a fully engineered Corvette so I can destroy any ship without problems. Either the payouts should be higher still or the game should generate more high-level ships for Elite rank players.
Nice. Very nice. Certainly better than what we were getting before.

I hope there's a buff to criminal activities in the cards. Even having something worth stealing would be nice.
Honestly, when I initially read through the changes I thought the numbers were a bit too high...

I mean, we’re talking about Sidewinder to A class Vulture in just a few hours here if you’re starting fresh...

But then, if I had it my way we’d all be scraping through the dust digging up lost cargo on planets to make credits.....sooo

I think it’s probably the best deal we’re going to get when it comes to pleasing everyone.
i share most of your sentiment, but

Fear of exploitation, mostly from PvEers who do not truly understand the intricacies of PvP, is mean and small-minded.
... you'll have to understand, that most posts in this thread (some of pvp'lers themself) on exploit are not so much on credit exploits, but on using player bounties (gained by pve actions) for backgroundsimulation influence. which is a reality in some systems.

if the game would treat player interaction gained bounties treat differently from pve gained bounties, that would cease.

that said - i hope with you that pvp bountyhunting gets somehow a boost.
PLEASE make sure to readjust the credits needed for Elite rank accordingly. Elite rank should not be optainable in a couple of days.
Credits have no bearing on combat elite, so these changes should mean nothing.

I do think that combat missions should contribute towards combat ranking. Right now people usually finish off combat rank by killing off thargoid scouts which is maybe fun the first few times....not so much on the 550th wave though.
Player bounties must be split evenly between CMDRs. Then no cap is needed.
they can even just to avoid exploits set some kind of "tax" in player bounties.


Let´s supose 4 commanders make a wing to hunt a commander that has 1 billion on his head.
we kill him, but there is a "tax" of about, let´s suppose, 20%. So we receive 800 millions, divided between the four of us = 200 millions each one.

But the wanted commander pays 1 billion plus the rebuy of the ship.

I think something like this could be fair and avoid exploiting
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