Patch Notes Update Horizons (2.0) and Ships (1.5) change log

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Anyone know if you can play both 2.0 and 1.5. Is it the same universe?
I have a Mac and Windows machine.
Sometimes I travel and only have my Mac with me and still wants to play Elite. And yes I know of bootcamp. Just not something I can do on my work computer.
So can I play my character in both universes?

I hope at some point Frontier and Apple talks together and fixes the problem. So I can play 2.x on my mac.

/Dark shadow

Yes, but there are limitations. If you land on a planet on your PC and then exit the game you won't be able to go back to the same place on your Mac.
Archon Delaine is happy that the crytoscrambler has a sound.

He would be very happy if the crytoscrambler had a use too.

(Apart from that, can't wait to download it!)
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Nice list... I´m looking forward to play. But i guess it wont be today or early tomorrow. As always FD has no bandwidth. As always... thats sad. I think in a few days everyone will be able to play, but today ? No way...
Okay, disregard what I said about the launcher earlier. I just confirmed and the store version was updated to the current one. ;)
Miner NPCs spawn with a random mix of minerals from the asteroid field they're in; if they're not in an asteroid field, pick minerals from the station lists, rather than just random commodities as before

oooh, no more 'Fishteriods' then ? ;)
So do we need to start downloading from the store if we already have the beta 6 launcher installed and updated? Or can we just wait for the current launcher to update with a "download" notification?
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