In-Development Information Display for Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

Okay, so the FIP display is tied to the scaling I use through windows for text. I had it set 300% so I can see the text on a 4k TV. Changed it to 100% and the FIP displays correctly now. Is that something that I'll be SOL on? Or is there a way to make windows scaling not change it? I didn't think it would change the FIP display scaling too.
The software uses an embedded 'web browser' component to render the page and it probably resizes everything according to your scaling.
I'll investigate further.
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Okay. I found that if I keep it at 100%, launch the program, and then change scaling it works.
My apologies for what was probably a simple problem. lol. I appreciate the help.
Also, I love this program. I purchase an FIP exclusively for this, as I don't play most flight sims.
Great Work.
version 1.4.0

disable high dpi awareness in manifest.
(otherwise font size on fip panel would be too big, in case windows font scaling factor is not set to 100%)
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Hi mhwing,

I just got a real fip, but the app still opens the window on PC. I reinstalled the software, but noticed that in the joysticksettings.config file the
FipSerialNumber config has the value "window". Do I have to change this? How can I find out this serial number?

Also, it seems there's a newer driver on the logitech site.. can I use it (, version
or should I stick with the one you mention here:

Hi , I think you can use the new driver. I checked it out a while ago and didn't find any difference in the actual driver files that it installs.

The window on pc, is completely separate from the display on the fip panel.
As soon as you start elite.exe, something should appear on any detected fip panel.
Check the log file if it doesn't.

You don't have to change The FipSerialNumber from 'window' .
That is only used, if you have 2 fip panels and you want to mirror one of them in VR.
(the serial number of all the detected fip panels is in the log file, by the way)
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p.s., the serial number is also ON the fip panel.
it always shows a slideshow when elite.exe isn't running...
and one of the slides contains the fip panel serial number.

If you don't see the slideshow, then there is a problem with the Logitech driver or your usb connection.
I had to switch from a usb3 hub to a usb2 hub, to get it to work.
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Oh wait

I just noticed that you may have installed the wrong software ?XPlane_Plugin_x64_Software.exe, is for the xplane flight simulator !
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Hi mhwing,

Connecting to an USB 2.0 port solved it! Thanks for the hint, I don't think I'd have tried that.

Using the app on the "real" fip is another level of experience... thanks again for developing it!
Hi mhwing,

After having used the fip for some time, I was wondering if you think would be interesting/feasible to have an option to automatically go to the Target template if a ship is selected, and to the Navigation one if a structure is.

Another suggestion would be (also not sure if its possible) a stellar body template.. to give information about the selected body (type, temperature, minerals if scanned, etc)

Thanks again!
'option to automatically go to.... template' is a problem because you can have more than one FIP.
and you don't want jump to the template on all connected FIP's

I'll have to look into the stellar body data.
I have never used it myself, so I don't know what people would use it for and if all the many many data fields are really all useful (on a tiny screen)
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