Inter solar system extended story driven missions

So we've probably all seen the chain missions pop up from time to time. Youve completed your kill 6 pirates and a mission critical message pops saying theres a mission to go kill the pirate lord. The same thing sometimes happens when you donate money to a minor faction and i kind of like the concept.

It gives you the feeling that your actions had an effect (although artificial) and that you worked towards a goal. Now my suggestion is to expand on this idea.

This suggestion isnt going to be easy to implement and would like come up against some of the core game design that will make it difficuilt but here it goes.

Why not have missions that span across multiple systems and multiple stations. Im thinking more than just the jump here speak to this dude to get info and then go kill the pirate lord. Im thinking stages to missions that take you across the bubble doing various different mission tasks with scaling payouts. All whilst building a narrative around your actions.

For example lets say there is a fugitive from the federation at large and they want you to blow him up but first you must travel to a station to meet a contact which you get the first payout for. Then it scales to the next mission where you have to investigate a crash site to gain the ships targeted jump system which pays out. Then you jump to that system that has you scan a nav beacon but you become a target of a bounty hunting group in that system who are waiting for you. Each time building the narrative.

Now one of the obstacles would be the format of having to hand in missions at the original station but if they could work around this allowing you to hand in at any station then perhaps it might work.

Finally, to top it all off it would be good to see linked opposing missions where another player is given a similar mission to protect the fugitive but he must find him and you could gain a bonus (large payout) for killing the opposing player. At which point his mission tree ends but he still gets the final payout. This would have to be killed by the name of the opposing player to occur.

Drop your thoughts or maybe you can think of a way to make it even more exciting?
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