1. BenXman

    How to stop exploding after finishing a mission?

    I accepted a mission to shut down Desai military base, I did the whole mission covertly, I turned off alarms, turrets, point defense, anti-ship turrets, etc., no one suspected anything until I turned off the power and took the regulator, at that point, everyone had their shields up and was on...
  2. A

    Restore: Settlements Mission Feedback

    Apparently after you powerup and finish extinguishing all fire in a: Restore: (insert settlement name here) Mission, you could take the Power back off, return to the station and still complete the mission.
  3. R

    Restore Power Mission Experience

    I want to share the fun experience I just had: I took a mission to restore power to an outpost. It was, of course swarming with guards. Or, I assume they were guards. I didn't scan them. But they were patrolling, not looting, so they at least acted like guards. Anyway, it was dark on the...
  4. BenXman

    Co-op missions?

    Does anyone have any wing/co-op missions? are we going to get them anytime soon if not? It’d be very much more enjoyable with a friend Also, is there any way to do missions together currently without wing missions?
  5. boxpressradio

    Completed My First Mission - Initial Thoughts

    While I'm not an expert in this game, I have played enough to feel very comfortable with the controls and systems. The first mission I picked I have come to find out requires a cutting tool (restore power). I failed after life support ran out, and decided to try another one, recover an item from...
  6. Controllerface

    Wartime Massacre Missions could be like a Mini-CG or "Faction Goal"

    Currently, when two factions are at war in a system, they will spawn massacre missions targeting each other with varying amounts of kills required. After doing these for years now, the thought occurred to me... It would make sense if the opposing factions spawned what (in my head) is like a mini...
  7. L

    Can you make all missions shareable in coop with odyssey please ?

    Hello, can you make all missions shareable in coop with odyssey please ? I'm sorry for the strange english, but it would be dope if you can make this little change... !
  8. Justinian Octavius

    General Replace 50 Million Credit Mission Cap with RNG Range

    One of the side effects of the much welcomed rebalancing is the increase in the number of missions that hit the 50 Million Credit reward cap. Although a minor issue, I personally think the number of these missions available now on some Mission Board instances aesthetically reduces the...
  9. norlin

    Add smuggling missions which requires flying to a starport without docking access

    Ok, right now the docking access is only required basically to secure a landing pad. There is no "legit" ways to fly into a starport with no access. It would be great to have some smuggling missions which requires you to fly into a starport without a docking request at all. For example, it...
  10. F

    Several Suggestions

    So, we all know, and appreciate, how busy the developers have been in the past year working on making carriers a reality for us, and now working on the next big thing, but how about you show some love to those who like the original content of the game? here are a few suggestions: Passenger...
  11. CMDR Gustowny

    Newcomer / Intro How does the ++ levels of rewards scale?

    Has anybody any information about how the different ++ levels of mission rewards scale? Is it linerar; e.g. gives Reputation++ 100% more than Reputation+, and gives Reputation+++ 50% more than Reputation++? Or is it exponential; e.g. gives Reputation++ N times more than Reputation+, and gives...
  12. G

    Hello Why Are Strike Missions still broken?

    I have a Federal Navy Strike Contract, and I have to patrol a shipping lane. One hour and I have seen one target out of 4. Exploration, I see how that can be fun for some people. But flying around in the same system between the same two planets "you have to find them the old fashioned way," OK...
  13. B

    Black box mission bug

    Hello ! During my last play, a mission has suddendly be given to me : it was a member of the Pleiades ressources Enterprise, at Moni's Hub, in Maia System. A guy send me a message, asking me to find a black box in some wreck, in system HIP 17692, by finding signals sources. This system is...
  14. Adept

    Wing mission disconnect - leaving wing

    I’ve had some drops when doing wing missions (orange sidewinder etc), mostly not happening to me, but a friend of mine. When the game kicks you off to the main menu you can usually log right back in, but as you pop back into the wing you get a ”leaving wing” with about a five second countdown...
  15. Peter Tanner

    Passenger Missions - Tourist Beacons Bugged

    I have been taking tourist missions and I go to the beacon, or the point of interest in question and I wait, and I wait and I wait. I scan the beacon and I see other tourist ships there and I look directly at the sun and...nothing 1st mission - tourist selected the sun as the point of interest...
  16. Druner

    Station Adventures

    So, i have played Sunless Skies, and i’ve become very infatuated with the little text-based adventures you get in that game. Considering this, what you guys and galls think about having something like this when we are doing some smugling in elite. Dock at station and you get some narrative...
  17. Meneer_vandaal

    Newcomer / Intro "Massacre {COUNT} {FACTION} ships. Level: Mostly harmless." missions

    Seems clear enough. So I look through the list and pick one for "my level" (mostly harmless). I find one, commit myself... Alas, the 'Level: Mostly harmless" seems complete nonsense. You're directed to a "Conflict Zone" (following the indications where {FACTION} can be found) with nothing...
  18. T

    That's a strange mission...

    Is that some kind of bug... or do i need a much bigger ship? Also note that i am currently in Medupe City, so i assume its a bug... or?
  19. S

    Can't complete Source and Return mission?

    I'm new to Elite Dangerous, just purchased it yesterday (though I've played many similar games - i.e. Oolite), and I've already run into a problem. I accepted a Source and Return mission at Coelho Station in the Matet system for 6 Animal Monitors. I then went to Dromi, bought 6 Animal...
  20. X

    Black box mission - Was given target name, but can't find it anywhere in the system

    Hello and greetings fellow commanders o7, I was just about to drop this mission, when I decided to quickly drop a Q in the forum and see what you guys (and gals) think. I've always been able to get my questions answered by doing simple Google searches - up until now, that is! This one has me...
  21. DGBaley

    Obtaining Fleet Carriers

    From initial impressions, it appears as though the Fleet Carriers are going to be massive vessels with facilities to rival some small orbital outposts. Obviously the construction and outfitting of such a large structure is going to require substantial amounts of raw materials as well as...
  22. H

    Mission board suggestion

    As per my discussion with the Twitter team earlier, my suggestion for improving mission board functionality is to highlight any mission (in a different colour) that would take you to a location you already need to go to i.e. the location of an already active mission. This would make stacking...
  23. A

    Completely Unable To Scan With The Data Link Scanner

    Currently attempting a mission located at the Clute Installation + in the Opala System. I have to use the DLS to interact with the Hub Access Terminal Datalink. I've tried to scan it both in the Scarab and in my ship. I have Horizons, if that helps. I've tried rebinding the key and changing...
  24. I

    Un-completable Delivery Mission

    As you can see in the screenshots, the delivery destination is Damnclown's Funland in Sigma Hydri to be delivered to L 12-40 Blue Power Corporation, this faction does not exist in this system, making this mission un-completable.
  25. Rebel Yell

    Anarchy factions should provide missions under anonymous access...

    This happens to us quite frequently as we are an anarchy player faction and makes our BGS activities tougher than expected... we are flying wanted ships in faction controlled systems and can't have access to our faction missions because at the base we keep getting "we don't deal with... CMDR...
  26. C

    Question about passenger ships - Dolphin, Orca, Beluga

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the game, about 2 weeks in. So I'm interested in doing some passenger missions and really want to buy one of Saud Kruger's ship, to cruise in one of these stylish things feeling like a captain. I did some reading about passenger missions and ships but all I found was a...
  27. D

    After the upgrade, all missions are gone.

    Hello. After the update on 05/02/2019 all the missions disappeared. And those that are in the process, and those that have already been completed and waited for them to pass. The missions were all at killing pirates in the Atropos system. In total, the taam performed was ~ 70kk. 3 days they...
  28. Janslen

    Was there a change in planetary scan mission outcome?

    Was there a change in planetary scan mission outcome? Planetary scan missions have been my favorite mission to do this far. I have been finding my self becoming imprisoned while returning the Mission Given Station. This appears unfamiliar to me and quite possibly I may be unaware of any update...
  29. Nihila Vex

    No Turrets

    My apologies as always if this has been asked before. I did search but haven't found an answer. I've been given a job to disable the turret on a megaship. On arrival I find a Gordon-class bulk carrier that's very clearly been roundly aliened, and is no longer any threat to anyone - but a job's...
  30. S

    Poor Rescue Mission Instructions

    I visited an attacked ship and they were asking for people to help rescue the crew. Instructions over the radio said (Escape doors are jammed you will need to blast them open them so escape pods can be ejected. SOOOOO I use the data scanner and it points out the escape doors. I accept the rescue...
  31. A

    ok so massacre missions

    MY massacre missions don't seem to work. im currently on a wing massacre mission in Shos against the Camorra and im at 33/48 kills. for some reason once i hit this the enemy stopped spawning altogether. i have logged out and in, left system and jumped back, and tried loading up with silver or...
  32. A

    Game Crashing on Interdiction

    So after downloading the patch that released last night on Feburary 17, and after its download im having the same problem over and over. The game force closes and crashes when im interdicting my mission targets. im using my Python for this and when i get to the target and pul them down. just as...
  33. Draconus

    Massacre Mission with no targets

    I've had a bit of a hiatus from the game and thought I'd get back into it and refresh myself. I saw a mission for a nice bonus that required me to kill 53 ships of a faction in a system and took it as I always found the combat to be the most interesting. I begin by cruising around the system...

    Why should anyone be fighting Thargoids?

    Now, before you scream at me, the title is a rhetorical question, but i want to start a discussion, a pretty important one i think. So let's be real... for one of the most dangerous activities in the game other than PVP, we're really not being rewarded anything for resisting the Thargoids. I...
  35. wetwire

    Thargoid Related Missions

    I would like to see mission boards that are in the same system as a damaged station/repairing station to start populating Thargoid related missions. Currently the only mission directly related to Thargoids appear to be the moving mega ship for thargoid massacre. But if you visit a system where...
  36. S

    Longer mission expiring date

    Hello everyone, As an almost 40years old, almost dad "boy" :) I have limited time to enjoy the world of ED, actually I can only fly a couple of hours in the evening, and I enjoy it a lot. My only difficult is to be able to complete most of the (easy moatly) missions that expire within 24 hours...
  37. PowerfulSlicer

    Mission target?

    Am i missing something? (Probably) but i seem to remember that when selecting a mission from the left tab and opening the galaxy map it took me to my destination and i just selectd it, now it seems i have to manually search for the system and select it that way? Any ideas?
  38. Flying Scorpion

    Establish Covert Link With Emplacement Data Link (Help - how do you finish this mission?)

    https://youtu.be/mj6W1JwQ3gQ I don't know how to finish the mission. I've been attempting this mission for 2 days now. I've given up for today and maybe I'll try again tomorrow if someone can help me out.

    Anti-Xeno combat is still totally busted.

    So, now that the bubble has been attacked for the first time since the release of the new conflict zones, i thought i would go and check out the new conflict zones in a well modified Krait 2 with guardian weapons and... i was disappointed again, met with a very unbalanced and pretty much...
  40. Flying Scorpion

    100,000,000 credits of mission rewards lost (help please)

    SOLVED! Thanks! I was in a wing and I have about 100 million credits worth of mission rewards...somewhere. I forgot where to go to get the rewards and the guys I was playing with aren't around anymore. How do I find out where to go to turn in the rewards? These were just random guys I bumped...
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