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First, apologies if this is a duplicate request. I've searched a bit but can't seem to narrow search by forum, so...

Microsoft has developed a wonderful model for allowing players to create and exchange custom liveries within the Forza Motorsport/Horizons series' and it would be wonderful if we could have something similar in ED. I'm less concerned about the ability to exchange liveries, but having the ability to paint our ships would add tremendous value and sense of ownership. Let's face it, a lot of this game is about the ships, and this would be a way to maintain excitement about ships without having to introduce new ones as often (not that this is a bad thing).

The system used in Forza is very detailed and may not be required for ED. There is another example out there that may be a more desirable model for ED, as it is much more simplified and generates revenue from micro transactions. The game is Real Racing 3 for mobile devices, and is different from the Forza model in that the players are given three basic shapes for free that can be resized and colored per the provided template. When applying a shape, there is also the option to have it mirrored on the other side of the vehicle, and/or pass through (hard to explain, but if not selected and a shape is applied to the rear spoiler, then the shape & color will be applied to every visible surface in the selected area which means that the space on the rear of the vehicle that is under the spoiler will not be touched. Selecting pass through would apply the color/shape to all surfaces within the selected area, visible or no).

The free basic shapes are a circle, triangle, and square. Micro-transactions are available in the form of more advanced shapes (detailed graphics, gradient ships, stripes, etc). This model also has a limit of 50 vinyls on any one car. Basically, this would be the existing decals. Just add some basic shapes for free or purchase, and introduce the ability to rotate the ship in all directions and apply the decals where ever, and to select a desired color for the decals.

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