I'm CMDR Ekol Tieja, a retired explorer, occasional confiscator of shiny goods, and proud Enforcer of the Utopian Commune.
We don't have any traditional leaders there and every utopian is free to support the cause in their own way..

so I don't know if I should be ranked above my comrades..

ehem.. name's Ekoł Tieja on Discord aswell and I like
yellow and purple a lot. :)

I really hope that we can build up a peaceful relationship with whatever's out there and learn from each others technology and history to make the galaxy a better place.

--on a sidenote: I hope the aliens don't end up looking like Hollywood's Greys.. I get nightmares from those stylised faces, haha. [alien]
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CMDR Jermus (same on discord), from the [SAS] Sidey Appreciation Society and part time member of the Rock Rats.

I am currently busy with my reversed Distant World Expedition, and I will keep an eye out for alien life forms while I am out there. It would be a shame if the first contact would go awry on behalf of the humans.

I have no favorite color (at the moment).
CMDR Newman1702 (name is the same everywhere)
Color: blue or yellow. Don't really care.

Been forgetting to post in here since I joined the discord server :)
Hey there, CMDR Vyscera here. I like the color purple, and would love to establish peaceful first contact and maybe get my hands on some alien tech. Having fun helping this community establish that goal.
CMDR Whozk reporting for duty!
I'm already on Canonn and Myrmidon discord channels as whozk.
My favorite color is green, because it's the bestest color (registered as "light green" on the Canonn discord channel).
Able bodied as both a combat and an interspecies diplomacy pilot.
CMDR Chase Taylor here,
I've already spent many many houres on the discord channel as "Alex (CMDR Chase Taylor)"
I'd prefer the color Orange for my name.

I'm by the way not the best combat Pilot, I can defend myself though. I think the Recon Explorer Flotilla would be the best place for me, that's what I d the whole day anyway.
HailVectron here, same on the Discord channel, and on Xbox Live. White for my name please, and as an unarmed Asp, I'll throw my hat in to the Explorer team please...
Commander Silver Blade reporting for duty o7
Discord - CMDR Silver Blade
Colour - Scarlet
Faction - Federation

Currently in the Federal Reserve should anything happen between the Empire, or Thargoids alike. However, I am more than willing to talk than I am ready for battle, and would happily like to join in on first contact.
Cmdr 2301, number2301 on discord, representing Red Dice Systems.

Currently mulling load outs for my Clipper or FDL before heading out to Merope.

Edit - on reflection that could be taken the wrong way. Cmdr 2301, part of RDS, not representing them in any official way.
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CMDR Mars Yurip and CMDR Spawrks
Discord names are Mars Yurip and Spawrks
We are in Myrmidon Discord currently
Favorite Colors are Green and Blue respectively
We are in ADL
We wish to be signal men in the first contact with possible alien communications.
We understand the roles would put us in great danger should things go south but we really don't mind.
Have a pleasant day,
Mars Yurip and Spawrks from Ghost Giraffe
Hello I'm engagedwhistle7 on forms in game and on discord. I'm with the Hudson federation, I tend to do trade missions and bounty hunting. My favorite color is dark green.
Greetings CMDRs,

My name is CMDR SpInFuZoR and I come before you as a diplomat from the Simbad Regime. We are an independant group of ~300 (PC) members and counting. Our casual group's mission is to help new pilots wing up and enjoy this galaxy together. We have many Elite combat, trading and exploration pilots, and we would gladly contribute to Myrmidon. We have already sent explorers to Merope and are looking forward to contributing in any other way possible. I am in your Discord server under SpInFuZoR. If you'd like to get in contact with us or partake in our commmunity,
Commander Kamakazay, here!
Discord name; Kamakazay
I'd love a dark red in the discord.
My faithful Annie and I look forward to a peaceful first contact :)
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