Hey there, been lurking in the discord for a bit, but here's my info to get finalized:

CMDR: Henry Corvid
Discord: Henry Corvid
Group: Mercs of Mikunn
Color: Purple or Dark Grey
CMDR DragoCubX
Discord name: Kiken'na Doragon
Player group: 6th Interstellar Corps, Empire
Color: Royal blue

Will probably be mostly watching the events unfold (still on return trip from DWE), but if I get back early enough, you can count on my support!
Greetings all o7 Reporting for peacekeeping duty.

CMDR: Draco25240
Discord: Draco25240
Favourite colour: Blue (#022397 to be precise, but just a standard blue is okay :p )
Group/faction: None

Currently 30,000 Ly from Sol in an Imp. Eagle, so I can't participate in anything near the bubble for a while, but if I run into some aliens out here, I won't (and can't) show any hostile action and will immediately report to you guys on Discord ;)

CMDR Maverick Haddock reporting for duty.

CMDR: Maverick Haddock
Discord: CMDR Maverick Haddock
Faction: Canonn
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Role: Recon Explorer Flotilla
CMDR glenpark, member of first great expedition . Highlight of my pilot career being on distant world expedition. Opinon of game Loving all of it really, and the game lore is pulling me in more thanks for the discord channel D
Requesting permission to join! o7

CMDR Name: Ouen
Player Group: Independent as of yet
Discord Name: Ouendanation
Favorite Color: Cerulean Blue( #0080ff )

Really eager to get involved with this initiative. Been lurking and following Myrmidon for a while now and finally decided to post. :) Hoping to make a positive difference somehow. No idea if this is effort going to work given a small scale, but I'm willing to take any measure to help avoid casualties! No living creature deserves to die. It's 3302; humanity should have found a way to overcome war by now! Let's make sure no more needless deaths have to happen, on our side and for other life out there. <3

I run a Lakon Type-9 Heavy, and I have it built for versatility. I mostly mine and prefer to explore planets, but I can transport sensitive cargo, do moderate trading, or spec for fuel support in a wing. I'm generally a pacifist, and I'm not exceptionally skilled at combat, but I'm willing to perform any role that needs to be done for the good of mankind. I'd prefer to help push our boundaries planetside alongside friends or assist in hauling valuable artifacts or articles of unknown/sensitive origin. Get ahold of me ingame or on Discord if I can help out somehow! ^^ Always online and willing to help out if possible.
CMDR Aesculon Phaia, reporting in. ('-')7

Discord name's the same, favorite color Thargoid Green.

Never kick a thresher shark before you're sure it's dead, my dad always taught me.
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CMDR: WBHokie13
Group: The Imperial Inquisition / GalCop
Discord: WBHokie13
Color: Orange

Willing to help out whenever and however as long as I'm free to do so.
My CMDR Name is DjinxHawaii, same discord name, if its not shortened to Djinx, Don't really have a group other than Canonn, My favorite Color is Lime Green. :)
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