New Client broken - no Horizons?

Well it seems LEP. But with only 1 out of 4 accounts failing to access Horizons my position is obviously skewed if not. And it is definitely not steam as I'm not accessing via that.

To narrow further, I'm, premium beta LEP, so it may just be that one
I'm on premium Beta LEP as well and had no issues. No steam account here but from what I read it also seems to affect some non-steam accounts.
To resume, as it seems, Steam LEP's and premium beta LEP are pointed as the affected ones right ?

I am on PC, premium beta LEP owner and non-steam account. Horizons not there
not enough info yet, definietly steam and PC LEP, but at least some PC LEP players seem to be ok
So I added my info to the bug report that's been filed. Why on earth do I have to go through a captcha when I am already logged into the support site? Is a spammer really likely to have created an account and bought products?! I have a personal vendetta against captcha anyway, as they are unnecessary and utterly inaccessible, but in this instance there really is no excuse.

Rant over. :)
It's not isolated. Total failure here, same with my friend / PA fellow member in Denmark. Nothing but the orange launcher endlessly asking to "log in".

Alt account on steam renders error about the download manifest, or servers unavailable, varies each time.
Mercenary Edition, post-Kickstarter, beta backer and LEP holder, have never played via Steam.

Missing Horizons.
Anyone knows why the update of the client in the first place??
Given the small size of the patch and the nature of the problems now, I think it was a purely legal thing with the accounts that they had to address. It's a strange out of place day for a patch too. Also no patch notes at all ?
Hmmm... Premium Beta Backer here, non-Steam LEP holder for what it's worth.

Let's see how quickly they can fix it.

Luckily I completed my recent large Exploration trip yesterday.
Did some non-Horizons FSS for the 1st time ever and every single (!) Object has a 15+ second "Scanning" delay?
Unsure if that's normal - but if so, non-Horizons Exploration would be a total showstopper for me...
It's bad enough to have with Planets w/ Geologicals - but every single one? That'd drive me crazy in absolutely no time :p
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