Prorated Material Salvage from sale of Engineered Modules and/or changes to Modules Storage

Currently selling engineered modules to make room for more modules in the current 120 unit allotment is painful. This really only becomes an issue with a large fleet of vessels with different internals, the ton of modules that have been added like the new mining equipment etc, and need for differently engineered modules for different tasks. Due to potential material limit overflow issues this might best be done with some sort of material trader bond/gift card.

Having a way to get something in terms of materials back when selling a modules would help alleviate the bulk of storage being used for rainy day modules (rarely used, but hard to find especially when out on exploration trips).

Without engineering it would not be an issue, but with engineering storage quickly becomes limiting. Either upping the storage limit, making scrapping engineered modules hurt less would be nice or allowing players to 'special order' modules in the far flung stations for insane prices would be very nice. Only being able to special order modules from station you are allied with the controlling faction might be a nice touch (Which would need to exclude Jameson Memorial and other ' all modules stations' so as to not overly cripple non-elite ranked players .)

The alternative is to build a ton of very specialized ships that very rarely change their outfitting, but that just potentially magnifies the engineering burden (many more sets of core internals that otherwise would never change like sensors, scanners, limpet controllers etc) to say nothing of the added cost to move full ships vs just the modules.
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