Prospectors crash into ship too easily

In 3.3, prospector limpets gained a collision box, making it possible for them to collide with objects like your own ship on launch.
This, in itself, is fine.
Before 3.3, you could have the limpet phase through the canopy easily by just looking down after firing them, and that did look weird.

However, now, the prospector limpets can crash into your own ship and explode.
Since they are launched very closely to your own ship (from the cargo hatch), and at a low flight speed of 200m/s, it means that if you fire a prospector while moving just a little too fast or making any slight turning maneuver, it often destroys the prospector, and forces you to slow down a lot when looking for new rocks to mine.
It also does mean it takes a bit of a long time to find asteroids when you're not right next to them, since they spend a lot of time flying.

If the prospector limpets' flight speed was increased, even just temporarily after leaving the cargo hatch, it would make prospecting a lot smoother and less frustrating.
Causing it to fly out a bit lower underneath the ship would also work great, and at the same time, i really do think the prospectors need a basic crosshair.
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