[EMPIRE] [RP] The Imperial Federation

Anotchi: Cuffey Elects New Magistrate
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 29.10.3302)​

Shortly after the system of Anotchi had chosen admission over independance, the entire air space has been integrated into the economy of the Federation of Papako to sped up the local terraforming process. Now that both stations, Mukai and Cuffey, have elected their own local magistrate, its economic integration is nearly complete.
Meanwhile the local planetary colonies remain autonomous and will adhere to their own rules until the final changes and elections are done. With the status of the many immigrants yet undecided, some elections are expected to be delayed until all are confirmed to be citizens of either installation as to not risk the legitimacy of either election in a hasty process.

Frontline News: Governess Lorelai Henderson Forced to Step Down
(Galnet: Empire, 30.10.3302)​

In the face of previous betrayals against the Empire by formerly loyal dictators and militias, the first betrayal of a patronage along the Tucanae border weighs heavy on the Empire's honor.
After the Imperial Federation took charge of the matter, the joint fleets had little problem to push back yet another Farragut Battlecruiser, forcing the interlopers of the Federation out of the Empire's territory once more. In the following aftermath, Governess Lorelai Henderson was brought in for questioning as the remnants of her fleet that still denied a peaceful solution were hunted down.
With little choice in the matter, the Imperial Fleet evacuated the system to leave the matter in the hands of Auso and the Imperial Federation. There was no question of guilt, just a question of liabilities and redress. A price that would be fully paid by the side that decided to attack first, the Patronage of Kureserians.
In a short statement, Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson addressed the people of Kureserians, promising them protection from piracy, protection from exploitation and a future in an open democracy. A mandate she derived from the successful elections and support aboard of inson and Teppler. Lambert Vision would follow suit, as she promised them the option to elect their own secretary among the Socialist Union of Auso to be greeted as an equal among all others and to make their voice heard.
With Governess Lorelai Henderson relieved from her dignity as imperial client for the region, the new guardian of Kureserians has turned to the Imperial Senate to explore the option of a non-appointed client that would represent their systems, as this would undoubtedly fall to Robyn Hudson. Yet, as a denial is expected, the Socialist Union of Auso has declared its willingness to subdue themselves to representation by the Dervishi in times of need. Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi did not decide to comment on this emergency suggestion.
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Frontline News: Chaos Syndicate Supporters Arrested in Karunti
(Galnet: Empire, 31.10.3302)​

In a final sweeping operation, the joint effort of the democratic party of Karunti and its local ruling militia has apprehended the remnants of the local Chaos Fleet and their supporters.
With the resupply and support from Vesuvit cut off, the remaining wings had little options left to hide from the local police forces, which ultimately resulted in their attrition and subsequent destruction. Even the last agents of ToC have been arrested after their attempts of intimidation fell short and they were ratted out in return. In the end, there was no one backing them up anymore.
Now they await their trial in the coming weeks. Many onlookers expect clear death sentences, but also life-long sentences in the imperial prison of Wuninka are an option once the APF finishes its current operation to put down the local insurrection inside the facility. If this should fail before the day of the trial, it is expected the dictatorship will move on with a quick and merciless execution of anyone convicted for support of the Chaos Syndicate. Either way, their short-lived bane on Karunti will finally have ended.
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HIP 11886: Dervishi Fleet Enforces Embargo
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 02.11.3302)​

Less than a week after initial tensions arose between the Imperial Federation and the Citizens Party of Negri, the Dervishi Fleet has seized any assets of the patronage inside the labor colony of HIP 11886. In a brisk statement, the Spokeswoman Aubrie Mayr of the Socialist Union of Otohime addressed this step as a preemptive measure to reduce casualties among the populace in potential later conflicts and to supervise a rightful election.

"We feel that if the Citizens Party of Negri should decide to continue to enforce its self-reliant authority over Negri's people even against their will, it is in the peoples' own self-interest to cut ties with them. If not entirely, then as their sovereign.
As the patronage likes to claim full control of Negri, so do we claim none of their's inside of HIP 11886. The Dervishi Fleet will defend the settlements of the labor colony and allow them to continue their work in Negri as it would allow any other free citizen of the union to work in any system. But if Negri should chose to apprehend them during their stay to enforce serfage, a civil war with their own populace will be the least of their problems.
We have begun to register the citizens of 'McCool Works' and will allow any to step forth as local representative in an election over their own secretary inside the 'Peoples' Assembly'. If this election finds the necessary support and participation, we intend to fully instate the settlement as part of the Socialist Union of Otohime. But of course this election will include the choice to remain with the patronage instead. After all, at least we are neither an aristocracy nor a dictatorship."

Harigah: Imperial Federation Implements Royal Mandate
(Galnet: Empire, 02.11.3302)​

After its initial success during its reconquest of the Okuni Terminal from the local pirates in Harigah, the Ngaun Cooperative had gone silent. While it continued to defend the system from piracy, it hardly attempted any assault on the pirates' last fortress while the main forces of the APF were bound by the Chaos War. Instead it had secured many connections inside the local branch of vice-reign Aisling Duval in Camundju, forcing a sudden ultimatum on the Justice Party of Harigah.
By royal mandate, the Cooperative of Ngaun was to enforce peace in the system between the two militias and would be allowed to use the system's assets against the local pirates, effectively disposing the ruling militia. This step coincited with a coordinated attack on the last pirate fortress, which was staged by the private fleet of the Ngaun Network that had allied with the cooperative prior to its political coup.
In a last ditch effort, the Harigah Freedom Party attempted to regain its position by flexing its muscles in the region, enforcing order on its neighbors to showcase its own importance. This step was observed more as an attempt of intimidation than support and was subsequently followed by a strange delivery to the pirates of Harigah. As Vakhmistrov Landing was nearby Okuni Terminal, this step hinted at the intention to distract the cooperative's fleet with a major threat or to directly lure them into a pincher attack. Instead of following the militia's ruse, the Cooperative of Ngaun called in the fleet of Gamma-3 Octantis, which decided to lay siege to Bereznyak Station instead. In a short and violent assault, the militia was overwhelmed and the southern sector of the system was secured by Ngaun in all but name.
While this show of force wasn't unwarranted, some officials, even from the other militia, have questioned the determination and ruthlessness the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet had shown, despite the 'actual' enemy, the pirates, still fighting the private fleet of the Ngaun Network nearby.

"It was of the utmost importance that we dealt with the real pirates as quick and efficient as possible. We can't show signs of weakness or needless mercy. If we delay the royal mandate it would have been used as an excuse to denounce Ngaun. A mandate, I remind you, that was issued for and remains in the interest of our own Head of State. We won't allow anyone to get in her way. Thus, we hereby reassure all that stand against Ngaun, that they have our full support and that of the Imperial Federation.
The militia's goons weren't a threat. They never were since their last defeat by our hands. They are simply our next target now that one of the two warmongers has shown their true colours. They will be disowned and forgotten, like all the imperial traitors before them."

Founder Jonah Pugh
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Harigah: The End of Organized Crime!
(Galnet: Empire, 03.11.3302)​

In a blitzkrieg maneuver, the last bastion of the Harigah Pirates has been assaulted, their forces shattered and their legacy destroyed. The station itself was handed over to the Ngaun Network for immediate repair and reintegration into the galactic market.
What had been a silent stalemate between the local alliance under Gamma-3 Octantis and the pirates in Harigah has ended with their entire destruction just one day after the coup of Ngaun. With no one to support them behind the scenes and faced with devastating opposition, the threat of Founder Jonah Pugh has come true. The pirates were never a threat to Harigah, the dictatorships and their eternal infight was. As such the whole facade came crumbling down in less than a day.
While not all pirates have been arrested or killed, no organized structure in the system remains, leaving the system once more a secure haven for trade of all legal colour, with the forces of Ngaun and Gamma-3 Octantis securing the skies. Peace has come to Harigah once more.

Frontline News: HIP 6369, The Sprout of Democracy
(Galnet: Empire, 03.11.3302)​

As of November 3rd 3302, the system of HIP 6369 has officially declared itself as a fully independant socialist union, effectively declaring independance from any subjection to an imperial patronage, imperial corporation or other legally binding enforced serfage. To ensure their independance, the Imperial Federation has declared a defensive military alliance with the system in return for its promise of non-aggression towards its neighbors.
After the hero of the Chaos War, the Blue Universal Network, gave into the demand of the Revolutionary Party, the station of Paul Vision has been allowed to elect its own secretary, effectively ousting the corporation from any political responsibility. It is expected that despite those differences the corporation will remain the major profiteur of any contracts regarding the terraforming of HIP 6369 until its completion. As long as there is money to be made, there is no need for them to remain in power.
Meanwhile this first successful rise of democracy inside the ashes of the Chaos Syndicate marks the beginning of a new era in Lower Tucanae, as old structures that had been destroyed by the powerhungry syndicate arise anew under the guidance of the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe as true sprouts of democracy. With prosperity in its wake, now all that is left is for the colonization to regain its momentum and for the hopes of the past to shine anew.
Inars: A Giant Among Equals
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 04.11.3302)

As rumours about Inars' intent to join the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis spread, so did the support among its populace. In a landslide election following the demanded first free referendum in Inars history, two-third of the populace voted for the official admission to the democratic alliance that operates in Tucanae and Synuefe as part of the Imperial Federation.
As an industrial giant, the only thing the current Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis offers to the powerful system is its impressive fleet and military accomplishments, as well as diplomatic ties. Thus, many onlookers from the Empire could not understand the will of this behemoth to join forces with the smaller union, especially given the unions unfair governmental system.
The previous Primeminister and soon to be Founder of Inars, Alessandra Harris, addressed this concern with the obvious hostility democracies face in the region and the liberal laws in the union itself. While Inars would only have one equal voice in the Founder's Assembly, no one could dictate its inner politics and that is the only thing that mattered.
Some people argue that the direct ties between Gamma-3 Octantis, Coniaci and Inars were also a major factor in this choice, prompting the local corporations to incite favor for an admission and the reduction of fees in the process.
With this admission, Gamma-3 Octantis not only gained a major industry supporting their fleet, but also the official licenses of the Chawla Dock, allowing for the production of militarized Imperial Clippers for its own fleet. With enough time to set up, it could soon challenge everyone in the region for power.

Coniaci: Gamma-3 Octantis Declares Embargo Against Andriani
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 05.11.3302)​

Just one day after the admission of Inars, Gamma-3 Octantis has cancelled all trade agreements between Andriani's Citizens of Tradition and the mining corporations in Coniaci. After the relationship of the two parties took a turn for the worse with the total disassembly of the privileges in HIP 5549 and the consequent losses for Andriani and its local allies, this marks a further step towards escalation. To many people's surprise, this was accompanied by a rare statement of Progenitor Aislin Conrad herself.

"The mines of Coniaci and Gamma-3 Octantis have the main responsibility to support our own people. As such we felt the need to renew old contracts and form new ties inside of our new member Inars. Consequently the resources are limited and Andriani was the obvious choice to cut loose. We have no responsibility to answer to any of their demands."

Further questions on the nature of the new contracts revealed major arm's deals with Gutamaya and several new production licenses for clippers, forcing the previous ores to be sold as monetary wealth and many high tech minerals to be withheld from public markets. On the question if these ships would be used for defensive or offensive measure, the Progenitor remarked:

"All options will be considered. The Imperial Federation is at war and Gamma-3 Octantis offers a major part of its ships to the Anti-Piracy Fleet. We have to reinforce our troops. As our enemies won't become less, especially in light that our power grows, we will simply have to face our opposition with utmost relentlessness!"
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Anotchi: Skolem Installation To Be The New APF Base
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 07.11.3302)​

With the process of admission slowly coming to an end, the system of Anotchi and its military have finally been incorporated into Papako's and by extension into the Imperial Federal Anti-Piracy Fleet.
At the heart of this process is the military plant of Skolem, which is the major producer of Imperial Clippers in the region. Now, firmly in the hands of the Imperial Federation, the huge military complex and its citizens have been put under direct control of the high command of the united fleet, allowing the APF to draw on its maintenance and production capacity to reinforce and to repair its battle sqaudrons.
As the APF was seated in the military colony of Goonan in Papako prior to the admission of Anotchi, this step enforces the urge of the Federal Union of Papako to seperate the two entities, but to keep the APF close to the frontlines of the current pirate wars.

"The people of Papako felt safe with the Imperial Federation watching over our capital directly, but as our structures grow and change, it was important to finally give them a home of their own. Papako will be able to defend itself and the people will see how far we have come since our grasp of freedom. The APF is a joint unit and not our own personal fleet.
In the light of this decision, I couldn't think of any base in the region that would suit the APF's need better than Skolem. Its shipyard is one of the best in Middle Tucanae and the premium licenses from Gutamaya will aid them in their extensive maintenance of their Imperial Fleet as well as their standard ship models. Of course this also opens up resources to enhance our own fleet, as there is no more need to share our local resources with the APF."

Acting Chancellor and High Magistrate of Papako, Mercedes Lancaster
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Frontline News: Wuninka Prison Pacified by the APF
(Galnet: Empire, 08.11.3302)

In a quick operation during the ongoing Chaos War, the APF has liberated the Wuninka Prison Colony.
Just after a recent insurrection had shaken the station and control of the facility went to a local crime boss, the group began to sell of their less fortunate prisoners to resupply its local needs. As a place had to be found to incarcerate the supporters of ToC that had been apprehended in Karunti, helping Wuninka was the only humane choice for the Imperial Federation. Prior to the decision to assist the local Superintendent Denis Bond, the Imperial Federation attempted to negotiate their incarceration in Estarna, which was denied by lack of jurisdiction in Lower Tucanae.
Now, with the previous staff reinstalled and the insurrection quelled, the prison colony quickly prepares for the influx of new prisoners after the Karunti Trials. Further, it also attempts to apprehend its last missing detainees. But with the missing list longer than expected, it will be hard to estimate if they were sold as slaves, escaped, were killed ... or worse.
For now the prison, although freed by the APF, is scheduled to be handed over to the Adamantine Union for supervision, relieving the APF of any responsibility past its pacification.

Frontline News: Second Federation Attack on Kureserians!
(Galnet: Empire, 08.11.3302)

During the ongoing persecution of the Kureserians' Citizen Party and the scheduled disownment of their planetary port, a local fleet of the Federation of Sol entered the system to block the approach of the Auso fleet for the planet.
After the Federation of Sol only recently lost the battle against the Empire and Auso in its attempt to stabilize the local autocratic structures inside of Tucanae, this transgression already marks its second defiance of imperial borders and law inside of the local cluster. While the Citizen Party claims to operate within its given mandate, even if it accepts federal support, neither the Empire nor the Imperial Federation support that claim, with both standing on Auso's side in this renewed conflict.
Accordingly the INV Olban Hensard Duval was sent out to meet the Goliath in battle and both ships have since then started to engange in repeated skirmishes around the planet A1.
While no victor has yet emerged, any loss of the imperial forces against the traitorous patronage and its federal allies would be a serious loss of face, as it would mark a precedence of a federal sphere in imperial territory backed by its own aristocracy.
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Laka: The Offworld Collective Takes Over Tucanae DQ-Y C5
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 11.11.3302)​

In their attempt to unite the assets of the people of Laka, the Offworld Collective has assumed direct control of the Phillips Enterprise refinery inside of Tucanae DQ-Y C5 from the Laka Bridge Corporation.
In a brief statement following the official announcement, both parties agreed that this handover has been conducted peacefully and with consent of both parties involved, pathing the way for what soon might be the regional power of Laka on the imperial borders.
The major refinery station inside of Laka, the 'Shoulder of Orion', remains firmly in the hand of the Laka Bridge Corporation, which goes to prove that neither side has lost anything in this deal. Some people even speculate the Laka Bridge Corporation wanted to shed its redundant capacities in favor of quick monetarization.

Frontline News: APF Deposes Syndicates In HIP 2761
(Galnet: Empire, 11.11.3302)​

Shortly after the pacification of Wuninka, the APF returns to the news, as it singlehandedly removed both local syndicates in HIP 2761 near Iota Tucanae at once.
Tasked by the Uniting HIP 2761 Cooperative, and with full consent of the HIP 2761 Commodities that holds the imperial mandate for the system, the APF launched a double strike at both allied syndicates, overthrowing their crooked rule and slave trade in one night. Overwhelmed by the attacking forces, the mere pirates fled the scene, leaving the stations to be reclaimed by the cooperative and its presiding corporation.
For now order has returned to HIP 2761, but while the Imperial Federation requested the will of the people to be respected, there is always the chance that the corporation wishes to enforce its mandate to assume direct control of all trade assets in the system again. With the system itself now divided between economic and democratic interest, it remains to be seen if the end of the slave trade also sees the end of hostilities or if peace in HIP 2761 even now was just a distant dream.

Frontline News: The Self-Declared Dukes of Auserid Seize Faber Mines
(Galnet: Empire, 11.11.3302)​

With the fall of the crime empire of the Chaos Syndicate, a group in Auserid that calls itself 'The Dukes of Auserid' has staged an attack on the last operative base of the Chaos Syndicate in Auserid.
Reduced to a minor pest, the Empire that had reclaimed the system in its name had little interest in persecuting the downfall of the Chaos Syndicate inside their border, allowing the faction to continue to bolster its wealth with the ores from the Faber Mines. While any attempt of piracy was strictly persecuted, the corporation left them alone in respect to their legal activities and didn't consider any further reprisals.
Now, the Ore Barons have claimed the station for themselves, allegedly supported by a small wing of the APF that assisted them in the assault. While not directly involved, the PLC has been found to tolerate this operation within its jurisdiction. Now that the Chaos Syndicate in Auserid has been all but completely destroyed, the operation was called-off. The station had been liberated.
But as the dust had settled, the Dukes of Auserid put forth a claim for the whole system, surprising the imperial PLC and the APF alike. Asked about this predicament, the APF declared its neutrality, leaving the matter to the people of Auserid themselves. There would be no active intervention of the APF, but no one doubted for a moment that there would be war. A war for the independance of Auserid from imperial exploitation in the name of another elite. Democracy, it seems, is a distant dream for Auserid even now.

Frontline News: The Chaos Syndicate Attacks The Socialist Union of Auso!
(Galnet: Empire, 11.11.3302)​

What had already been a repeated proxy war for a federal sphere of influence in Kureserians escalated yet again, as the Chaos Syndicate decided to intervene on the traitorous patronage's behalf.
While the dishonored governess didn't claim any direct affiliation with the syndicate's mercenary wing, the fact she didn't denounce their help left many imperial circles outraged and disgusted. It was even more astonishing, as they had threatened her reign prior to the APF's intervention in the first place.
With the Chaos Syndicate known to mutilate imperial families like the previous rulers of Vesuvit and to actively destroy any opposition in general before their downfall at the hands of the Tucanae Alliance and the Anti-Chaos Coalition, this odd neutrality has finally lost Governess Henderson any last support in local imperial circles.
Accordingly, not only the Empire's fleet on behalf of removing the Federation from the battlefield, but also Auso's ally the Imperial Federation, found the entire support of the Tucanae Alliance, with the APF sending their elite forces as well. As this massive joint fleet descended onto the battlefield, the sky of A1 quickly turned into a galactic graveyard. With nearly all remnant ships of the governess' fleet turned into debris and forcing her last squadrons to flee the premises back to Hale Prospect, the Federation was forced to deal with this onslaught itself. In an excercise of caution, the Federation left a squadron behind to shield the retreat of its Farragut Battlecruise 'Goliath' which left alone quickly succumbed to the massive battle operation. Meanwhile the Auso Fleet seized Helvetius' Inheritance from the Citizen's Party's ground troops with little resistance. No one inside the local was willing to risk a major bombardement by a majestic interdictor in its defense. With this the second proxy battle over Kureserians had been won by the Empire and its allies again.
In the aftermath, Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson called for an emergency meeting between the Socialist Union of Auso and the Imperial Federation, as well as the Tucanae Alliance. As the Chaos Syndicate evidently engaged them in battle, despite the Union's self-declared neutrality, this has been noticed as an act of aggression and a declaration of war. While the spokeswoman didn't mention it, many expect Auso to now formally join the Tucanae Alliance in the following days. With the Chaos Syndicate angering yet another regional power, this may finally put an end to the threat of the Chaos Syndicate which had been mostly ignored by their own enemies in the month after their devastating loss in Vesuvit. But if the current actions have proven anything to the people of Tucanae and Synuefe, then that no one is safe as long as 'Time of Chaos' exists. The Chaos Syndicate has to be brought down once and for all.
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Khemaraui: Socialist Union of Otohime Assumes Control
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 13.11.3302)

With the many problems Khemaraui and the local cluster faced in the past, the Socialist Union of Otohime has taken over the full responsibility for its local governance.
While the union only requested a minor station to conduct its operations in the Khemaraui cluster and later plans to establish a safe zone for its people, the Dervishi are already able to project their influence in the entire cluster with just a minor base. Now, all matters of imperial representation have been handed over to the Dervishi and the entire colonial region has been put under its sphere of control, with the local militia heeding the unions advice as well.
How the situation will develop further down the road is unknown, but it is expected that the union will seek to integrate the people into a more democratic structure of governance without the current need of constant military doctrine and austerity.

Frontline News: Auso Remains 'Mostly' Neutral!
(Galnet: Empire, 13.11.3302)

In a surprising developement, the leadership of the Socialist Union of Auso has declared to not join the Tucanae Alliance in their ongoing strife to rid the borders of Lower Tucanae from the influence of the Chaos Syndicate.
Despite the fact the Chaos Syndicate aided the traitorous Governess Henderson, Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson remarked that it was still the patronage and the Federation of Sol that led the charge and that a minor syndicate was not to blame for most of the damage. The real enemy they had to pursue was the governess in her self-chosen exile of Hale in the backyard of Kureserians.
Yet, in light of the Chaos Syndicates attack, Auso has declared their full support for any operation against the syndicate within and in the direct vicinity of its borders, declaring the end of their influence at HIP 6369 their ultimate goal. As this effectively targets all of the syndicates operations within Kureserians, Caspiat and HIP 6369, this step is seen as a slight commitment to the Tucanae Alliance, while not a proper accession to the defense pact as a whole.
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Frontline News: Masar Returns to Order!
(Galnet: Empire, 15.11.3302)​

When the system of Masar had fallen into chaos after the nearby piracy of HIP 2761 swapped over, many feared for the rise of a new anarchy cluster just after the downfall of the Chaos Syndicate. Yet, as these new syndicates and pirates were more ruthless than even the Chaos Syndicate, the Anti-Piracy Fleet immediately deployed against them.
Now, less than two weeks after Masar had fallen into total anarchy, the system has returned to order. While the Iota Tucanae Empire Consulate offered to take over the systems security, the APF prompted to hand it back to its original owner for further economic exploitation. As both share an imperial mandate, the choice to keep the area divided among several independant parties instead of unifying the local operations might be less in the interest for stability, but certainly in the interest of autonomy. It seems obvious that the APF intends to keep local autocratic structures weak and divided in the face of Tucanae's budding democracy. A step some imperials have recently started to criticize, calling for an end of this dangerous experiment. The threats in Tucanae should be used to unite the people, not to offer them to the chopping block of misguided democracy.

Frontline News: A Family Feud?
(Galnet: Empire, 15.11.3302)​

As the conflict over Kureserians drew to a close in the skies over Hale, an imperial legion of the Empress entered Kureserians to oversee the 'reinstatement' of the Governess Henderson in Kureserians. While her actions of collaboration with the Federation of Sol and her attack on the Auso fleet were to be damned, the Labour Union of Auso had taken enough of the patronage's assets as redress. Any further steps would be seen as a violation of the governess' imperial mandate. It was without surprise, that Imperial Princess Aisling Duval didn't deploy her own ships to oppose her aunt's two interdictors or to overrule her sovereign decision.
Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson was willing to leave Hale to the patronage at the Empire's request, but was unwilling to cede control over Kureserians. Instead she demanded to be allowed direct representation towards a senator of their own choice in return, a privilege no one was willing to grant them.
What ensued was a major battle for the future of Kureserians, as the Empire is now intend on enforcing its sovereigns decision. While the 'INV Shield of the Just' currently besieges inson, the 'INV Duval's Decree' remains behind to guard Hale. The rest of the legions squadron has swarmed out to attack the Labour Union's ships wherever they can find them. With Auso calling in its entire might from its nearby homesystem it had prepared for such a day, the regional power has now to prove if the Empire is willing and able to risk a prolonged civil war in Tucanae, or will abide by the unions wishes in the end.

Papako: Jarod Donovan, the New Face of Papako?!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 16.11.3302)

As HIP 1536 enters its third month of civil war, overseen by the Federal Union of Papako, many aboard of Smirnova and at Goonan base have criticized Interim-Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster for her passive attitude in the ongoing conflict.
While Papako is supplying the democratic forces with weapons, no direct intervention since the shattering of the previous junta had been conducted. Many republicans, including their charismatic leader Jarod Donovan, have called for a new arms deal with the local corporations and shipyards to prepare for a massive intervention again. With the combined power of the democratic right, the region could be pacified and democraticized in mere months and with less bloodshed. The liberal policy of the current leading party in Papako has obviously failed in this regard and would rather sacrifice the people of HIP 1536 to fight for a wake promise of local autonomy than risk their own people to do so.
In a rousing speech aboard of Smirnova, many spectators cheered in the wake of his populist promises, regarding Gamma-3 Octantis and their great leader and Federal High Admiral Aislin Conrad as the epitome of true imperial democracy. Opposition has to be crushed and the democrats have to be feared if they want to be taken seriously. A stance not unlike the one of the Socialist Union of Auso.
As these radical elements gain more momentum, many fear the Tucanae sector and its democrats are steering towards open civil war with the Empire as a whole if this continues, as both sides seem more and more poised to get rid of each other, once and for all. As such many have started to label Jarod Donovan as a splitter and hatepreacher. But despite the media's intense share of information and coverage of his most important topics, many of the people seem to fall for his promises all the more, ignoring the facts they declare lies of manipulated media and imperial propaganda.

Anotchi: The Liberal Party's High Magistrate Accused of Corruption
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 17.11.3302)​

In a shocking announcement, the local High Magistrate of Anotchi has declared to resign from his position. This happened just an hour before an official statement from the local authorities reported his arrest on the charge of smuggling and tax evasion.
With the previously elected High Magistrate now indisposed, his vice from the Citizens' Party of Anotchi has taken over all governmental responsibilities aboard Mukai Landing until a new High Magistrate can be elected. While this step has been seen as a normal procedure by many, some people have turned away from the newly formed liberal party in favor of the socialist party of Anotchi. It is expected that the party's local popularity rating could take weeks to recover from this mess, if not months. A situation that will clearly be exploited by radicals and less honorable individuals to steer Antochi more towards isolation and autonomy. Several people have already been seen to insult imperials, not less of them previous slaves that had been freed in the Chaos War and left by the Empire to rot prior to this event.

Frontline News: The Empress' Legion Surrenders Kureserians
(Galnet: Empire, 17.11.3302)​

In what might have been the biggest battle on the Inner Tucanae border yet, the fleet of the Socialist Union of Auso not only engaged two interdictors and their legion at once, but completely overwhelmed them.
It took them less than three days, before the joint fleet of the people had broken the siege of inson and forced the 'INV Shield of the Just' to retreat with major damage. On the same day, a pincer attack also succeeded in overwhelming the second interdictor, the 'INV Duval's Decree' in the skies over Hale. Beaten and robbed of its main firepower, the imperial legion got shattered and retreated, leaving the Governess to the mercy of Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson and the people of the Socialist Union, who declared Hale to now be sovereign territory of their own, just minutes after the battle had ended.
Defied, dishonored and beaten, the Empire had little choice but to accept Auso's claim to the system and declared its imminent retreat for the next day and the will of their forces to lay down arms. Yet, several stragglers have been seen to continue the fight in the dark regions of Kureserians. It is expected that a full ceasefire won't be initiated until tomorrow.
Having fought the Alliance corruption, the Empire and the Federation at arms length and won, the Socialist Union of Auso has now officially claimed the position as the most powerful entity in its region. Yet, the fact that the Empress' allowed the senate to intervene on the patronage's behalf might threaten the unity of the Empire, as Auso could be on the verge of breaking away entirely. The Empire has given them little incentive to stay.
It is expected that only the intervention of Imperial Princess Aisling Duval might be able to prevent a full declaration of independance, as her word still resonates with many people in Tucanae and especially the Imperial Federation and the Socialist Union of Auso.
Frontline News: Socialist Party Restores Order to HIP 4273
(Galnet: Empire, 19.11.3302)​

As the Chaos Syndicate became weakened to the point of breaking, the socialist party of HIP 4273 has declared its renewed independance and has started to patrol the premises of the Upper-Lower Tucanae border.
With their entire strike force and operations in Auserid destroyed, this marks another slow decline for the once powerful syndicate. Already many voices, especially from the newer spectrum of democracy call for a shift in paradigm towards democratization of Tucanae and to abandon the resource consuming war on piracy. If need be this would demand a one-sided declaration of peace, after the Chaos Syndicate seems unable to continue its own war. This appeal found strong support with the new Socialist Union of HIP 4273 and was followed by its open declaration to democratizise Auserid in the near future, if need be by force. Like the APF, the socialist party claims to support the people of the planets against the pirates in the region, which the local corporations still let run rampant, even after Auserid's victory over its previous oppressor.
While the Tucanae Alliance has declared its intent to reduce its efforts on the frontline of the Chaos Syndicate, the APF has reassured all those plagued by piracy, that they would continue to secure the Imperial Federation's borders and would continue its strife for safety and progress in the region. If this would include further strikes on the Chaos Syndicate or other pirates in the region around Laka or beyond was left unanswered to not endanger ongoing operations.
With piracy on the decline in Tucanae, many question if another special force should be formed to combat the current rise in illegal smuggling and theft that has grown in relation to the renewed economic strength of the region, a problem that mostly operates in the shadows and is unable to be fought with conventional means.

Auso: The Socialist Union of Auso Reaffirms Support For Princess Aisling Duval
(Galnet: Empire, 19.11.3302)​

After the recent fallout with the Empire of Achenar had brought many to doubt the future relations of the Socialist Union of Auso and the Imperial Senate, Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson has reassured the imperial community that Auso would defend its own rights and freedoms, but would remain loyal to the vice-reign of Her Imperial Highness, Princess Aisling Duval. While she still denied any intention to be represented by anyone but an elected member of the people towards the senate, many see this declaration as a signal for peace after the cataclysmic events in Kureserians.
In this regard, Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson lauded the intentions of our beloved princess, as she decided to support the ongoing liberation of slaves in Uibuth with preemptive vaccination and support of medical supplies. Auso will be offering all its industrial assets for the mass production of medicine until the demands of Uibuth are met to support the haven of the dispossessed inside the Empire of Achenar.
HIP 11886: Negri Fortune Solutions Accepts Otohime's Claim
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 23.11.3302)​

After the recent arms race in the system of HIP 11886 had increased the fear of a direct conflict, the Negri Fortune Solutions surprised many analysts, as it simply lifted the state of emergency in the Ore Installation and returned the civil lives of its people to normal. Only hours later the Dervishi Fleet descended onto the scene and surrounded the entire installation. In a formal meeting between the corporation and the Union of Otohime, the installation was handed over and the corporate flag was removed for that of the union. The Fortune Solutions has surrendered the system after a long and tough period of negotiations, peacefully and for a fair recompensation.
With the previously reconstructed military base already in the system, this developement catapults the Union of Otohime into the status of a regional power that now has a base for enhanced fleet deployment and military maintenance, making it even more independant from its previous suppliers and the Imperial Federation. In a short statement, a military analyst remarked that this new asset might finally offer the installations to quicken and end the repair of the Dervishi flagship before the end of the year, giving the Enrico a chance to fight for the union once more. Something many pride nationalist and Imperial Governor Alberto Dervishi can hardly await.
As all three powers inside the Imperial Federation begin to take different approaches towards the future of Tucanae, first people question if this 'alliance of convenience' will survive those growing disparities and survive its own success, as democracy in Tucanae becomes a stable instead of a rarity, and order finally returns to the region. Soon a supranational union might be all but unnecessary and all member able to stand on their own.

Frontline News: Unregulated Slave Markets Closed By Socialist Alliance
(Galnet: Empire, 23.11.3302)​

With the Chaos Syndicate weakened to the point of dissolution, the united fleets of the socialist and communist systems of the Upper-Lower Tucanae border have started a joint effort to combat and completely eradicate the illegal slave trade and unvoluntary prostitution in the region.
With little chance to counter this initiative, this new guideline was forcefully imposed on the Chaos Syndicate as the space of HIP 1672 and Synuefe GU-D D13-78 are now controlled by the joint fleets operatives and any slave transport and trade is harshly monitored. While none of the joint fleet has assumed control and left the Chaos Syndicate to its own devices in the systems, this act can be seen as a spiritual defeat of the once proud syndicate that prided itself with the right to do whatever it wanted... aside of drinking imperial tea. A lawless era has come to an end.
Otohime: Negri Conflict Staggers Local Economy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 24.11.3302)

In the wake of the rising tensions between the Socialist Union of Otohime and the patronage of Negri, the further decent of the system into open civil war over the system's future has cut off most of Otohime's standard exports. As a cluster that heavily relies on refining self mined produce, the shut-down of nearly all of Negri's markets due to warfare and embargoes has brought all figures for expected growth to a halt. Many investments are cancelled due to uncertain prospects in the near future.
Meanwhile the Free Workers of Negri have secured all major planetary ports on the system's planetary colony, leaving their opponent, the Negri Organisation, with only small planetary outposts to conduct their guerillia against the workers revolution. Outposts that were left over after the local syndicate got crushed prior to the revolution.
With the death toll rising, the patronage has yet to make a stand and many expect them to favorably look at the situation and its escalation due to its side effect of weakening the democratic forces that have threatened its authority recently. But as the democratic front has now rallied nearly all its inhabitants behind it, many onlookers expect that if the democrats should win this bloody conflict over the remnants of the defeated pirates in the system and the last grand corporation, the patronage would be the first to feel their wrath over its negligence.

Frontline News: The Chaos Syndicate's Regroup Incites Conflict
(Galnet: Empire, 24.11.3302)

With most of its once major forces destroyed, the Chaos Syndicate has begun to regroup, abandoning unprofitable enterprises and endeavours in favor of survival. This mostly concerned the newly established seed of democracy HIP 6369, in which the Chaos Syndicate terminated all operations to focus on other plans. As they lost most of their authority, instead of directly controlling local income and trade, their new focus also seems to have shifted to the old pirate traditions of looting and smuggling.
Honoring this new concept, the Chaos Syndicate tried to break the siege over HIP 1672 that had been in place since the dawn of the Chaos War. As the daunting maneuvers to supply the station reignited the will of the local defenders to hold out, it prompted the Empire to finally drop curtain and attack in full force. The defenders had the chance to surrender peacefully, now, still defiant, the Chaos forces had to die.

Negri: The Negri Organisation Surrenders!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 26.11.3302)

The civil war in Negri that had lasted several weeks has finally found its victor, as the Negri Organisation announced in the evening that they would hand over all assets on the planetary colony and surrender its weapons until next week.
This sudden developement and conclusion had the patronage surprised, as they expected a long and drawn out war over each bit of soil. Still unsure on how to respond to the rising democratic tensions that have now fully overtaken the planetary colony under their rule, the patronage has yet to make a decision on how to incorporate this new government under its client rule or how to address their huge catalogue of demands. Demands that foremost includ a complete stop of social slavery.
If their demands won't be met, many onlookers expect a civil war for the future of the system, that will put the planetary conflict in the last weeks in the shadows of history, as Negri would get ready for open civil war of major porportions some might even call a proper revolution. There remains little time for compromise with the biggest fleet in the hands of the patronage, but nearly all ground forces and the only military resupply posts nearby in the hands of the democratic rebels and their allies of the Socialist Union of Otohime.

Frontline News: The Empire Reclaims HIP 1672
(Galnet: Empire, 27.11.3302)

The open conflict that had started with the Chaos Syndicate's stand to the siege of HIP 1672, had a violent but quick conclusion, as the Imperial Squadron, together with the Anti-Piracy Fleet, seized Wallis.
As many expect the final death toll to rank in the hundreds, the ultimate conclusion was a further downfall for the once proud syndicate, which just had resumed control of its slave markets in Synuefe GU-D D13-78 after regrouping its fleet and abandoning less fruitful endeavours.
While the syndicate's new focus on localized operations seemed to bear minor fruit for its criminal records and funding, the ultimate victor in the local conflict was once again the Empire, which had little qualm to challenge them over their rejected peace offers prior to the conflict.
With the final control of the Chaos Syndicate near the Imperial Federation's member Papako defeated, first people begin to question the need for a continued conflict and some expect that the violent claims for full on assault of the republican party of Papako One will soon lose their momentum over the truth outside its borders.
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((Greetings fellow democrats and imperials! After our hiatus last winter due to FD's slow progress of fixing the BGS exploits regarding the Black Market, we now reopen our operations officially. We were back for some weeks though. Any roleplayers that want to shape the history of the region are welcome, as are those that want to support our ongoing strife for democracy and against piracy and anarchists outside of roleplay. As always we are happy to teach you about the BGS and its pitfalls during your membership of the Imperial Federation or the Anti-Piracy Fleet. Internal secrets however won't be shared outside of long lasting members. If you are interested, feel free to join our diplomatic discord channel, I will assign temporary - or semi-permanent - RP rooms. This is a small elite group, focused on immersion and RP, so please don't expect too much ingame company for now.

Back to the news format, although we will tone down minor news and focus on major events from now on!))

Papako: Massive Anti-Piracy Operation Started
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 20.06.3303)

After many months of delays from the republican party of Papako One, Federal High Admiral Aislin Conrad called for an Imperial Federal Mandate in a popular vote about the future of the Papako cluster. As a formal member, the current and former territories of Papako were a major asset to the APF and the validity of treaties and the security of personal was called into question with the rapid degration of order after Chancellor Jarod Donovan's 'Freedom Act'. His plan to shed responsibility and leave the old protectorates of Papako from the Chaos War behind in pure autonomy was met with cataclysmic results, surpassing even his claims for his predecessor, Interims-Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster.
In an act of discretion, Papako One abstained, their political capital too weak to oppose the major powers inside the Imperial Federation who unilaterally voted for an intervention. In less than a day, the APF was deployed to deal with all local elements in HIP 1536 and Anotchi, as well as the endangered systems of Laka to safe the grain chamber of Tucanae. Supported insurrections against the democratic front had endangered the food supply of the entire region!
This major operation would be conducted from the military base of Ore in HIP 11886 under the mandate of Otohime and is supposed to encompass all nearby pirate and illegal slavery activity in the coming weeks.

Papako: Adamantine Union joins the Borderland Campaign
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 24.06.3303)

With the quick retaliation of an entire fleet, the local syndicates quickly retreated to face their hunters only in minor skirmishes. With order restored in Laka, HIP 1536 and Anotchi, the local democratic governments have given their signs of respect for the Imperial Federation. As the persecution of the remnants and last anarchy bases continues, the Adamantine Union has come to Anotchi to offer its protection against the remaining members of the cartel in the face of future insurrections.
In a formal declaration, the system of Anotchi accepted the protectorate status under the condition of a formal referendum for admission to the union later the next month. With the deal already signed, the once proud base of the APF, the Skolem Installation, opened its doors for an open day before being handed over to the local government once and for all. The new permanent base will be in HIP 11886, after Otohime offered it to the APF as a permanent residence. With the APF-flag proudly flying over the installation one last time, Federal High Admiral Aislin Conrad offered her sympathies to Anotchi.

"Our history together has been short, and yet we have seen the hope born of a prosperous future, the tremors of war and the freedom from slavery. I know the transition of Anotchi is long from done, after the recent influx of refugees. No system can claim to easily cope with the sudden influx of thousands of refugees, yet Anotchi embraced several hundred thousands new people as friends and family, nearly doubling its population. There can be no greater hope for Tucanae and Synuefe than the example and the heart of Anotchi's people. You will be a beacon of light to support the flame that the Adamantine Union had kindled in the region! And I for one were proud to have been a part of this. Even though our path may divide, our ideals and goals remain forever the same. If the people of Anotchi shall ever be in danger again, if for some reason the protection of the Adamantine Union might fail, be assured we will come to your aid. You were and always will be, our comrades in arms!"

Meanwhile several pilots of the Adamantine Union have joined the APF in their strife to rid the Papako cluster of remaining insurrections once and for all, foremost Commander Seabass, who was leading the AU effort in HIP 1536.

Otohime: Negri Submits to the Will of the People
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 25.06.3303)

With the pressure of the people mounting in the last months, the Imperial patronage of Negri has finally given in and accepted a formal referendum about the people's future. Supported by the local democratic front of the Worker's of Negri Free, an admission to the Union of Otohime has been signed this afternoon and the election of Alberto Dervishi as new Imperial Client accepted. While minor attacks on the voting people were conducted by criminals, the Union was quick to respond in kind, killing all those threatening the fair and open elections. With cheers aboard Sukhoi, the famous Union that ended the Negri Cartel and pacified the region was hailed as a new beginning for the forsaken terraforming system. With the famous White Ocellus now under socialist rule, first steps to renew and hasten the terraforming effort have been put in place. A new gaia- and homeworld for the Union might now only be years away.
Meanwhile the main supplier of terraforming goods, the Selkadiae Ltd. has declared bankruptcy, as their competitor, Alourovices, has finally undermined its economic success and taken control of their assets in reparation for unpaid debts. If this unification of industrial assets will be a danger for the Imperial Federation has to be seen, as Alourovices doesn't plan to cancel old contracts and doesn't support old embargoes. As long as the credits flow, there is hope for a peaceful future.

Auso: Koeng Pora joins the Union
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 30.06.3303)

After the shock and internal turmoil about the use of mass executions of civilian people by the Chaos Syndicate in Kureserians to suppress the will of the Union of Auso to fight, the government has regained control of its operations. In a move to tighten the grip and embargo the system of Kureserians, the Union of Auso has forced the patronage of Koeng Pora to submit to its people, joining the local communists in a strife to depose the corrupt government.
"In the face of all adversity, the Union of Auso will never surrender again. We now have seen the lack of regard for the people of our region and will not back down another time. We are back and together with the Union of HIP 6369, we will free our people once and for all. There will simply be losses we and our people have to accept, or we will lose it all. If we don't help them, who will?"

APF: Extended Anti-Piracy Campaign Successful
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 09.07.3303)

After its major contribution to pacify the Papako cluster, the Anti-Piracy Fleet has taken on the local syndicates of Hercuna, Yawalapiti, Gendi, Samo, Shorodo and many others, resulting in their total defeat. In a statement about the quick successes in pacifying the region of Tucanae and Synuefe, one admiral of the APF commented: "We will continue our fight for freedom and security inside of Tucanae and Synuefe, regardless of the opposition we face. The operations are long from over. The fleet wasn't build to dance in Imperial parades or to rust in a shipyard. We will meet the pirates wherever we find them, until the last of them are dead. Our duty first and foremost is to our people and not some ominous person in a distant seat of power."

Papako: Jarod Donovan Impeached!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 10.07.3303)

After his failed 'Freedom Act' and his populist outbursts, the republican Jarod Donovan has lost the majority of seats in the local parliamant after the current election, resulting in the quick impeachment by the new majority under the liberal party of Papako. Political observers attribute this free fall of popularity with the shown success of the APF and the lack of justification for a delay by Jarod Donovan in the aftermath.
The now official chancellor Mercedes Lancaster addressed her people, calling for a restoration period. While the Freedom Act wouldn't be cancelled, she promised to reform it, to offer local power to governments, but offer them to join the Confederacy of Papako once more as formal and equal members. Another chaotic dissolution shall be made impossible, to not renew the errors of her predecessor ever again. This indeed could be the beginning of a new era, as the state of emergency was recently abolished and the offices of the Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers and Federal President Alberto Dervishi were once again seperated. The long state of war for the Imperial Federation seems to finally be over.
Auso: Local piracy at an all time low!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 12.07.3303)

During the extended Anti-Piracy operation, the APF has come to the aid of the Auso territories, removing the piracy toll the syndicate in Paentun demanded from their tactical outpost 'Abbot' near the jumppoint. In further advances, the APF aided the democratic forces of HIP 2763, Cant, HIP 3488, Nerremaia and Sandjin in the region to push back against local insurrections and to pacify the borders near the Chaos Syndicate.
Meanwhile news of repeated attacks on the Chaos Syndicate ignite the hope of many resistance forces within, as a foreign special force has liberated the base of Kohoutek with the help of the local militia and staged an assault on Suri Gateway, the reconquered headquarter of the Chaos Syndicate itself. As the battle continues, no one knows if another sudden success will cripple the moral of the Chaos Syndicate or if it can bounce back from the recent defeat.
Who these attackers are remains unknown, but their support for local resistance fighters bears little resemblance to the precision strikes of the Anti-Chaos Coalition during the Chaos War. Asked about the prospect to join these strangers in a renewed attempt to destroy the syndicate once and for all, Federal High Admiral Aislin Conrad pointed out that the current APF mandate does not support any active aggression to the ruling sphere of the syndicate behind the HIP-HIP demarkation. The military embargo on Kureserians as well as the economic embargo of the entire syndicate won't go unbroken however and any operations on the fringes of their sphere will continue as planned.

Papako: The Traditional Front of HIP 1536 offers Amends
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 12.07.3303)

In the light of their past cooperation with the Purple Gang, the surprising assault of the rebuild Traditional Front in HIP 1536 on Utley has sparked interest. While the fighting was short and intense and the operation despite its capture long from over, local authorities confirm that this operation was sanctioned by the current democratic government in an attempt to finally lay the legacy of the Purple Gang to rest. The Purple Gang was a long lasting problem for the system and former ally of the Chaos Syndicate during the Chaos War. Now bereft of their last major base, many observers expect the Purple Gang might be soon forced to dissolve under the immense pressure from within HIP 1536 and outside.
No matter the result, the Traditional Front of HIP 1536 has decided to rejoin their brothers in arms and make amends for their old transgressions that led to the loss of the Imperial Mandate over HIP 1536 and the ousting of their seat of power by the fleet of Papako in the first place.

Gamma-3 Octantis: A new Alliance in the North?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 13.07.3303)

With most of the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet joining their brethren as part of the APF operation, the announcement of a new alliance between Jauri He and Gamma-3 Octantis surprised local observers. With the powerful industry of Inars under their sway, the local cooperative has little reason to ally the smaller and weaker socialist union outside of political interest and protection of its sphere. It is speculated this formal alliance is only the first step to a proper expansion of the union, as its operations in nearby systems reaches its climax. With the staged hostile takeover of the unimportant outpost of Friguda, many have questioned the cooperatives motives. With no direct threat and minor economic value, its only purpose is the strategic position as a border system. Even if only for that reason, the local corporation will be unable to oppose this claim in any capacity, as the cooperation got the support of the few local workers who are still employed under old Imperial Slave Rules.
This alliance could hint at a new path of expansion for the group around Progenitor Aislin Conrad, as the cold war with Andriani puts any further expansion into the Empire on a shaky foundation.

Muthnir: A Crack in the Empire?!
(Galnet: Empire, 15.07.3303)

Strange reports come in from 'Takahashi's Pride', as a local band of thugs engages the Alourovices Empire Pact in Muthnir. Both sides were known as minor, one preying on local travellers, the other holding shares in local companies, but their sudden clash came without precedent.
In a surprising turn of events, the initial Majestic Interdictor that came to protect the already more powerful Empire Pact got support by a Federal Farragut Cruiser, both coexisting in seeming friendship and hostility to the bandits. As this odd picture of Imperial-Federal coexistence developed, a second Majestic Interdictor joined the fight to attack the Farragut Cruiser 'in the name' of the local crime lords. Unwilling to fight their formal ally, the second interdictor retreated to the other side of Muthnir 3 to fight a smaller group of the same crime lords without the risk of a crossfire.
All onlookers are puzzled about the actual supporters of the Imperial-Federal cooperation and who would try to sabotage this with a proxy war even in the name of pirates on the Empire's side. An obvious conflict in the senate has been carried to Muthnir and is now conducted with energetic fists instead of words. First speculations point to the Empress or senator Patreus as supporter for the joint operations, while others see Lady Torval as the true origin of the act of sabotage. First voices to accredit this sabotage to Imperial Princess and Senator Aisling Duval have been violently opposed, as her Imperial Highness would never support pirates due to a petty family feud.
No matter the origin, the ruling faction of the Union of Otohime under Aubrie Mayr has called on this proxy conflict to stop, as these conflicts should be conducted "in their own space at least!". No matter the result of this conflict, the union will look for severe repercussions towards the Alourovices Empire Pact for chosing their sphere as the staging ground, as this is a clear breach of Imperial Federal law under which they were allowed to keep their possessions in the socialist union in the first place. They disrupted the peace aboard 'Takahashi's Pride'.
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Negri: The Proxy-War branches out!
(Galnet: Empire, 18.07.3303)

With the war in Muthnir coming to a close with no real victor, the true profiteur is the Selkadiae Ltd., which could recover some losses in the system over their competitors misfortune due to the interference of the Torval fleet. It is speculated that this resurgence of the Selkadiae Ltd. could lead to further conflicts down the line, a developement that forced the Union of Otohime to warn both sides once more not to overstay their welcome. Without a clear stance, the Union would lose any acceptance as the official goverment of the region and thus if need be they would enforce it by military action.
As if to call the bluff of the Union, the previous governor of Negri used this threat towards the Empire to call on the Empress to reinstall them as the rightful ruler of the terraforming system and pearl of the region. Shortly after their proclamation to return to office, the Imperial Fleet entered the system composed of five Majestic Interdictors, soon followed by two Farragut Cruisers of which all supported the claim of the governor. In a renewed show of cooperation, both sides, the Empire and a part of the Federation, seemed intent on making ends meet against the semi-independant systems of the Imperial Federation. While Imperial Princess and Senator Aisling Duval was unable to oppose her aunt, she was however willing to confront the Federation in her sphere of influence and dispatched two Majestics of her own to support the Imperial Federation in their struggle against the Federation of Sol.
In what can only be seen as the greatest stare down contest of the region, the massive fleet of the Imperial Federation with their flagship Enrico and the superpower coalition taunted each other for days until after a short skirmish between Aisling Duval's navy and that of the Federation of Sol first they and later the ships of her aunt retreated. With no one left to support their claim, the governor fled the system with the Union of Otohime and the local democratic front of the workers besieging their remaining stations in an act of retaliation. It is expected that this failed intervention marks the end of the Negri patronage as any deciding factor, now fully replaced by the Imperial Society of Otohime under Alberto Dervishi.

(This news is based on ingame events, and yes there were over 7 capital ships permanently present during the conflict!)

Kureserians: An Ultimatum!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 22.07.3303)

Encircled and starved, the renegade forces of the Chaos Syndicate have little left to oppose the military embargo of Auso and the Imperial Federation. In a last attempt to defend their claim to the northern expanse above the HIP-HIP demarkation, some members decided to attack the democratic front of Kureserians. The democratic front however is well supplied with weapons and resources by its neighbors and ready for the liberation war to come.
It is expected that the prolonged siege has worn down the local troop's moral and that this is barely a last ditch effort to keep some sort of strongarm rule alive. Many observer expect the end of anarchy above the northern expanse once and for all.

APF: A Change in Theatre!
(Galnet: Empire, 23.07.3303)

With the open rule of crimelords, murderers and strongarms around Laka and Otohime slowly coming to an end with the recent continued successes in Yawalapiti, HIP 3488, HIP 117114 and Sandjin, as well as the Papako Cluster, the massive operation of the Anti-Piracy Fleet is slowly shifted towards Upper Synuefe and the Col 285 Sector.
First reports tell of the liberation of the colony of EB-O D6-69 and the downfall of the pirates of Muduwa after the Negri crisis has been resolved. As the military administration of those regions confirmed, all of these actions are under full supervision and support of the local governments, who thank the APF for their swift and efficient support in pacifying the region. The High Admiral of the Imperial Federal fleet, Aislin Conrad, confirmed that these operations will continue, until a major conflict demands the full attention of the Imperial-Federal fleet again, like the siege of Negri.

HIP 116263: Expeditionary Force Deposes Torval Corporation
(Galnet: Empire, 25.07.3303)

After the Democratic Front of HIP 116263 asked for the support of the APF to deal with the pirate problem aboard the station of Sheepshanks, the democratic militia had taken it upon itelf to replace the government of Torval loyalists that had condoned the presence and blood money of the crimelords. This method was not unlike Lady Torval's recent seeming support for the cartel in Muthnir to topple her ward's enemies. To the democrats surprise, ships of the Imperial Federation's APF forces had entered the fray ouside the stations and quickly turned the tide in favor of the democratic front, soon forcing the illegitimate government and corporation to accept open elections and to hand over all major stations of the system.
Asked for a short statement, the local admiral accounted this intervention to a normal anti-piracy operation against supporters of piracy. When questioned about their target's relation to Lady Torval and the distance of the system from the Imperial Federation itself, the admiral didn't deny that this can also be attributed to a mutual show of respect of spheres after Lady Torval's recent stunt in their own borders. The APF will now closely monitor Imperial-Corporate systems and if they support piracy, to 'help' Lady Torval ensure her ward's are all honorable imperial subjects as she claims.

Kureserians: The Renegades Give In!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 25.07.3303)

Months after the stand-off and their threat towards the local populace, the renegade forces of the Chaos Syndicate have left Lambert Vision and the majority of the populace alone and retreated into the further trenches of the system in an attempt to escape obliteration. With the order of the system restored and the Auso fleet returning to help the democratic front of Kureserians to clean up the remnants of the Syndicate, a final olive branch has been offered.
Under the condition of non-resistance, the surviving fleet of the renegades would be allowed to return to the sphere of the Chaos Syndicate to rejoin their old brothers to help them defend their sphere against the current incursions in return for a peaceful handover of the remaining system. However, if those demands wouldn't be met, the democrats and the Socialist Union of Auso both declared their intention to tear the remaining strongholds down to reclaim them and to destroy every last one of the renegade's ships. Due to the past history of the renegades, both sides made it clear that there is no trust to be build on and that any doubt about their intention would end in direct confrontation. There is only one chance left for a peaceful resolution.

Selkadiae: A Revolution?
(Galnet: Empire, 26.07.3303)

With the fall of the Selkadiae Ltd. in their home system due to reparations towards the Alourovices Empire Pact and the recent loss of their last major economic center in Alourovices itself to the local militia, many onlookers expected the last play of Lady Torval to save the corporation in Muthnir had failed.
A recent insurrection inside the Selkadiae system however calls for the liberation of the system in the name of an open and democratic government outside of corporate ownership and control. While this clearly is not in favor of neither the Empire nor Lady Torval, it can however finally bring stability to the war torn system of Selkadiae, which was drained by the recent endeavours of the Pact to bolster its fleet.
The Alourovices Empire Pact was weakened after their recent conflicts with neighboring forces due to their new imperialistic agenda of expansion after eliminating their long time rival of Selkadie Ltd. and many people question if the moment of insurrection was long planned or an attack of opportunity. Some even go as far as to accredit this 'revolution' to the nearby Imperial Federation that had announced repercussions for the transgressions of the Empire Pact inside their territory. And after the Empress' recent intervention in Negri, the Imperial Federation would surely like to see the primary high-tech system and station of the Tucanae Sector in independant and democratic hands to allow peace and prosperity. However this conflict may end, if the reasons are not addressed by the victor, the local centre of technology might fall behind, as constant warfare will surely tear it apart and ruin its economy for a long time to come. As such many have called upon local pilots to support the local democratic front in a bid for lasting peace, as the aggressive agenda of the Empire Pact would surely tax the system for months and years to come.
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Gamma-3 Octantis: Badar joins the Liberal Union

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.07.3303)

With the end of the fierce but formal conference aboard the Farghani Platform, the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative has officially taken control of the system of Badar, which is now under their protection. While not supported by the patronage, the entire process was conducted in peace and without bloodshed due to the massive support of the local populace. The strong democratic basis in Badar had already seized the means of military patrol in the system, gaining large concessions from the local rulers for self-governance. Now this lack of authority has led to the patronages downfall as the ruling body altogether.
Another reason for this quick turnabout was the downfall of the local terraforming project due to unexpected difficulties. In the process the ruling patronage had lost the support of the hopeful workers and people of Badar which had settled on the current main hub and military port of Badar 5A. How the system will move forward under the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis is unknown, but many locals admit, it can't be worse than before. Since the Union promised to finally eradicate the last remnants of smugglers in the system, the small budding economy might finally blossom without any outside force to undermine the effort.

Laka: Blue Family Clan Smashed
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 31.07.3303)

After the successful assault on the Blue Family Clan's last stronghold in Laka, the long legacy of the clan has come to an end. The APF had financed this massive endeavour to pacify the grain chamber of Tucanae in an all out war with the local syndicate to eradicate it once and for all.
A previous attempt to pacify Tucanae had stopped during the Chaos War and was later abandoned by the local authorities until the antics of the clan became unbearable and endangered the health of the entire region. During the recently started Borderlands Campaign of the APF, their massive support of weapons and material led to a united front and the consequent eradication of this problem altogether in less than two months.
With many members of the clan still on the run, it is doubtful that their criminal activities will cease anytime soon, but with all their bases of operation lost, their efforts will be severly weakened, if not denied altogether.

Auso: Kureserians Liberated!
(Galnet: Empire, 31.07.3303)

Months after their dishonorable seize of power and their continued mistreatment of the local population, the renegades of the Chaos Syndicate accepted the offer for an open retreat by the Auso-Kureserian alliance. With the last supporters and collaborators of the renegades joining their convoys to Vesuvit, the system of Kureserians is once more in the hand of its people and the renegades now under judgement of their peers in Vesuvit itself. While it might take time to repair the damage of the last months, many people expect a glorious future as the system weathered corrupt patronages, Alliance and Federal involvement, as well as the Chaos War intact and with more freedom than ever before.
„Many things were lost, and we will all carry emotional scars from the dreadful events of the last year. But wounds can heal, and so we take solace in the prospect of a glorious future, free from tyranny of either side. We shall build a future in which our children, our friends and those that come after us shall never know our pain... our grief. For the first time the future, our future, is now truly ours!“

Otohime: Colonial Government ready to join the Union
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 02.08.3303)

In the many months since the Union of Otohime had ended the constant famine of the Khemaraui cluster by assuming direct authority and turning its former colonies into protectorates, the ongoing process of democratization has ended. Even though the actual rule over Khemaraui was never fully established and the local militia still demands autonomy inside of it, the people of the former colony in Synuefe KY-H C26-5 are finally ready to join their comrades of Otohime. And soon their brothers and sisters in the sister colony of C26-4 might be ready to join as well. The Edensu Coordinated, a local government in exile due to a fallout with the corporation of Edensu, has supported this process all the way and has declared a formal alliance with the Union of Otohime. Spokeswoman Aubrie Mayr honored this alliance and the achievements of the democratic front with a promise of her own.
„This isn't the end of our efforts to unite and pacify the colonies of Synuefe, but merely the beginning. With the support of the Edensu Coordinated democratic front, we are certain we can help many more people, including their cluster as well.“
It is doubtful that this proclamation has eased the tensions between Otohime and Edensu, as their local government was more than content with their democrats exile up to now.

Papako: End of the Purple Gang marks the Return of the Confederation!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 03.08.3303)

The legacy of the Purple Gang in HIP 1536 has ended once and for all and the successful Anti Piracy Fleet and the local militias celebrate this effort with a major military parade outside of Anderson Hub. Among them is the Goonan fleet of the Confederation of Papako, as the leader of the local democrats Chancellor Anushka Whitfield ceremoniusly signs the accord of admission to the Confederation of Papako with Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster. This time HIP 1536 would be a proper and formal member of an actual confederation.
While this isn't the first time HIP 1536 has come to join the Confederation of Papako in spirit, last time the Confederation came as a protector against the encroaching Chaos Syndicate and their allies, the Purple Gang. During that time the ruling militia of the Traditional Front had made arrangements with the Purple Gang for a profitable coexistance, which led to its enforced disposal by the Confederation of Papako. Now they and the APF have returned as liberators and friends, the renewed milita now free of the former collaborators and a proper member of the local defensive forces.
While the disarmament of the militias might take some more time, the age of open piracy and extortion in HIP 1536 has finally ended as of today.

HIP 1672: Imperial Offensive Successful!
(Galnet: Empire, 03.08.3303)

In the face of the weakened Chaos Syndicate and the ongoing insurrections in their territories, the Empire of Achenar has seized the moment to push for the liberation of another border system. This time the often belittled mining system of HIP 1672 has fallen back into the hands of the patronage under Governor Brad Copeland. While not important by economic standards, this marks the third of four border systems of Vesuvit which are now outside of the Chaos Syndicate's control, effectively isolating the syndicate itself.
A former success to regain control in the system with the help of the Anti-Chaos coalition had later failed, when the Imperial Federation withdrew their support from the ongoing war due to the lack of cooperation in furthering democracy in the region. With the local insurrections and Imperial Offensive led by independant pilots in the name of the Empire and not democracy, there is hope for a lasting liberation in the eyes of many. Yet, while this success should spurn the fires of resistance, the weakened state of the Chaos Syndicate has led to bickering among the frail alliance of insurgents assaulting them, as infighting of the vultures over the syndicates corps has errupted all over Vesuvit, leaving the Chaos Syndicate the laughing fifth man.

Selkadie: An Imperial Counter-Revolution?
(Galnet: Empire, 03.08.3303)

In the aftermath of the shattered revolution in Selkadiae, the Imperial Federation and foremost the Socialist Union of Otohime have declared a punic embargo on the entire cluster. This is foremost in consequence of the brutality and viciousness of the Alourovices Empire Pact in their prosecution of their enemies, most commonly towards the democratic front. To compensate for the economic strain, the Imperial Federation has contacted the local governments in Koyans to negotiate a rather profitable business proposal for both sides.
Meanwhile the hard-handed approach of Denton Patreus' fleet during the counterinsurgency in the important high-tech hub has shocked many observers and even though further insurrections had already begun all over the sphere of influence of Alourovices, many onlookers expect a quick death for any liberation movements in the cluster. If this brutality can truly curb the rebellious spirits or rather fans the flames is yet to be seen, as the dreaded series of long conflicts might weaken the region in the nearest future.
The greatest disillusion of the great revolution in Selkadiae and Alourovices however was the recent advent of the Aisling Duval fleet. As many locals expected the Imperial Princess to mediate between her good friend Senator Denton Patreus and them to achieve a semblance of compromise, the active support for the counterinsurgency quickly crushed any hopes and love for the Empire, as they joined the commanders of Senator Denton Patreus in suppressing the nearby insurgency in Alourovices.
This behavior of the Imperial Princess' subjects has caused an outrage, leading many to claim that the Imperial Princess and known supporter of abolition only cares for democratic agendas as long as they would vote for her and support her position in the Empire. With this dreadful display towards completely independant democrats, many call her a fraud that puts family and friends over ideals and promises.
Gamma-3 Octantis: A Period of Reflection
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.08.3303)

With the admission of Jauri He to the quickly expanding sphere of Gamma-3 Octantis, their Progenitor Aislin Conrad has called for a renewed period of reflection to ensure all the new systems have time to realign their economies and reintegrate into the loose cooperative effectively. With the borderlands campaign coming to a close inside the Imperial Federation regarding the Synuefe Sector, the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet will now be able to ensure local security for an extended period of time and hopes to use its capacity to further their ideals of meritocracy in the region and to double down on the last pirate strongholds, especially near Jauri He.
It is doubtful that the cooperative will seek to expand its sphere anytime soon, especially by force. Yet there is always a chance the lingering conflict with Andriani might reach a boiling point.

Kartamoan: End of an Era
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.08.3303)

After the fall of the last anarchist stronghold in the nearby outer cluster, the era of extensive piracy in Tucanae has ended. While the local stronghold of Kartamoan was only a minor player in the big game and clearly stood in the shadow of HIP 3488, its strategic position near major imperial supply lines in combination with the backwater hideout in Gendi, made those two systems a pirate haven to engage in nearby systems and retreat into the confines of distant hideouts. Robbed of their last open supporter systems, many smugglers and thieves turn to the northern cluster and the region of the Chaos Syndicate in the south to drop off their ill-gotten gains. It is yet to see how the borderlands campaign will affect local piracy and smuggling operations in the future, as the survivors of this months long assault have been forced into hiding.

Edensu: The Democratic Front Returns!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 09.08.3303)

The Edensu Coordinated democratic front was exiled over a year ago from their home system after a failed attempt to force the Edensu Corporation to cede official positions to elected representatives. Now, after they had helped the Socialist Union of Otohime to install and shape the new democratic government of the Khemaraui colonies, they returned. Instead of being greeted by weapons, the local corporation stood down, accepting their lost brothers and sisters back into the fold. It is doubtful this welcome would have been as warm if the democratic front hadn't secured a powerful ally in the Socialist Union of Otohime and the Imperial Federation. Spokeswoman Aubrie Mayr made clear that any transgression and unjustified imprisonment of democrats would have resulted in a declaration of war.
„Many families and lives were founded in the outer systems over the last decades and the idea of calling them workers who have to follow the will of a corporation or be fired is long gone. Now the people born in the system demand to shape the future of their homes and they won't back down any longer. We stand by them against any threat to their lives and livelihood. We stand by them against any violent attempt to silence them. They are not simple workers to be exploited, they are the people. And people demand to be heard!“
A new age of democracy has begun in the formerly pure corporate cluster of Edensu and its neighbors, as democrats all around them rise up and demand a voice in the shadow of the behemoth of Otohime. Soon they would have to chose to concede, or to fight the ghosts of the past clawing on their doors.

Nai No Kami: Liberation at Hand!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 11.08.3303)

The Nai No Kami Commodities was one of the prime supporters for the liberation of Vesuvit and the nearby colonies. While this agenda wasn't one of love for the people, it was meant to silence their main competitor in the region for industrial goods. Suri Gateway wasn't the most well run industrial hub, but it is far bigger than Halley Gateway and still posed a threat.
In the aftermath of the Chaos War the syndicate sought to avenge their losses, fighting the Nai No Kami commodities in their local colonies and later at home. They had become a target for the Chaos Syndicate which now had redirected its base of operations to their local sphere around Vesuvit and avoided conflict with the Imperial Federation.
While the initial war was lost months ago, a newly formed alliance between the remnants of the corporation and the local democratic front now managed to seize the moment of the syndicate's weakness to stage an insurrection. With financial and military support from the now restabilized Union of Laka, the democratic front managed to push back the Chaos Syndicate and threw off the yoke of anarchy.
The Chaos Syndicate is still at large in the region and tries to regain its foothold, but the new socialist government aboard Halley Gateway tries to remedy the famine caused by the prolonged extortion 'taxes' and the ongoing conflict of the last months, while the corporation's fleet distracts the Chaos Syndicate further and tries to force them to retreat the system entirely.
In the midst of this gigantic leap for freedom, one member of the Imperial Federation, the Confederacy of Papako, has declared to support the new government and to send supply convois to help Laka reestablish a proper supply of food in Nai No Kami. If need be, Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster proclaimed, they would even help destroy any military blockade imposed on the system by the Chaos Syndicate to help the people affected. It remains to be seen if the Chaos Syndicate would risk a renewed war by interfering with Papako's relief plans, after the Imperial Federation offered a one-sided truce by themselves. A truce the Chaos Syndicate never officially signed but enjoyed the benefits of in rebuilding its sphere elsewhere in the meantime.

Kureserians: Auso Returns to Power
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 13.08.3303)

In the face of their humanitarian retreat due to the mass slaughter of innocents by the Chaos Syndicate's renegades in Kureserians eight months ago, the local populace has voted to rejoin the Union of Auso.
The Union promises that the combined assets of Auso and Kureserians will affirm their position as an economic behemoth in the region and offer prosperity to the systems and its people alike. With the grain chamber of Laka strongly in socialist hands and all basic levels of economy present in the two systems, this promise's fulfillment is guaranteed and the Union of Auso can act nearly autark in the cluster and foreign politics.
Auso fought the Empire openly before in their attempt to reclaim the region for their failed governess, and won. This return to power therefore hails a dangerous time for all autocrats nearby, as Nerremaia already succumbed to its democratic front and handed over its government to the people. Auso has become another strong anchor for its cluster's democracy and a guarantor of freedom in the HIP-HIP expanse to lower Tucanae.

Muthnir: The Selkadiae Ltd. Files for Bankruptcy
(Galnet: Empire, 14.08.3303)

In the aftermath of the cartell war in Muthnir between the local gangs and the Alourovices Empire Pact, the local director of the Selkadiae Ltd. as well as the corporation itself were found guilty of fraternization with criminals.
The financial penalties incured by claims of the Empire Pact and the Union of Otohime alike forced the local branch to file for bankruptcy the same hour the decision had been made. With their penalties unpaid to either side, the Union of Otohime has declared to withhold their accrediation for business until all has been paid in full. All remaining financial assets were ceased by the Union in the aftermath and all remaining personel has evacuated the system as non-grata. It seems the plan to restabilize the Selkadiae Ltd. by Senator Zemina Torval has ultimately failed, at least in Muthnir.
Despite attempts to also charge Lady Zemina Torval for her local involvement in the conflict, her lawyers made it very clear that the Imperial Federation had accepted their position as an imperial member under Senator and Imperial Princess Aisling Duval and thus had to tolerate the presence of Imperial fleets in their systems. There was no damage done to any asset of the Socialist Union of Otohime and no neutral pilots had been hassled. The case had to be dropped.
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Frontline News: Sokaram soon to be pacified!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.01.3305)

Less than one month after the retaliation of the Empire had begun, the pirate coalition led by the Posse of Sokaram in Upper Tucanae is about to sell its last unauthorized slaves, crumbling right after it had reached its peak. While the coalition of local clans, syndicates and pirates was successful in shutting down local space travel and trade for months in and around Sokaram, the brazen assault of their allies on the Adamantine Union and Imperial Federal territory marked their swift end.
Both Papako and Anotchi had just recently been chosen as the Empire's military base in the outer rim of Tucanae, together with their associate Laka, and what started due to the underhanded attacks of the new pirate coalition on the military shipyards has ultimately led to the reformation of the Anti-Piracy Fleet under command of the Papako branch of the Imperial Federation. This is remarkable as it had been disbanded due to the unceremonial defection of Gamma-3 Octantis which had supported most of its fleet after the Borderlands Campaign. The local conflict, however, led to massive investment into local shipyards with many corporations fearing for their profit. There was no problem to acquire funding for a new anti-pirate force.

"The war is soon to be over. The Posse has changed its stante to a hasty retreat of its fleets and remaining assets from Biermann. At this point its retrieval is but a mere question of days.", as stated by a local imperial commander.

Indeed the Posse had defended control of Sokaram to the last breath in a two week long war from a standstill to ultimate defeat. The initial breakthrough of their desperate last stance was conducted by a coalition of nearby republics aiding the Empire, foremost the Knights of the Black and Imperial Federation. The Posse lines soon crumbled and it retreated. And now the one month long Sokaram Wars are coming to an end with an unquestioned total victory for the glorious Empire!

The instigator of the Posses rise to power and puppet master still remains at large and defected shortly after the Biermann line was broken. The Federal Corvette "Hawkins" hasn't been seen since then and the Empire promises a 2.5 million bounty for whoever brings the criminal mastermind to justice. As owner of a Federal Corvette, only given to trusted members of the Federation of Sol, they are suspected to be an undercover agent and their imprisonment is preferred over elimination. Both conditions are acceptable.

HIP 1419: Imperial Chancellor officially reinstates the APF!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 17.01.3305)

After the victory in the recent pirate wars, the Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers of the Imperial Federation has officially declared the APF reinstated.
With the enhanced shipyard capacities of Dawes Port, a proper supply system under a T10 fleet will be its new backbone. A profitable deal has been struck with the new Republic of Selkadiae for equipment and all matters of supply will be coordinated with the Empire as the prosperity of their new military bases hinges on the success of the Adamantine Union, Papako and Laka, as well as the Democratic Republic of HIP 117114. After the former Chaos Wars, another rise of prominence of a major syndicate was believed impossible. This recent developement only reaffirmed the idea that a permanent military presence has to be maintained to combat each and any rising power among the outlaws.
While the dark days in Upper Tucanae might be over, lower Tucanae still wrestles with the remnants of the Chaos Syndicate and as the Socialist Union of Laka and their militias clash with them in the Karunti corridor, the wishes of the Imperial Chancellor go out to them as well in Nai No Kami.

"We are proud of what Laka has become. From the dark days of tyranny to the pirate wars over the Borderlands Campaign against the Blue Family, we always watched over it. Now it has grown strong enough to guard Lower Tucanae by itself. And should the day come their struggle is about to be lost, the Imperial Federation will always come to their aid. Laka will always be the pearl of Lower Tucanae and our brightest hope for the future!"

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