Notice September Update - Known Issues

Add not being able to turn off modules.
If you have switched from one ship to another, this could be the ship module 'bleed-over' bug that was introduced with this patch. Experienced it myself, got all the modules from my Imperial Cutter on my Krait Phantom in addition to the Phantom's regular modules, except the Cutter modules don't do anything and just clutter up the display, making it a game of try-and-fail if you want to change power priorities etc.
I would add that none of the top-voted issues from the tracker are fixed, even though some of them are more than a year old.
Some of them have been - the highest issue I voted for jumped from 14th to 10th, and that's including the "black adder" issue going straight in at 2nd, so five of the previous top thirteen have been done. The tracker just makes it very hard to tell how many votes the now-fixed bugs previously had.

Maybe Frontier are trying to compromise between the people who wanted the bugs people voted for fixed, and the people who were worried that only the most popular bugs would get fixed rather than the ones they reported?
Your new update is ed. Way to go not listening to the players about fixing issues the players keep reporting. Good job completely disregarding the players to work on an update that just made everything you were supposed to fix, worse.
Literally all the issues this update was supposed to fix are now worse. Remove the update and fix the stuff the players keep telling you to fix before you lose all your players.
The engineers is more than just a soft lock, They are completely broken. Can not see what is highlighted, can not generate modifications, materials showing up wrong.
Please see picture.
if it helps deduce what's up and players having a temporary fix, selling and buying back your refinery prevents the black adder crash, I have 2 confirmed tested/reports
Make that 3. Worked for me, but back to the Black Adder if you log off and back on again. You then have to change Refinery again
Wow. New levels of broken. I'm speechless. We hope to fix 'a number' of these issues? I hope that number is equivalent or greater than the number of issues that DON'T relate to ARX? Can you not just roll back the whole broken thing? Mercy me.

A rollback is exactly what's needed. Put this is beta testing for a week, like you should have done already.
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