Space Bars and Space Legs

I want Space bar/cantina button available as an option in the Starport Services menu. Through this my holo-me character could be teleported direct to the space bar within the starport to conduct a variety of activities and make the whole experience more immersive and interesting. This could include:

Obtaining special missions from faction npcs

Trading black-market items

Picking up dodgy passenger missions

Negotiating deals - eg asking npc for 2 million cr rather than 1 mil cr to take them to a destination - npc replying that they will pay 2 mil if upgrade to first class and visit additional location etc

Getting gossip relating to Galnet news etc from bar-staff when buying drinks at the bar

Cmdr to cmdr transactions - this would be awesome - miners could sell painite/materials to other cmdrs, combat pilots could sell materials from ship kills etc, cmdrs could offer personal bounties on pirates/cmdrs who keep attacking them etc

Chat to other cmdrs and buy drinks, meet up, celebrate!, socialise, etc

Just a few ideas that i think would improve the feel of the game, connect people more to plot-lines/missions etc and maybe even a ‘first step’ towards having space legs in the game without having to roll out space legs everywhere in the game (as this would no doubt be a massive undertaking!)

Anyone else got any thought or ideas on this? - maybe Frontier might take notice if enough people want it?...

Shrewzilla 😎
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