Stellar Screenshots

Indeed it is better to keep a low profile here. :)

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A few minutes after I took that picture I was delivering a fresh haul of Thargoid Hearts to the AXI. Now THAT would have been an awkward conversation no amount of smooth-talking could have gotten me out again.

Violating the hyperspace speed limit is one thing. Getting caught with Thargoid body parts in your trunk on the other hand...

Hey Commanders,

During last night's livestream, we had some commanders without social media asking us how they could submit StellarScreenshots so that they could be featured in our weekly livestream. We have updated this thread to be called StellarScreenshots so that anyone without social can participate!

Thanks for the info, I thought the original thread was gone.

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Apparently the Dark Wheel is as frustrated about this whole Raxxla affair as we are

PS: Mr. Braben and his escort wing of Community Managers gave me the beating of my life and I limped away in my Corvette, bruised, battered and humiliated with 30% hull left. I only barely made it past his shields. Mr. Braben certainly knows his game.
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