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More Molluscs could be admired at waypoints 92 to 95 of the Comfy Canonn Cruise: Caeruleum (Ovomly AA-H d10-13) and Flavum Torus Molluscs (Ovomly YE-H d10-3), Blatteum Bell Molluscs (Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1) and Purpureum Gourd Molluscs (Traikeou SE-P d6-16) respectively.
CMDR IvIePhisto [PC]
092 - 01 - Ovomly AA-H d10-13  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-11_21-23-10.jpg

093 - Ovomly YE-H d10-3  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-13_19-00-31.jpg

094 - 01 - Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-15_21-15-01.jpg

095 - 01 - Traikeou SE-P d6-16  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-18_21-00-18.jpg

Planet 5 in Ovomly PD-R d5-3 5 has a very broad second ring, with its moons orbiting between both.
093 - S01 - Ovomly PD-R d5-3 5 (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-13_22-50-32.jpg


Thraikoo PS-U e2-4 lies in a nebula and its main body is a black hole… sometimes space tells ancient tales.
093 - S03 - Thraikoo FL-P d5-194 A (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-13_23-20-34.jpg

093 - S04 - Thraikoo PS-U e2-4 A A Belt (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-13_23-38-40.jpg

The earth-like world in Thraikoo FL-P d5-97 orbits four stars—I imagine it must look great from the surface. But it's also a great view at the recently established tourist beacon.
093 - S05 - Thraikoo FL-P d5-97 ABCD 1 (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-14_11-25-38.jpg

The Trident is a beautiful ship-launched fighter; and it's always a sight to see my fleet carrier Khonsu arrive, even more so in front of a star.
093 - S07 - Flyoo Hypooe ZB-C b42-0  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-14_12-17-26.jpg

093 - S06 - Flyoo Hypooe ZB-C b42-0  (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-14_12-16-27.jpg

Finally I got to see a Guardian site on foot. Those ancient relics are bigger than I imagined… and it tickles when one touches them.
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