General / Off-Topic Stephen Hawking Memorial petition

Create a rare or salvage rare called Hawking's Radiators. Flavour text could tell the story.
That’s a good idea. I put up in the requests/suggestions forum that we have a CG to get materials to build Hawking Research Center (Coriolis Station) in Hawking’s Gap, preferably in a suitable black hole system. Adding a special rare to something like that would be cool I think.
From a reddit thread:
CMDR Killian Oh'Malley [EIC]What about a CQ to build a mega ship named after hawking, that once monthly departs to Sag A* from Sol to study it. And can ferry CMDRs with it.

Hawking Radiation and all.
We have an informally named 'Hawking's Gap' region of space, from the Formidine Rift mystery. Maybe it could be formalised for him.

(And before anyone says it was 'Hawkins', no that was a typo that got out of hand).
The best memorial would be to implement hawking radiation around black holes.

I know a few people as smart as hawking, but none of them achieved like him. It takes more than being a genius to be a genius
The best memorial would be to implement hawking radiation around black holes.
I’d welcome any improvement to in-game black holes. Right now, it’s very much a case of “I went to Sagittarius A* and all I got was this lousy screenshot”.
I thing Mr. Hawking deserves more than just a random station. I hope for some big scientific station close to black hole with his recorded voice and memorable as tribute:)
O7 to the late Stephen Hawking. He will be missed!

My vote goes to naming a black hole or a memorial point near a black hole, after him, seeing as he did much research on black holes and their radiation (Hawking-radiation, as is mentioned earlier in the thread).
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