Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

Adamaster was diverted from it’s journey to a secret base (“out towards Barnard’s Loop”) to collect Prof Carver etc from Coalsack Neb and take her team and the “alien samples” to it. Has anybody gone looking for that secret base? Has anyone checked to see if the route from Chukchan towards the diversion point aligns with any of the known (e.g. INRA) bases? I think this message was a hint that there is another significant base to find in the Thargoid storyline.
If my memory serves correctly there should be two bearing lines pointing towards it. One from Chukchan through the system where Adamaster received the diversion message (or is that where the LP is situated?). The other from the Coalsack base through the system where Prof Carver’s Sidey was found.
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1 in wolf 636 system inside the distress signals zones (2). i didn't hang around to identi it/her/she

recorded time 10 pm game time.


This may be significant. If you are in the area, please look out for threat zero and report. It may be worth checking at other ammonia worlds in Coalsack and Merope.
Does anyone know if the 3D map link in the OP on the first page is still working? It just seems to take me to ad pages when I try it.
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