Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

Ok, I just had to get in one more run in the unlimited class. The stars (and planets) were finally in alignment, and I was able to improve on my previous time by nearly a minute! I'm very happy with the results of this one, and now I think I'm finally about done with these runs lol.

Entry #2 for the unlimited class

  • CMDR Horza-Gobuchul
  • Unlimited Class
  • CLS Speed King
  • Imperial Eagle
  • 32:53
Today's update has a big impact upon the leaderboards as CMDR Horza-Gobuchul has achieved the feat of attaining first place in both Classic and Unlimited, with his Krait Phantom CLS No Step On Snek (sporting a suitably serpentine paintjob) and the Imperial Eagle CLS Speed King now most definitely living up to its name, respectively. CMDR Horza-Gobuchul credits clean runs and favourable planetary alignments, which did not give him any obscured targets, as being key to attaining these times. In Classic, his new time of 36:36 is almost a minute faster than the previous best time, set by CMDR Aken B., whilst the margin was closer in Unlimited, the new best time of 32:53 improving by just seven seconds on CMDR Ozric's effort.

Having gained first place in both tables, he now plans a break, though has not said if he is staying in Colonia to potentially defend his leadership. Very good flying and well done and congratulations, CMDR! o7



Thanks, Edelgard. I still had one or two obscured jumps (it seems unavoidable when leaving Brazilian Dream), but definitely fewer than my previous runs.

While I don't have any real plans to continue, I am a senior member of the Colonial Legionnaires, and as such, have made this region of space my home. So, excepting the occasional sojourn back to the bubble or out into the galaxy, I'll be around to give it another go if I feel inclined.

As always, it's been a fun experience. Take care and fly safe! o7
Also submitted this via PM / Conversation:

I'd like to submit what will hopefully be the first of a few runs in the CTD.
Please let me know if anything else is required and thank you very much for your efforts in creating and maintaining this event. It's people like you that keep the game alive in these quiet(ish) times!

-CMDR Coslany
Over the weekend there was a flurry of activity in both Unlimited and Classic modes.

Firstly, CMDR crotalus made Classic runs in his Federal Gunship Circe and his Asp Explorer C Cleo, which he followed up with an Unlimited run in the Circe. The C Cleo proved to be CMDR crotalus' fastest run to date in Classic, placing 5th with a time of 39:49, whilst the Circe was faster than his run in the Sidewinder, with a time of 46:11. The Unlimited time of Circe, 42:44, was six seconds faster than his previous Imperial Courier time - it's not often that the Gunship outruns Imperial competition!

Secondly, CMDR Sulu made an Unlimited entry in his Imperial Courier Cellerina. His time of 40:15 places 6th and splits the Federal Assault Ship and Federal Gunship times of CMDR crotalus, making a significant improvement in the fastest time for the Imperial Courier.

Finally, a new participant in Buckyball Racing, CMDR Coslany has started his racing career with an impressive time of 43:06 in the Classic Sidewinder, Surface Tension. This places him in 9th, six seconds ahead of CMDR crotalus' Imperial Courier Iris, setting a new ship record for the Sidewinder in the process. Welcome to the Buckyball Racing Club and I hope you enjoyed it!

Fly fast! o7



A quick update this evening with a single new entry from CMDR Crotalus in his Mamba C Polylepis. With a time of 44:55, this places his Mamba amongst a group of other medium ships, including the FAS, FGS and Python. Although I've not flown the Mamba, I note that these ships have supercruise handling that is fairly similar (the FGS being the least manoeuvreable), so perhaps that explains their relatively close positioning. Fly fast CMDRs!
I would have entered a better time but for two minor issues

1) I wanted to get back for Lava Loop
2) It helps if you actually record it!!!!
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