Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

The Unlimited leaderboard has been updated with the efforts of CMDR Shaye Blackwood's efforts over the past couple of days. This saw a very good attempt in his Vulture Flair to break the half hour barrier but repeated efforts ultimately were not quite enough, leaving him with a time of 30:02 and the honour went to his Hauler Lucille that managed a time of 28:30. Congratulations, CMDR and nice flying! o7. Planetary alignments were described as being unfavourable, with four planetary bases giving obscured jumps to move on at one point. This changed with the planetary rotation and orbital re-alignment but the lack of a perfect run seems to have denied his Vulture an opportunity to go even faster than his Hauler. He is now resuming his exploration of the region.

A small update to the Unlimited Leaderboards today as CMDR Shaye Blackwood takes care of some unfinished business before leaving Colonia. Unsatisfied with his Vulture time being just two seconds over the half hour barrier, he took the Flair out again to improve her time and succeeded, achieving a time of 29:35. He believes further improvements are possible but, for now, has business elsewhere. Nice flying CMDR and glad you could take part! Fly fast!

Bravo Shaye ... nice flying!

Somewhere quite a way down my todo list I have "visit Colonia". I noticed today, as I ticked off a few more items during a half-time break from my 3rd planetary circumnavigation that that item is now getting dangerously close to the top!
Similar thing for me, I've been meaning to visit the Colonia engineers for a long time but never got around to it. Combining it with some racing fnally got me going.
The first update for a while, as CMDR crotalus has submitted a run in Unlimited with an Alliance Challenger, the Pearl, making it the first effort with any of the Alliance vessels. It was an impressive run, coming close to jumping through a mountain upon leaving Vera Rubin Complex, and 37:21 is faster than any of the Dropship family of vessels and less than a minute behind the current DBX record, so one up for the Alliance!

Another update, this time from CMDR Aveldina, new to Buckyball Racing as far as I know: welcome CMDR and glad you could take part! o7
CMDR Aveldina was flying in Unlimited with a suitably souped-up Imperial Courier, the Atlas, and displayed some impressive corkscrew approaches. In a run affected primarily by multiple obscured targets and a single overcooked orbital cruise approach at Vera Rubin Complex, the overall time was nevertheless the fastest Imperial Courier time yet recorded, at 37:31, and only ten seconds slower than CMDR crotalus' Challenger run of last week. The Atlas currently sits in 8th position in the overall Unlimited leaderboard. Congratulations on a good first time!

A brief update today covering the run made by CMDR crotalus in his Fer de Lance Nausicaa in Unlimited. This ship was not fully engineered so there is still room for improvement, nevertheless a time of 36:43 is still the best by CMDR crotalus and currently the 7th fastest time, not far short of the DBX Rolled Gold. The run was smooth and the fitted shield was never breached, though the odd shield ring was lost on landing. Well done and makes a change to see a ship rarely used for racing on the leaderboard! o7

One more run to add, made in the early hours of 19th Aug by CMDR crotalus in his Hauler Helena. This run, of 44:45, did not go smoothly and CMDR crotalus hopes that an improved effort will be forthcoming upon his next visit to Colonia. It shows that there are always possible complications for any race and here there are the potential for many, from obscured targets to coping with ring systems and occasional interdictions have also been reported. So well done to everyone who races!
A correction has been made, as CMDR crotalus' recent effort in his Hauler Helena should have been placed in Classic rather than Unlimited and screenshots have now confirmed this. The Unlimited leaderboard has been reverted (a backup of the earlier state as well as the old images had been kept). The Classic leaderboard now shows the time of 44:45 in between the times of CMDR crotalus' earlier efforts in the Python and Mamba, in 15th place.

Another quick update thanks to an entry from CMDR crotalus but this time he has set a new personal best as well as being the first to take an Eagle MkII around the course, with his attempt in the Harpy in Unlimited class. A time of 35:08 leaves him in 5th place and puts him ahead of CMDR Aken B.'s Orca, GNV Armonia. The effort was a clean run with no damage and no more than one shield ring being lost (at Brazilian Dream). Well done CMDR!

Only four ships have gone faster than the Eagle MkII: the Imperial Eagle, the Asp Explorer, the Hauler and the Vulture. This is despite several Imperial Courier attempts. With a race currently on between the Bubble and Colonia and Fleet Carriers also en route, Colonia is more accessible than ever but how will these times fare against increased competition?!

On a side note, this is the first anniversary of the first Unlimited leaderboard being published!
Today's update includes CMDR Terrorsidic's run, done as part of a 'Double or Nothing' attempt, so this ship, the Anaconda Stripped Ana, was fresh from it's trip out here, perhaps, as the name suggests, minus a few bits and pieces. Given the damage taken at Brazilian Dream and Fort Mug, a shield might have been in order - both were fairly close calls with 40% or less hull remaining. Regardless, this is only the second attempt at the course in a large ship so it was a worthy effort to try in a less-manoeuvreable vessel. The time of 54:21 might be at the foot of the table, for now, but this is not an easy course for the ship, so well done and nice flying CMDR! o7

Today's update is the first Classic run in a while, with CMDR crotalus recording one of his fastest times in his Imperial Eagle Aquila. He places 6th overall with a highly respectable 40:47, less than a minute short of his own personal best. The run seems to have been relatively smooth and the Aquila accrued no damage during the race. Nice flying CMDR!

Today there is a small update with an entry completed a week ago, so my apologies for getting this implemented slowly. It is a Classic run from CMDR crotalus in his Vulture Aura that, at 44:48, is only three seconds behind his Hauler entry. Two different ships but very similar times (and also narrowly ahead of his Mamba time). The run was smooth enough not to drop the Vulture's shields but there were few landing shots where the ship was not at an angle, so no effort was spared to get the ship down fast! Nice flying CMDR!

Today's update includes a commendable attempt from CMDR crotalus to compete in a Lakon Type 9. Seldom raced, the Theia achieved a time in Classic of 54:46, placing it ahead of the Beluga (only). The shields held throughout, though there were some bumps on landing occasionally. Well done for racing in this ship - it is actually the first T-class vessel to be raced in Classic! o7

This update includes the Lakon Type 6 entry from CMDR crotalus, in which he sets his new personal best time in Classic, at 39:40, surpassing even his Asp Explorer time. The Tyger suffered only a hard landing at Brazilian Dream and is 35 seconds behind the Dolphin entry of CMDR Ozric. Fine flying CMDR! o7

Today's update sees another Lakon T-class vessel added to the list of ships that have been entered. CMDR crotalus flew his Type 7 Celosia around the course in an impressive 41:33, placing in the top ten and also becoming the fastest large class ship. It was a smooth run without the shields dropping even once. The T7 is rarely raced in Buckyball Racing Club events yet here it is ahead of ships like the Mamba, the Imperial Courier and even the Hauler. Nice flying CMDR! o7

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