Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

The Unlimited leaderboard has been updated with the efforts of CMDR Shaye Blackwood's efforts over the past couple of days. This saw a very good attempt in his Vulture Flair to break the half hour barrier but repeated efforts ultimately were not quite enough, leaving him with a time of 30:02 and the honour went to his Hauler Lucille that managed a time of 28:30. Congratulations, CMDR and nice flying! o7. Planetary alignments were described as being unfavourable, with four planetary bases giving obscured jumps to move on at one point. This changed with the planetary rotation and orbital re-alignment but the lack of a perfect run seems to have denied his Vulture an opportunity to go even faster than his Hauler. He is now resuming his exploration of the region.

A small update to the Unlimited Leaderboards today as CMDR Shaye Blackwood takes care of some unfinished business before leaving Colonia. Unsatisfied with his Vulture time being just two seconds over the half hour barrier, he took the Flair out again to improve her time and succeeded, achieving a time of 29:35. He believes further improvements are possible but, for now, has business elsewhere. Nice flying CMDR and glad you could take part! Fly fast!

Bravo Shaye ... nice flying!

Somewhere quite a way down my todo list I have "visit Colonia". I noticed today, as I ticked off a few more items during a half-time break from my 3rd planetary circumnavigation that that item is now getting dangerously close to the top!
Similar thing for me, I've been meaning to visit the Colonia engineers for a long time but never got around to it. Combining it with some racing fnally got me going.
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