This post will SAVE JWE and INSTANTLY satisfy player needs!

Add-on to our awesome list of awesomeness! Say you want to build a park devided in two. One side herbivores, one side carnivores. And you want an awesome transition between the both sides. You try to build some kind of entrance gate with fences and sush but its not realy doing it for you. You wish there was some kind of thingy you could use instead. HEY! How about an arch type gate/entrance you could fit to your fences and Place a road through. Kinda like the old Jurassic Park gate but without the gates! It would look good!

Also, walkway bridges? Like if you would like to have a road cross the water for some reason, maybe you could be able to Place a bridge!
On top of that it should have a text input field so we can name areas, exhibits etc- perhaps default "Jurassic World"in the font of the island entrance signs, but able to custom the text display as is the case with dinosaur names- instant enclosure signs and gateways to various areas
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