I'm always up for anything story/lore related.
I started doing the missions for TDW in SHINDEZ last night.

I wish Elite universe evolved incrementally at least once per month. Bigger events happening every 3 months and something truly major would occur at least once a year.
What are we waiting for? No one is getting younger. There is so much potential.
I'm in no way offering the thought up as a counter proposal. Merely a thought. That being said this is the kind of event I'd like to get involved in.
I did a similar thing when I first got access to ShinDez. I attacked every DW ship hoping to get their attention. Plus with all the deaths, they must be hiring, right? New cmdrs to fill the ranks of the dead. ... Didn't do anything except make my rep with them go down.
I have raised it back up to max since then.
Count me in👍 Sounds like great emergent gameplay at it’s best (and the only way to play ED anyway) As with most things Elite, this will be difficult for me as my main account is just approaching Beagles point on the Perseus Expedition. So, I will be doing my best with my alt account, cmdr G Silverback. Problem is it’s a relatively new account and I’m also doing the Lore tour so.....decisions to be made and much work to be done. To the grind!
In that case it'd require a serious plot twist if eliminating TDW worked.

My thought process was; if the Dark Wheel had to retreat and hide, where would they hide? Maybe Raxxla? Especially since no one knows where it's at, it's the perfect hiding place.

Actually... after saying that; has anyone sat in Shinrarta and wake scanned the Dark Wheel? Maybe see where they're going? Can NPCs be tracked across systems? I've never tried.

Now this is what keeps me excited! I've been reading Elite Lore for years now and i have some clues of my own im wiling to share.

My latest conundrum is in Colonia where upon following listening posts i came across a crashed Type 9 belonging to the late CMDR Halford where .."Brewer Corp boxes and Caine-Massey crates sprawled out behind it."-Cannon The place is guarded by a Goliath and a few other drones that seem to be protecting an Unstable Data Core that when scanned does absolutely nothing. It will expire from your cargo within 12 hrs or so and no one knows what its pertaining to. All of this info can be found at the Cannon website here: https://canonn.science/codex/colonia-crash-site/
The thing really gets me is whats said in the logs and if you'll keep the tinfoil hats on for a few mins ill highlight the important bits:
"Signal matches at listening post. Neche

What do you mean you mean you’ve lost him! I thought you said you had them.

Your orders are to track this guy and make sure he doesn’t talk to anyone about the operation.

Now get out there and find him. If I don’t hear reports that Commander Hyford has been killed in a unfortunate accident in the next 24 hours, then consider yourself a dead man."

This is Commander Hyford. To any independent pilots or security forces please help. I’m being tracked by mercs, they’re trying to kill me. Please help me.

I’ve manage to loose them for now, they seem to be tracking my comms and ship transponder so I’ve had to hack this listening post to get a message out.

I don’t know why they are after me. Must be something to do with that last shipment. A private military complex out in the Pleiades. Not Fed or Imperial. I was told not to ask questions, just get the job done and that’s what I did. I didn’t know it was going to put a target on my back.

I’m heading for Colonia. I know a place I can hide out there on one of the far moons 5 e a.

Please send help.

This is Commander Hyford and I fear this might be my last I log entry. so far I’ve been able hide from them, but I don’t know how much longer I can go undetected.

I should never have left that message for help. They must have tracked me using the it somehow.

Well if this is it I’m not going quietly. There is a data cache at the following co-ordlnates Lat:39.1472 Long:29.2425. It contains all my ships log and data scans.

This is some kind of private military outfit, they operate outside the realm of the usual powers. I don’t know who they answer to but the chain goes up pretty high. They are monitoring for alien encounters and tech. People are going missing. They are taking them and running experiments. That’s what I was delivering. Escape pods full of people. I’m sorry for my part in this. It was a job that’s all. Oh god help me…

I’m out of time.

…Signal Lost..

SO yea how did he get to Colonia from the bubble so quickly and who where these military people that have access to such advanced tech as to track and kill someone 21kLY away. If you dig into the company(s) boxes that were sprawled on the ground near the data core its gets even weirder.
Any thoughts???
ALSO count me in on this journey.

CMDR Grennen
OH frakn seven

My fellow commanders. <snip>

Love. This. Idea.
It makes complete sense to me. I do believe (and believe is the important word) that Raxxla or whatever points to whatever Raxxla is is going to be situation in the bubble close to Sol and it also makes sense to me that is would be a BGS driven thing requiring cooperation and significant player input rather than some lone guy going "oh hey, so I found Raxxla" randomly one day.
It may go somewhere... it may come to nothing, but we'll never know until we try it and it needs to be ticked off the todo list in the Raxxla search imho. If only for that reason alone it makes it worthwhile.
"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too."

John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1962
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