1. C

    What mode of planetary transport do people on Earth-likes use?

    Is this mentioned in any official lore? if not what do you believe would be the most logical mode of transport the average joe would use to travel in the cities of earth like words? would cars still exist?
  2. Cmdr John Lyn

    Lore of Thargoid Meta-Alloys addenda

    What are Thargoid Meta Alloys? I often feel like the description above of meta alloys is incomplete, based only on what contemporary Humanity has tested and understands about these meta alloy materials. Recently I had ideas about their true potential. The human uses of these alloys which are...
  3. J

    Question about ALD.

    So multiple groups in-universe dislike Arissa Lavigny-Duval because she's non- traditional and they want a return to good old traditional values. The Emperor's Dawn and pre-Hadrian Nova Imperium were big on this. That's all well and good. ... but what about Arissa is so destructive to Imperial...
  4. C

    Is ship fuel in Elite Dangerous liquid or gas

    Is the hydrogen used by ships in ED stored in a liquid or gas state in the fuel tank?
  5. C

    How much do you think the average salary of the average citizen is?

    how much do you think the ordinary middle-class citizen earns per year (in credits)? i think the lore somewhere mentions that 1cr = $50, and also that the average middle-class family can afford a sidewinder. but if we take the current us average of $56,310 and convert it to credits we get...
  6. CMDRCorrMorningstarFelian

    Elite Dangerous's core lore person isn't Michael Brookes .. examining the breadcrumb trail of Allen Stroud

    This is a repost from Independent Raxxla Hunters discord where someone had mentioned the lore stream and the fact there might be Raxxla references elsewhere. This is my response because it is has become increasingly evident Michael Brookes while instrumental in building the Elite Dangerous...
  7. M

    Newcomer / Intro The Dark Wheel *SPOILER* (kinda)

    The ingame lore describes TDW as some mystical/unknown association noone knows where to find and gives a hint regarding a certain system which I haven't figured out yet. But I did find TDW as a faction So my question is, how does that fit into the picture? Should I get friendly with those guys...
  8. drorangutan

    Odyssey, Game Design, and the BGS: A Little Opinion Piece on the Potential of Odyssey and Where it Went Wrong

    Heyo everyone. Hope you’re doing well. I know Odyssey criticism has been done to death at this point and most of what needs to be said has already been said, but I still think that there’s a lot that hasn’t been fully addressed on the forums and I’ve wanted to talk about my opinions on Odyssey...
  9. VYPR

    Archon Delaine... campaign... to build... starports?

    I apologize that I may be interrupting any conspiracy theorycraft or discussions on in-game realpolitik, however upon logging into Elite Dangerous this morning I happened upon this queer notification on the main menu and could not help myself but to read the full article. I nearly spat out my...
  10. Faktury

    A Outpost request with new Function/Lore

    I think it's a nice idea to build a outpost near colonia, where all kind of slaves can be get their freedom, because so we can colonize more in the galaxy. I have 100.000.000 Cr on my bank it is not much but a good start for colonize and freedom. What do you all think about it, it is kinda...
  11. C

    Elite Dangerous in game Social Media and Influencers

    So I was just brainstorming a small idea and while doing that I came across an idea regarding the social media in Elite universe and how it works. We the CMDRs of pilots federation get our news and all the latest happenings through Galnet which is easily accessible all across the galaxy, but...
  12. V

    The GalNet Archive - 10th Sep 3306 - ?

    Welcome to The GalNet Archive. This is as much for my own use as anybody else's, I know they're elsewhere but they don't seem to be on one easy accessible page so I'm putting them on here for future reference. This Archive only covers from the return of GalNet on 10th September 3306 (2020). I...
  13. Erlaed

    PHS Recruiting: Join us Fighting The Club in The Pleiades

    Active, multi-featured Discord server looking to foster a purpose-driven new PC Squadron: The Pleiades Historical Society. The goal? Drive the shadowy organization known as “The Club” out of the Pleiades region, and solve the mystery of Megaship Overlook. The method? Using all the tools...
  14. Neulen

    Unhumorous Calamity is the Job

    “You really screwed it, didn’t you, skip?” Chucho the mechanic said. Commander Neulen replied with a dirty look. “Well,” Chucho continued, “I thought it was pretty funny. Bad timing, and the delivery could have been better, but overall a solid joke. Very you. Shows your trademark deficiency in...
  15. Erlaed

    Release Club Raiders: Fighting the Club in the BGS

    What is The Club An organization that controls Elite: Dangerous behind the scenes Conceived by David Braben Featured in GalNet and the novels Clearly and repeatedly fingered as "The Bad Guys" in Elite: Dangerous The enemy of The Dark Wheel Only two known ways to interact with them: BGS and...
  16. CMDR Kai Zen

    Community Event / Creation Turning the Wheel

    (IN UNIVERSE) My fellow commanders. It is with a heavy heart that I must come before you today to put an end to the lies and corruption within the Pilots’ Federation. This once-venerable institution has been infiltrated and subjugated by a nefarious group of elites known only as ‘The Club’. For...
  17. S


    I see the option but none available on PS4. If anyone is willing to join up and give some advice or drop some lore it would be appreciated. Psn: obsidian_wlf
  18. CMDR Kai Zen

    An open letter to Frontier Development

    I am a huge fan of your company and devoted player of your game, as well as purchaser of many, many paint jobs. I am the co-host of a podcast every week that is dedicated to the amazing thing that you have created. I love so many aspects of it that were I to fully unpack that statement it would...
  19. Cosmo

    Why do so many ED Characters not have an Image?

    Why do so many important characters of the ED lore not have a profile image yet? Is Frontier too lazy to permit an artist to draw 2D artwork? Or will they add 3D models with the next expansion? There are so many things of the lore that lack any visual reference.
  20. Cosmo

    Why doesn't Frontier publish Elite Dangerous Comics?

    ED has dozens of interesting characters in the galaxy. The most popular ones are the movers and shakers in Powerplay. Yet we only have 1 portrait per Powerplay leader. Most are faceless individuals in GalNet news. There are thousands of people who would love to know more about their favorite ED...
  21. don carnage1

    A simple fix to (maybe) save Galnet

    It’s easy. Galnet just needs to draw a clear distinction between in game events and pure flavor material. This is how you do it: FDev makes two categories of articles. TOP STORIES OTHER NEWS TOP STORIES would be reserved only for events with in-game ramifications. Top stories would always...
  22. B

    Thargoids, Raxxla, Dark Wheel, and how they are connected...maybe.

    (The following suggestion is a fictitious use of fictitious places and characters to create a fictitious story that could fictitiously connect fictitious events in a fictitiously believable way. Although fictitious places and people are mentioned in this fictitious suggestion, they are used in a...
  23. Bonsaipanda

    Player Faction application random rejection

    I'm just writing this because I really don't know what to do next. I govern a player faction "Arms of the Panda" that is currently in a jam (because of my poor choice for a starter system). So I asked Frontier if it would be possible to move it to another system. Answer is no. When a faction is...
  24. Foraven

    Why anyone want to be a pirate in Elite universe?

    One thing that has been bugging me since i started playing this game is how immersion breaking piracy is in this game. Why does anyone turn pirate (aside from us players that do it for fun)? Getting a bounty flag us for destruction, by anyone (we are lucky stations don't open fire on us). Stolen...
  25. NewkTV

    The Forgotten Initiative: Hunt for Raxxla!

    ALL REPORTS/PROGRESS UPDATED ON THE BOTTOM After today's big announcement, it is clearly confirmed by Frontier that Chapter 4 will bring amazing Lore in the Codex including Raxxla and The Dark Wheel. The Forgotten Initiative has decided to take lead on this new insight and send their Scientific...
  26. buzzx

    Lore and history with Galnet Audio ?

    Would it be possible and easy to add a feature where Galnet audio could be set to read out Elite dangerous lore while flying around. It would be a great way for players to get up to speed on all the major lore and history of the game. If its just a matter of adding text to the game it should...
  27. ZiggyGG

    [YouTube] Elite Galaxy - New Elite Dangerous focused channel

    Hello fellow Commanders! I've started my new YouTube Channel where I will talk about various parts of Elite Dangerous with a bit of role-playing on the Imperial side of the coin. First I want to address all new Commanders and make tutorial videos for them, so they can enjoy this game more. I...
  28. Justinian Octavius

    GalNet: Imperial Slaves are not Slaves & other Lore issues; Elite-opedia needed

    GalNet has recently published articles that contradict the lore that has been both officially established or implied by previous statements. In a recent GalNet article, for instance, entitled 'Anti-Slavery Organisations Unite' Imperial Slaves were again confused with slaves. In this interview in...
  29. F

    Latest Rift mystery updates

    Im late in starting on this but have tried to catch up with all the info ! It seems to have gone quiet of late and all threads are now closed /locked so what is the latest news and where are ppl looking ect...? Or have i missed something?
  30. Captain Fuzzyback

    [Lore] General Questions

    So I've been writing a short story during my free time about elite dangerous and I have many questions regarding the universe. Is it normal to run into a natural earth born person? How do commanders get their first Ship? What is life on a ship Like? Do they have food and water and latrines...
  31. M

    Galaxy Map and additional Lore

    No I'm not crashing when I open the Galaxy Map, at least not yet. I love delving into the lore and stories that are woven in games and Elite has one mighty story to tell. I've been trying to delve into the lore and I understand a lot of it is player driven I keep hearing "the Bubble" being...
  32. B

    Immersion and Why Elite FEELS so...Gamey

    Let me preface this by saying (for the haters) that I keep coming here because I LOVE Elite's core game play. Flying the ships. Combat. Buzzing bad guys in asteroid fields and rings. Its visceral and real and heady, and I cannot get enough of small ship combat in tight quarters, with obstacles...
  33. ClutchMonkey

    Finding The Roadster

    o7 Frontier and the ED community, I was wondering if it were possible to add the Tesla roadster in the game and whoever is able to find it is able to get the mini Tesla roadster as a dashboard figurine? Kind of an achievement to show off to people. Not sure if many people know this but they...
  34. A

    Looking for Zemina Toraval pilots on Xbox

    Hopping this is the right thread, I try to set up a wing supporting Zemina Torval for Xbox players. As setting up a wing on Xbox is much more difficult than on PC (no Discord, Trello, Rediit et al), I wanted to try to find some cmdrs over here. It seems to be the first wing pledgeg to Torval...
  35. T

    The potential political philosophy of the Empire

    The Empire seems to be a mixture of the elements of the British Empire (ship names), Roman Empire (Senators, Patrons, Clients) and the Middle Ages (Imperial Navy Ranks). Yet it has a political system that has fundamentally novel ideas, not seen in those eras and it is also strange why they would...
  36. A

    Cheap way to improve mission system.

    When I started to play ED, I dreamed that space legs, atmosphere landings, Han Solo style adventures will be right behind the corner. I desire this freedom, a whole world without limitations to live in and explore. Thanks to this forum, I now know exact reasons, why these features are not there...
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