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Trying to get the LTT 198 permit; allied with LTT 198 Order for a few days now but am not seeing any invite. Flying out of Tsim Binba, is there a different faction awarding, i.e., no longer LTT 198 Ordr?

yup https://eddb.io/faction/77629

as a result of https://community.elitedangerous.com/galnet/01-OCT-3307

Edit: There might be a newer galnet since the names have changed again since then...

I wonder if the OP will ever get back and update things ...
Yes, Torval now has several megaships in other systems to enable getting the permit for LTT 198. You need to become allied with Torval Mining Ltd. as far as I was aware.
Something is still wrong with this.
I repped up with missions in Qarato.
Tried to jump into Mbooni, multiple times, even with launcher restart.
Looks like fdev are solving the permit availability problem for good - seeing m/s added for various permit holders, I imagine the others will be found:
  • The Silver Cove 69 G. Carinae Megaship
  • Meredith's Dream Alcor Megaship
  • Shadows Endurant Epsilon Eridani Megaship
  • Daunting Hammer Hecate Megaship
  • Shephard of the Mighty LP 91-140 Megaship
Oh interesting development! Am I correct in thinking that this includes megaships for permit givers who are not currently blocked from issuing their permit? E.g. it looks like PMB is already present in a system only 10 LY from Pi Mensae at an influence level that looks perfectly safe from retreat. So you're expecting to find one of these ships for every faction-issued permit?
Chapter of Isinor:

(Top Tip - Apex will allow you to 'buy' system data within ~100 Ly without even making a booking :) )
Edit : Another over 15Ly - time to dust off the scratch CMDR and see if they will actually vend the permit ...
I think that is all the m/s found ... looking like we might need a new Permit thread if the OP doesn't turn up soon - the OP is getting quite old now :(
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nice! needs scanning into eddb etc. HIP 54530 is a mess as they never rescinded the temporary permits or made permanent ones available. I don't even remember who the permit giver is for that one as I think it changed ...
Community goal winner was Silver Legal Group, so they awarding permit control. Original holder was Jupiter Division, currently named as Core Enterprises.
The 15ly limit definitely applied during the recent Peregrina crisis, when my Bubble alt got allied with Peregrina Aristocrats more than 15ly away and couldn't get the permit.

If this hasn't changed, it will be frustrating if we find a Mingfu megaship 16ly from Mingfu.
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