Updated Permit List

Looks like fdev are solving the permit availability problem for good - seeing m/s added for various permit holders, I imagine the others will be found:
  • The Silver Cove 69 G. Carinae Megaship
  • Meredith's Dream Alcor Megaship
  • Shadows Endurant Epsilon Eridani Megaship
  • Daunting Hammer Hecate Megaship
  • Shephard of the Mighty LP 91-140 Megaship
Finding a few more of the new m/s permit givers:

Hodack Prison Colony:

Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony:

Defence Party of Nastrond;

Pi Mensae Brotherhood

Didn't spot one for Jotun or Isinor yet 🤔
Oh interesting development! Am I correct in thinking that this includes megaships for permit givers who are not currently blocked from issuing their permit? E.g. it looks like PMB is already present in a system only 10 LY from Pi Mensae at an influence level that looks perfectly safe from retreat. So you're expecting to find one of these ships for every faction-issued permit?
Chapter of Isinor:

(Top Tip - Apex will allow you to 'buy' system data within ~100 Ly without even making a booking :) )
Edit : Another over 15Ly - time to dust off the scratch CMDR and see if they will actually vend the permit ...
I think that is all the m/s found ... looking like we might need a new Permit thread if the OP doesn't turn up soon - the OP is getting quite old now :(
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nice! needs scanning into eddb etc. HIP 54530 is a mess as they never rescinded the temporary permits or made permanent ones available. I don't even remember who the permit giver is for that one as I think it changed ...
Community goal winner was Silver Legal Group, so they awarding permit control. Original holder was Jupiter Division, currently named as Core Enterprises.
The 15ly limit definitely applied during the recent Peregrina crisis, when my Bubble alt got allied with Peregrina Aristocrats more than 15ly away and couldn't get the permit.

If this hasn't changed, it will be frustrating if we find a Mingfu megaship 16ly from Mingfu.
Stupid question:

Isinor permit was once given (had it years ago) but then it wasn't available. I read somewhere it was supposed to be fixed.
Hasn't it be fixed or did it then broke?

I try to get a timeline of events concernung an old patch notes i saw when fdev put "valuable salvage" in Isinor, Witch's reach and LFT 509 (in Isinor, salvage is antiquities for the record).
Nice! 18 ly out, so theoretically not useful for vending permits - which is weird unless fdev really have changed the range for permits. Probably isinor has one in the 15-20 range as well (y).

I've sent my Bubble alt (currently lacking the Jotun permit) to the Indefatigable in 38 Arietis. The permit mission is visible, despite being over 15ly away from Jotun.

Running missions from there would be a pain, as it has no shipyard or outfitting, you'd have to run every mission with the ship you turned up in, without being able to swap passenger cabins or whatever. So I relocated to Shasir. Still just over 15ly away, but the permit mission is still visible. So probably a global change to 20ly.
Hmm, so there may be a global 15 -> 20 ... hmmm

That makes all the guides and info now wrong :( It would be great if fdev would tell us when they change these things. Especially when it didn't solve any of the issues with permits so wasn't something anyone would look for.
As reported last week :) Now in Galnet


24 NOV 3307
Factions responsible for the distribution of conditional access permits have deployed so-called Gatekeeper megaships to neighbouring systems.
The agreement between 14 factions intends to allow permit distribution procedures to continue regardless of the political status of the associated systems. Though the reason for system access restrictions varies between the factions, preventing any disruption to interstellar trade was a key factor in the talks.
A spokesperson for Alioth Independents, one of the factions involved, offered the following:
“It is rare that so many participants from across the core systems are able to reach an agreement so easily. These megaships will ensure that the flow of traffic within our respective borders remains appropriately controlled, providing support for the permit offices in those systems.”
“Only a few short years ago, the system of Tiliala saw disruption in assigning permits to eligible visitors due to political disturbances. The Panjabell system experienced this problem again within recent months. These lessons have inspired us to prevent further repetitions in the future.”
“I would like to thank each faction representative for their contributions to maintaining consistency in our methods for the ease of pilots, recognising the valuable contributions they make to the galactic economy.”
Permit distribution to eligible recipients will still be carried out remotely.

edit: Ahem - looks like a typo with Panjabell meaning Peregrina ..
edir2: Also no mention of the switch from 15Ly -> 20Ly permits which some have suggested has happened
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