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I'd like (without taking up as much space on @Tyres O'Flaherty 's thread as yesterday, sorry...) to say a big thank you to the various among you who helped in various ways with my struggles to get the Guardian FSD booster blueprint. I finally cracked it overnight, after an embarrassing number of attempts (flew back and it was still in total darkness, so had to just buckle up and deal with it). I just got the blueprint and then retuned to my DBX and parked it at a safe distance. So I will need to pick up the various Guardian items I need for the tech broker, but that's the easy bit (and might necessitate coming back in my T6 as the DBX only takes 12T cargo as currently configured). But I have the blueprint, so thank you all, and apologies for my mine meltdown.

(And thank you, @A C Ender , for pointing out that there is night vision on the SRV. Embarrassingly, I never knew and it made a big difference!)

This really is the best thread on the site. I aim to be helpful rather than high maintenance, moving forwards.

Yay! Well done! \o/
After my slight diversion to the Guardian Sites (Mucho explo credits and Arx), I'm back to running repair materials back out to the Witch Head Sector.
Was expecting to be fighting Thargoids, but I suspect due to the patches, this is a bit messed up.

Currently running Insulting Membranes, I'll stick with it until they are finished, run out, or I'm distracted by some shiny thing 'over there'.

Trying to mix the return leg up a bit, scan some systems on the way back, more explo Arx.

Also going to do a few runs in the Cutter and T-9.
Problem is, while the Hexenkopf Kurier doesn't carry much (about 350), it jumps over 40, and it jumps and fuels fast.
It's also made of cardboard, so those first few loaded jumps are... interesting. 😀 ✌
I had an interesting session last night. First I dropped into Beta Ceali and scooped up some mats from HGESS. Then I went to Lloyd Station to hit up the Material Trader to fill up some mats I needed by trading some of the G5 mats I collected. After that I took a nice little delivery mission to Scylla, and that's when things got interesting. First of all the station was 200KLS from the arrival star, so it was going to be a hike. Then I was pursued by a Dangerous Andaconda that was winged up. He interdicted me when I was 25 LS from my destination. I submitted and turned to fight. It turned into quite the furball as I accidently switched my fire group during the fight, and that ship was quite the bullet sponge. On top of that his buddies showed up to and were laying into me. Just as I destroyed the Anaconda my shields went down and I started to take damage. Thankfully I have Military Armor G5 Deep plating, but still with three other enemies to deal with I had to GTFO. I put everything to engines and boosted out of there until my FSD recharged. Once back in supercruise I put everything to Systems to recharge my shields, as I knew another interdiction was coming. Sure enough they came after me again. I tried to fight the interdiction, but I just couldn't get the escape vector to line up, so I submitted again. My shields were still not charged, so I boosted again and low waked again. This time I made it to the station before they could attempt another interdiction. I was so relieved to make it in one piece after that little scrap. I collect 1.4 million CR for completing the mission, and another 220K for the bounty on the Anaconda I took out.
Currently I am back out in the Witch Head Nebula in Haki doing station evacuation in Hackenbacker my T10 rescue ship which I am still optimising it needs more cabins and slightly less cargo space.

The process looks dramatic but the T10 is an effective tool for the job, just fly into the station and unleash 4 collector limpets to acquire all the escape pods, black boxes etc plus any non maxed out materials while hovering over my designated pad and firing off heat sinks when warned after the limpets finish or the timer gets close to 1 minute remaining land and select passengers trying to pick group sizes that utilise all my cabins then quickly back to the rescue ship before the evacuees start acting like passengers and tempting me to space the lot of them.
I'm now back at the Guardian site, but this time in my T6, Orpheus. Even with 64T capacity it has twin SRVs and a 4A fuel scoop, and jumps almost 40ly. So it's ideal for stocking up on Guardian relics. Had an interesting encounter this afternoon - I was among the ruins, and another CMDR landed, in an Asp X. I scanned him, and he's Dangerous. I thought 'please don't shoot me' - and he messaged me with a salute, then asked if I knew how to unlock the blueprint and offered to help! I had the blueprint, so we shared the various relics under the healthy covering fire of our two ships, and went on our way. It fair warmed the cockles, that encounter out in the (relatively) middle of nowhere. He's CMDR Spartenio, should anyone come across him. Nice chap.

I went out testing the mining changes, and attempted to find a good place to sell using the in-game tools. I failed. The in-game tools are too arxed-up to do the job. I didn't realize it until today, but none of the new states (like Pirate Attack) are even in the Galaxy Map filters. So even if you know to look for them, you can't. lol.

Then, when you get to a station and check the commodities listing, it will say that there is "high demand in this market, which may mean a good sell price here!" But the prices were low, instead. None of it makes any sense to me.

Anyway, I spent a couple hours on that fruitless task. In the end I gave up and used EDDB to find a price. It was lower than previously, but still much more than I found using the cruddy in-game tools.

I mean, if you're gonna change a feature to make prices shift with states and economies, then you should update the Galaxy Map to include the ability to search for those things, y'know?

Ah well. I still had fun because I like flying spaceships. :D
I have spent a pleasant afternoon inducting a new crew into the joys of sample collecting.i.e.Take one expert fighter,go somewhere where there are molluscs,stick them in a top of the range fighter and tell them to sit still on the perimiter and do nothing until something happens ,whilst i make dinner reservations with the materD.:D Snaps aren't back from the processors yet,but i think i got one nice one.
Finally finished first round of interviews successfuly.I'm not sure any of them will resign at the end of the month when their contracts are up for renegotiation, but at least they have all survived with only the loss of a fighter.(I was at the helm, and inadvertantly boosted head on into a mollusc from less than 150 metres.
Can you engineer fighters?They really are paper thin.Needless to say,much hilarity ensued amongst the crew.But lessons were learnt.I think i need something a little more restrained.
Anyway,they've all had a taste of what is expected of them.And some of the faces made after 'extreme landings' are really rather entertaining.Got to be a bit careful though, i don't want to end up like Flimley's footware. :)


Let's do lunch.

Just Me 'n u.

dress formal.jpg

Dress formal
4 star.jpg

4 star
lets do lunch.jpg

So let's do lunch.

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I'll bring the cheese.We can make a day of it.
I think I've worked out my next "project"; an exploroconda. Could be interesting!
I didn't get an Anaconda for a long time, because:
Everybody seemed to have/want one.
Many, many people said it was poor in supercruise and had a bad view from the cockpit.

Very glad I got one.
It's OK in supercruise, cockpit view not that bad imo.

It's a great long range Explorer.
I'm easily distracted, so sometimes I need to get back to civilisation fast.

Another good point, Exploration ships benefit from top end engineering, but, you'll have less modules to actually engineer.

Edit: Oh, and fit some heatsinks, mistakes happen.;)
Funny you should mention the Anaconda. I've been flying one a lot because I've been playing my alt account, and I only have a couple ships there. The main one is an Anaconda, because it's good at everything.

That said, today I was on my main account, flying the Cutter, and I have to say it was nice. The Cutter isn't quite as versatile as the Anaconda, but I sure do like flying it. And basking. Lots of basking :)

Money shot of me boosting my Cutter past a planetary base (with a hold full of diamonds, of course):

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It'll be interesting to see how far I can make it jump without sacrificing too much.

Heat sink tip appreciated!
This one will take you ~3500 ly on a single tank of fuel without a fuel scoop :)
Jokes aside, you can easily get 70 ly from an explorer conda, with all the bells and whistles. I think my jump Conda is just around 80, but the only module AFAIR is a tiny shield. The cockpit is just sort of 70s Chevy Caprice, with no sunroof, but I wouldn't consider that a "problem" if you don't use VR. And btw. I like a 70s Caprice. The Conda is a BIG ship, so it can be difficult to land on rough surfaces, but I think I've only given up once.
This one will take you ~3500 ly on a single tank of fuel without a fuel scoop :)
Jokes aside, you can easily get 70 ly from an explorer conda, with all the bells and whistles. I think my jump Conda is just around 80, but the only module AFAIR is a tiny shield. The cockpit is just sort of 70s Chevy Caprice, with no sunroof, but I wouldn't consider that a "problem" if you don't use VR. And btw. I like a 70s Caprice. The Conda is a BIG ship, so it can be difficult to land on rough surfaces, but I think I've only given up once.
Ah yes. Landing.
I've nearly binned my Conda a few times 'landing'.🚑🚑🚑

Flight Assist Off, do I need it? It's not that I can't fly FAoff, it just feels much more intuitive flying FAon. I like the motion the "fictive atmosphere" around the ship generates, and I happily accept the thrusters taking care of that. The spaceship doesn't fly like a plane, more like a helicopter in Comanche, and I feel a lot more in control, meaning that even with fixed weapons (why?) I land a lot more dps with FAon. Is it impossible to "git gud" with FAon?

Yesterday I blew up a Mamba simply by overheating it. After fooling around with all the incendiary frags on the T-10, I thought that I had finally found what I was looking for, for the Mamba. I've been a Mamba fanboy since early on, but never really used it for combat. It's fast, but pitch is bad. Lately I've started to boost turn a lot more (why didn't I do that before?) and that helps a lot with the Mamba.

The paint job I got for the ship looks like some sort of 1st WW plane, so incendiary MCs seemed just perfect. Once I had run back and forth between the engineer and the mat traders several times, I got interdicted (sweeet!) by a FDL, and once I got him to the point where he was trying to run, and I was right at his six, keeping the trigger squeezed in a mix of mad rage and awe over all that eye candy, while Verity was shouting "Taking heat damage", I got a glimpse of a lot of smoke and then the Mamba blew up.

I had my PD engineered for engine focus, and only 1 pip to wep, so back to the engineers with that one. I also added a beam with thermal vent, but I don't want lasers on a 1st ww spaceship, and I'm way too concentrated on flying to use heat sinks. Any ideas?
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