1. Barnard17

    BGS capital distance influence tax

    Some minor factions have territory that spans a huge amount of space. With the way that these factions are implemented - native to a system, generally named or representing a specific political party or grouping of that system, it seems weird that the BGS makes no distinction for how the...
  2. Old Duck

    Potential Bug in Mission System

    I've been running missions for [classified], and I've noticed something strange. I took a bunch of passenger missions with the purpose of gaining rep with a new faction, and when I started turning them in, at some point I was being offered more INF that I originally remembered the missions being...
  3. Old Duck

    Felicity Winters and the BGS

    Being pledged and ranked with Felicity Winters offers from 10% up to 100% influence reward in controlled / exploited systems. How does this work with the per-player influence cap? Does it raise that cap, or does it mean a player only needs to do half the number of missions (best case scenario)...
  4. Old Duck

    Noob Questions and Confusion

    I RTFM and am still confused.. So I'll just ask my questions: 1) Is there an influence cap per BGS tick? Is it possible to somehow trigger a NEGATIVE influence by over-'milking' high influence rewards? The last influence mission I turned in showed the faction's influence bar in the red instead...
  5. Lain

    Conflict Zones: What affects the War?

    Conflict Zones: What affects your faction's status in the War? Is it just turning in Combat Bonds at any station where your faction is present, despite who controls the station? Does Winning a Conflict zone net your faction any points towards the War? I've attempted to research into this...
  6. D

    BGS Influence System Issues

    Hello. Our in game minor faction has been experiencing odd % drops in influence despite our entire squadron completing appropriate missions and following system guidelines. We’re concerned that something might be wrong with our BGS system, but are looking for support either way on this situation.
  7. Vurrath

    Investment state and bounties... zero effect?

    do bounties still have a positive effect on the system-authority-job faction's influence, during a investment-state? i did quite a lot in Huiche the other day,.. ---------------- Journal.190210191131.01.log:{ "timestamp":"2019-02-10T16:41:22Z", "event":"RedeemVoucher", "Type":"bounty"...
  8. NewkTV

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS Version 2.0 - 17OCT2018 Guide by: CMDR NewkTV - Founder of The Forgotten Initiative. Reference Links are included. If you would like to download the .pdf, please visit: If you are interested in joining The Forgotten...
  9. ebbrell

    Faction stats view

    Could you introduce a way of showing a faction overview screen. It would be nice to look at a faction and see all the systems they have a presence in along with the current influence levels. Along with the influence percentages show the state and pending state in the system At the moment you...
  10. S

    Manage the influence in the states of war

    Good morning commanders. I wanted to know something about BSG: when a minor faction is at war, can the influence be increased in the other factional systems? I'll explain; when a faction is at war in a system, to increase the influence, then win the war, we must deliver Combat Bond and missiono...
  11. T

    Bug? BGS not updating system faction influence data

    OK, this could get fairly involved so I apologise up front. Also, I have 7000+ hours of ED and am pretty familiar with how BGS works, so this isnt a noob question, I kinda understand what I am talking about. Pleasantries over. For the last 5 days I have been working on and monitoring a dozen...
  12. crashbx

    Wing Missions with High influence option as reward

    Greetings I have suggestion if Fdev could add wing mission rewards with high influence +++++ as reward. Why i am pointing on that, because some of us have pmf in high traffic zone and that would be one way to work together in wing missions for boosting our factions to the point we want and have...
  13. n13L5

    Is gaining INFLUENCE of any use to players who don't care to muck about with the BGS?

    I have so far ignored influence. But I seem to get some small amount with pretty much every mission I turn in... Is there any reason I should care one way or the other? Any practical benefit?
  14. CMDR Nechtain

    Mission influence effects on other systems

    Hi there, I've been trying to bring about a regime change in my chosen system for a few months now, learning as I go along. I have noticed that if a faction gets into a war in one system, it brings about a general drop in that faction's influence across all the systems in which the faction is...
  15. dAlexis

    Beta: Something should be done urgently with log records! No influence info on completion

    OK, here is a sample of mission with selecting addirional influence on completion. Two log records. { "timestamp":"2018-01-27T04:34:34Z", "event":"MissionAccepted", "Faction":"Alliance of BD+47 2112", "Name":"Mission_Courier_Boom", "LocalisedName":"Доставка данных бума"...
  16. C

    3 New Anarchy/Pirate, BGS, C&P ideas to help gameplay

    3 Bullet points that I think will strongly improve both overall gameplay and the BGS with Anarchy style systems. 1 (and 2): Influence and One New Faction Type Anarchy Faction: All ill-gotten and illegal goods are able to be sold to their markets Increasing their influence within the system...
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