1. S

    Odd Stars On Galaxy Map (Unreachable)

    When I first started playing elite I was fascinated by the neutron stars and how you could use them to jump a much further distance then you would normally be able to. I have an interest in space/science stuff and knew the elite dangerous map was created to be as accurate as possible to real...
  2. J

    [Suggestion] Starmap Binary planet distance.

    Hello all, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. While out in the black exploring I've run into an annoyance when it comes to binary planets giving the stat for the semi major axis of it's partner planet, however not it's semi major STELLAR axis. This seems like an annoying little le, however...
  3. Dark4ge

    Additional off screen controls.

    Like many I utilise Roccat's PowerGrid to extend my keyboard controls onto a couple of android devices. This thoroughly adds to immersion and investment in the gameplay. It's only real drawback for me is that it provides no feedback from the game data/conditions. What I would like to suggest...
  4. S

    Material Traders and the Galaxy Map filters

    My suggestions pertain to using the Galaxy Map to find Material Traders. There are two suggestions here that can be implemented separately from each other, but I do strongly recommend implementing both. (1) First, having Material Traders only show up in your in-game Galaxy Map when you...
  5. bigmatt

    VR panels (galaxy & system map, outfitting etc) QoL pass

    I know that VR player base may be limited but for me this is a number one issue that actually stops me from playing ED on a regular basis. After experiencing VR I can't force myself go back to playing on flat screen. But in VR this issue is making me quit after a short while. For me it's nausea...
  6. A

    Ability to turn off star lines in Galaxy Map without disabling jet cone boost - Quality of Life fix

    Please, we have the option to turn off the grid in the Galaxy Map, so can't you add one to turn off the green star lines? When you have a long range ship it becomes a real mess. I can't see the colours of the systems nearby due to all the green lines. I really don't see the purpose in having...
  7. Shadowdancer

    Galaxy map trade feature lacks context and short-term memory

    So in the "I wish I had had more time for beta" section, it feels like the new "commodity finder" feature on the galaxy map is pretty howyadoin'. Trying to find personal weapons, it turns out that the map has very little idea about legality. It will happily show a station where stuff is banned...
  8. n13L5

    Galaxy Map Filters broken in 3.0!?

    Filtered Galaxy Map for "famine" systems. Checking out the pink stars - where the mouse-over pop-up indeed lists them in a state of FAMINE. But when you enter the system map and check through everything, actual states range from "NONE" to "BOOM" to "WAR" instead... How the hell I will find a...
  9. DaddaTheButt

    Is the Galaxy Upside Down?

    (Lord knows I've searched but can't find a 'definitive' answer so, flameproof jacket on, ...) Firstly, yes - there is no 'up/down' in Space but this is in a conceptual 'mapping' context. I play ED with my son and we've been researching Galactic Co-ordinate systems and directional...
  10. S

    Confused in Hollatja

    For a little background: I’m fairly new at ED with around 20 hours play time. Earlier tonight, I took a mission to deliver Boom Data to one system, then in route, a mission update came thru that changed the destination to Poppers Keep in the Hollatja system. A planetary outpost on Hollatja 2. No...
  11. n13L5

    The Bookmark function is broken? Can't create or remove bookmarks at all anymore.

    When in the Galaxy map, the button looks normal, but clicking it does nothing - either to create or delete. When in a System map, the button has the "processing" animation indefinitely - doesn't change after 10 minutes either. Is this a known issue? Is there a work-around / fix? Do I need to...
  12. M

    Parent, Host, and Main Sequence star nomenclature - and a suggestion

    While narrating in my video log 'while doing deep space exploration, I keep wondering how to describe, or name, the (what I call) "Parent Star" - the one about which all other bodies, including secondary stars, in the system orbit. For example, when looking at the system map 'where there are...
  13. Namsel

    Custom bookmark folders in the galaxy map - mockup

    It may be a bit soon, we're not even in Q1 Update yet, but this could be a nice addition for the game once we get the exploration overhaul by the end of the year. I recently made a couple pictures of how I imagine some kind of sorting capabilities for the galmap bookmarks. This would be the...
  14. M

    different bookmark colours

    i think it would be useful if we could have different coloured bookmarks that will have different meanings for us, so you can have the standard blue but have say green for exploring waypoints, red for places you've been just something like that (just the colours not really the reason for them)...
  15. H

    Show/hide discovered systems in galaxy map

    As the title states: It would be cool if i could enter an area while exploring and toggle ON/OFF in the galaxy map to show discovered systems. Even if it was just my own discoveries, it would make it a lot easier to map out an area without running in circles.
  16. C

    I started playing in VR... And now nothing else will do... #VR4Life

    I'm honestly serious here. Visual fidelity of the current VR devices aside. This is it. I wont be able to go back. Even with a beautiful wide screen monitor (That I never thought I would own either) Even with a device that allows my eyes to be tracked, or my heads movement to be transposed onto...
  17. Justinian Octavius

    Pin System to Navigation (Left) Panel System List

    I find I visit a couple of systems regularly so it would be really handy if I could pick a system or two from the Galaxy Map & 'pin' them to the Systems list on the Navigation Panel, clicking on them generates the route from where ever I am. Neowave
  18. Mobediah Jones

    Galaxy map is impossible to navigate with VR

    I was so close to name the thread virtually impossible, but I didn't, and still did. However, I can not for the life of me understand how people using VR navigates the galaxy map. If I know I'll start up ED in VR I have to load ED on normal, know where I am going so I can bookmark everything...
  19. Erimus Kamzel

    [Information] The Galactic Mapping Project & Expedition Hub

    GMP Logo courtesy of Qohen Leth - Video by Obsidian Ant The Galactic Mapping Project is the oldest community project in Elite Dangerous - founded on February 19th 2015, in the wake of the Distant Suns expedition. Although the project is not officially recognised by Frontier, they have on...
  20. Mace

    Elite / Frontier Elite - Avatars

    New Elite Avatars to use hosted on Photobucket:
  21. Rich

    Avatar or no Avatar?

    Should Elite: Dangerous include a player avatar that can walk around the ship and enter spaceports etc..?
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