1. A

    Putting bounty on real player who have killed you

    It would be nice, if you could put a bounty with your in game money on other players who killed you. The amount would be of the players choosing. If I like to have this person killed for 500 million it should be possible. Some people like me are traders. What do we have? Money. What can we get...
  2. T

    [PVP] Gunship vs Krait MK II - Close Encounters of the Krait Kind

    Source: Source: https://youtu.be/QgN3WgO_hOE Challenged CMDR MTPoket to a 1v1. The Krait MK II has a reputation of being one of the strongest 1v1 ships in the game right now. With it's excellent balance of firepower and defenses, the Krait is one mean beast. MT did not disappoint! Is the...
  3. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    C&P Is A Joke

    No wonder people turn off crimes! I accidentally left mine on, in Shinrarta Dezhra, and promptly got attacked by a load of people. Security show up, eventually, and proceed to try to scan me first. Then kinda just floated about, trying to scan all the other ships, which are all going pretty...
  4. Fuego Estelar


    Hi folks. Today´s video compilation contains combats at the ruins surface and also at deep space, hope you like it!!! There are plasmas, explosions, hard landings, archeology, etc!!! Feel free to comment, subscribe, ask thing, etc Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WklqicQaprc
  5. Tolmir

    Wanderers of Witch Space friendly PvP

    We decided to make this event finish after a certain amount of time instead of having multiple rounds just to see how it worked out, I think we're going to back to doing it in rounds after but here is the event. The Wanderers of Witch Space hold weekly PvP events for all members so if you're...
  6. Fuego Estelar

    PvP Big Battle in Deciat, freeing Farseer Inc from terrorists

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSoh2EwC6Ks Feel free to comment, etc Hope you like it!!!
  7. F

    PvP Jingle, Jango, Deado!

    Hope you all enjoy the newest chapter in MEGA's continued dominance over the META! This video was inspired by my muse, Yuro's: "Rekt-Xington" A great, many thanks go out to this guy for giving me the idea to make my video! - - - As always, the main build used in this video will be linked...
  8. F

    PvP "Mode > Easy's" Debut in an Un-engineered PVP Tournament.

    💀 I was invited to take part in Oblivion Fleet's Un-engineered PVP tournament. 💀 The requirements were the following: (IE: what most actual PVP tournaments should look like.) Take Notes META pilots. GG's go out to all CMDRs who took part and competed in this tournament. Special thanks go out...
  9. P

    [EMPIRE] Imperial Wraith Battalion is looking for new members!

    A brand new squadron the Imperial Wraith Battalion [IWBT] is looking for members that are loyal to the Empire and have over 50 hours on Elite. If you want to join you will have to go to this discord link and fill out all the requirements! I am currently the only member but I am hoping I can find...
  10. C

    hi we are a mercenary sqaudron lookinf for members

    Hello, I’m Cigey! I want to introduce you to a mercenary faction focused on providing relevant services in exchange for credits, commodities, and favors. We need an intel division as well as a pvp strike team leader. If interested join: https://discord.gg/drTWsNg
  11. Evil Flanker

    [EMPIRE] = A.W.O = Looking for members.

    -= A.W.O =- -= Arissa's Warrior Outlaws • AWO Squadron [AWOS] =- • Dedicated to serving the greater good of Arissa Lavigny-Duval. • Powerplay • Combat • PvP • PvE • ALD • Recruiting combat players now • Contact on Discord - https://discord.gg/gnPyUxY
  12. Alerta Antifa

    A Dedicated PVP (consensual) Leaderboard(s).

    PVP...Pretty Very Pointless, no reason to bother, except for the added fun of going one to one with an actual human. But in game there are no real rewards. So, we have squadrons already, the coding is already there. So why not a dedicated, opt in, PVP leaderboard(s)? You opt in as a solo CMDR...
  13. F

    PvP "That's now how Seekers work!" CMDR Rammius007 vs. FalterXV89

    Two hull tank pilots with each having a class 1 Seeker mount and no "anti-missile defense." Guess which pilot loses? I'll give you a hint, it's the guy who thinks that a scramble laser and seeker rack hard counter a hull tank. GG's to all CMDRs involved. Fly safe out there!
  14. Gaarp Kobayashi

    PvP Calling out all PvPers!

    My fellow Commanders, Elite Dangerous is a sandbox. True? True! We got our toys to play with. True? True! It's totally up to us how to have fun with them. True? True! Blaze your won trail they say: ...so why it is different with PvP?? I see tons of posts here from bored PvPers stating there...
  15. F

    The Ravenwing Marauders vs. The 13th Legion

    Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yawVOXoj-Qs&t= 💀 A 5 vs. 3 wing fight in Eravate, following the 13th Legion losing a 3v3 and attempting to revenge gank me after their CMDR CW3040 died to us twice. Build below: https://s.orbis.zone/15za - - - GG's to my wing's CMDR's: CMDR R...
  16. T

    PvP Don't tell me the odds - Elite Dangerous PvP

    Ravenwing Marauders vs The Galaxy Part One Enjoy bois! Source: https://youtu.be/E3V3OVEE95o
  17. TheInfamousFryCarson

    Voice Comms Etiquette Community Agreement Concept

    Yes. I made a title. I'm not sure how common utilizing the in-game voice-comms is on other platforms, I know on PS4 people prefer the PSN voice parties in my circles, maybe PC is different usage rate wise. A point. I had a point. An issue in Elite: Dangerous is the difficulty in quickly...
  18. F

    PvP Team [Pause] Gunship

    Team [Pause] Gunship: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixg6HRqrVRQ&t= This video was inspired by Yuro's: Team[Pause]Player Main Build in the Video: https://s.orbis.zone/2plm (Secondary build runs a Medium Fuel Slug Railgun, and a Retributor Beam with Thermal Vent.) GG's to all the...
  19. Valyn Arvis

    [EMPIRE] Join Lavigny's Legion, the Emperor's personal guard!

    Welcome, citizen or soon to be citizen of the Empire. We, Lavigny's Legion, are recruiting. Every loyal son or daugther of the Empire is welcome to join our ranks. Who are we? We are the houseguards of the Lavigny's, one of the most important imperial senatorial dynasties, and as such also the...
  20. Hellfire85

    [FEDERATION] The 44th is once again, open for recruitment!

    Hello fellow pilots! The 44th Vulture Syndicate, based in LHS 317 is once again open to receive applications. For those interested and not aware of what the 44th is, we are a Federal Squadron specialized in flying the Vulture for most of our engagements. We are PvP focused but since we call...


    I am curious , because today once again , I had a individual who chose to log on me after I engaged with him. It's simple , if you don't want to fight players , don't play in open , which in my opinion , is ruining the game. But on to the point here, I have studied the code of conduct in the...
  22. E

    [INDEPENDENT] [AOD] Angels of Death | Multi-Game Clan with Over 3000 Members | PvE, BGS (In-Game Faction), PvP (No Murder / Griefing)

    ANGELS OF DEATH -- GAME WITH HONOR AND PURPOSE -- The Angels of Death, based out of 40 Ceti at Pailes Enterprises, acts as an independent organization focused on the mutual prosperity of its members through many types of game play. Our clan has withstood the test of time, existing proudly...
  23. Duck & Jenny

    Can someone explain this to me?!?

    WHY do I need to deploy hardpoints to use my KWS and wake scanners? This irritates me to no end for multiple reasons. First, if a person is dumb and not paying attention (sheepishly raises hands), it's very easy to accidentally shoot the person you are trying to scan, you know, if the triggers...
  24. Old Duck

    PSA: I won't kill you!

    I'm just a cat playing with a mouse. I may bat you around a bit, but I won't kill you. UNLESS You are wanted or work for a hostile power, so keep your nose clean! Of course it's always best to take the Doctor's advice - RUN!!! After all, it may not be me smacking you around with his paw :D
  25. D

    PvP Distant Gankers greet FleetComm defence (IDA)

  26. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP 'Mid-Air' Rescue! (DG2)

    I encounter a distress wing invite from a Fleetcomm CMDR, to discover; to my horror, that he was helpless, in freefall. I decide to heroically save him, and ship him back to the comfort of the station. Z0. https://youtu.be/R0qmBI4uaio


    Hi guys , its Vampire .. I would like to tell you guys about a major fundamental flaw in the game regarding combat rank. When it comes to combat , you have three different types. Most people think there is two but how I see it in this game there are three. The first one is when a commander...
  28. L

    PvP Need help - Fer-de-Lance build

    I need a PvP Fer-de-Lance weapon build for assassinating single targets. My current loadout is the following: 4xC2 Torpedo launchers with reverberating cascade 1xC4 Plasma accelerator This build is very effective for PvE assassination missions, as almost every ship loses its shields when hit...
  29. R

    Anyone playing PvP from about 24:00 GMT on?

    Hello CMDRS, How is everyone. I am looking for comrades and enemies alike. I play these hours often but either dont instance with players or am in a bad spot. Will Travel. Will Fight. Will learn. Am part of a group who is chaotic good, so i dont gank or grief, but if you need an ally to fight...
  30. Lateralus

    [Proposal] A solution to meaningful PvP: Squadron Warfare

    A propsoal to provide meaningful PvP So the open vs solo/private group argument has continued to rumble on and on and has so far shown no sign of abating. What has become clear is that the PvE community generally do not react well to the prospect of having an existing part of the game changed...
  31. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] New galaxy map overlay categories: Traffic volume & Risk level

    In a game where players are distributed fairly thinly across a gigantic play area, we need a way of determining where most players are (for lawful and outlaw purposes). This would result in more organic PvP scenarios which can currently be very hard to find unless you go to a CG, which can get...
  32. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP The Bug Exploiting of FleetComm.

    Blocking Exploit in Elite: Dangerous Links to evidence below. All reference to names have been covered to prevent naming and shaming. I recently made a post referring to the current block exploit circulating in Elite: Dangerous, on the Frontier Forums. It was immediately brigaded by members of...
  33. G

    Police/bounty hunting gameplay enhancements

    Had an idea after seeing how easy and unpunished murdering feels in ED. To stimulate pvp, the possibility to work with the system factions with a structured way of enforcing the law better than the current bounty hunting system based only on scanning. A new profession to have fun which...
  34. Swizzy o7o7

    Material Grind Solution!!! Player's Drop Engineering Materials!

    With the recent 'Distant Ganks 2' expedition; a lot of CMDR's have been dying. >2,000 CMDR's dead, which is one for each of the "defense force conda's" that don't exist. I have the solution to the engineering material grind! Let us reap materials from player ships, just as we would for...
  35. Swizzy o7o7

    The Combat Logging Compromise. (FDEV Please Read.)

    Combat logging (Via Task-kill) has existed in Elite, without punishment since launch. If you do not know what combat logging is, or understand its implications on the game, and community, please see Rinzler o7o7o7's post(s) regarding it (at the bottom of this post.) Now, since there is no...
  36. G

    FD utter failure: engineering brought to an excess

    Watching a video of gankers killing explorers in one, two volleys of cannons. I like pvp, but this is not pvp, this is a click once to win mechanic. Thinking how beautiful and fun this game is and how hard developers failed in balancing attack and defense. I want everyone to play in open, but...
  37. A

    PvP An apology in advance

    I was once a peaceful cmdr Who treated both sides alike When this expedition started that night You could say I was "excite" But then the tension begun with ships blown up for fun. In open no less, a place of jest, for all to play the way they want while I stood at the sides to watch Then...
  38. T

    Ships Alliance Cheftian Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with the final of the Alliance ships. Whats weird is this was the first yet it was the last one I went over. Hopefully you all found this video enjoyable and useful. Please tell me down below in the youtube comments what you think of my build and what you do with yours...
  39. T

    Ships Krait Phantom Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with my combat Phantom. I've enjoyed this ship a lot and I'm still in the process of working on it. Its kind of different than the MK II but similar. Tell me down below in the youtube video what your outfit for the phantom is or what you guys think of mine. Enjoy! :)...
  40. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    PvP Questions On the Kraits.. Mostly the Phantom

    I am just now using them for PVP..I am really liking the phantom. However I don't quite see where this ships will perform at their respective peaks. I find getting the right balance of resistances and raw MJ's hard on these ships without having massive recharge times and what feels like to me...
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