1. DMC831

    C & P: Hunting down CMDRs with high notoriety

    I know crime and punishment is being tweaked further, but I was thinking back to when i used to play a text-based MUD in the 90s that allowed unlimited PVP and stuck to roleplay as much as possible, and the ways we could self-police other players causing trouble. In that game (also a huge open...

    Objective Based CQC

    CQC might be more popular if there where maps where you complete a simple objective. something like one team defends a reactor core and the other team tries to destroy it. or having 2 capital ships duking it out and you fly the fighters trying to disable the enemy ship or destroy all its...
  3. Blight Born

    Spontaneous PvP Story

    TL;DR: Not everyone in Open are giant piles of lint bags. Some faction wingmates and I decided to do some Bounty Hunting in the local Haz Res in Eravate, which at the time was the meeting point as all 4 of us were spread out over the galaxy. We decided to go to Open, more of a convenience...
  4. Dread Quixadhal

    How about a new Powerplay mode?

    What if we had a Powerplay mode where you can only attack or be attacked by people who have pledged to a power other than your own? My biggest issue with moving Powerplay to Open is the gankers and griefers who don't care about Powerplay at all, but just want to go after the easy target of a...
  5. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord https://discord.gg/01208H0qcjUPFPbm6 The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  6. Audaxxx

    Why can't we just have a separate BGS/server for each mode?

    What is the barrier preventing Fdev from having separate servers for each mode? Is it just too much work? I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. It seems to me this would keep both sides happy but maybe i'm missing something.
  7. Swizzy o7o7

    Exploration Build Please!

    Hi, commanders. I need help to build an Asp that can do exploration, but also light trading! I will be playing in Open Mode. Thanks, o7
  8. Swizzy o7o7

    Newcomer / Intro Asp Exploration Build Advice Please!

    Hi, there. I'm new to the game, and I want to build an Asp that I can play Elite: Dangerous with. I want to be able to do exploration, but also trading. I will be playing in open mode. Thanks commanders! o7 [yesnod]
  9. CaptainCaboose

    Modes Obligatory "Merge solo, open, private groups" thread

    Morning Cmdr's! I'm sure this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find it(didn't look because I'm at work) and wanted your thoughts. With Squadrons coming up, I thought it was time to revisit this idea. The long-short of it is that, if FD could enable PVP flagging, there wouldn't be a...
  10. T

    Engineers Emmisive. Broken.

    Just a quick issue i'd like to raise concerning emmisive rounds. Every other effect has a very short timer, why is it that emmisive lasts for pushing 25/30 seconds? This effect as it stands breaks any sort of SR builds any player can come up with. Now im not saying its a bad effect here, but it...
  11. M

    Evasion (Flight Assist Off)

    A few weeks ago, Commander Yamato2012 posted his combat footage from the PvP Hub finals. It was an incredible piece of flying that reminded me that I still have a long way to go in order to get the most out of my ship. Hence, I did what every good pilot does: I try to blatantly rip off his...
  12. C

    Balancing Hulls vis a vis Shields (and making the shield meta less dominant vis a vis hull tanks)

    I think that it’s not a matter of debate that there is significant imbalance between Hull and Shields in this game; Shields are far more important in comparison to Hull for ships, which is detrimental for ships which rely on high hull strength for their survivability. Therefore, I (using the...
  13. R

    PvP Concept: Championship in Pirating

    Hey everyone! So I've been searching for something fun to do in game lately and came up with an idea of organising a small event. But before I begin - I'm not a real-tru-hardcore pvp player so I need some advice and what I'll write below is just a concept, still open for changes. Pirate...
  14. T

    Engineers Shield Booster rebanlancing/Speacial effects more speacialised to dealing with shields

    So 3.0 is out and a new set of engineering conundrums appears.. It seems though under the new engineering system the shield boosters provide disproportionate bonus' when compared to HRP's, Is it possible to have boosters work on a diminishing return basis? I'm not saying shields should be...
  15. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] CQC : Duel mode

    So CQC has been struggling to attract players for some time now right.. why is this? Here's what I think the problems are: 1. It detracts from in-game progress Because of the huge grind walls in Elite, many players feel as though if they are not working towards their goals, they are wasting...
  16. R

    Hazardous substance detected, without Thargoid fight.

    Hi there, I did a PvP fight in a conflict zone. All of a sudden I got the message "hazardous Substance Detected" and soon my internal moduels started to melt. Shields were up throug out the entire fight. So are there player or human npc weapons that can cause this effect? As I said in the...
  17. Kari

    PvP Masters of escapes!

    I hate combat logging. In all games. I always fight until the end :) Combat logging = no skills, no spine, no reason .. always lose. Death is honorable ending of pvp, retreat is tactic and winning is satisfying reward.. i've never had a draw :) So .. enough of combat logging - that's why i...
  18. Adamfox

    PvP PvP build advice needed - Thermal Cascade

    Hi all, was just looking for some build advice, specifically PvP. Got bored with my other ships and am building a type 10 for some PvP combat. (Yeah I know, slow as hell....but that canopy view in vr....) Anyway, I've decided to try LR Cannons (for the increased shot speed) 5 of them...
  19. K

    Dangerous Optional Trade Missions And Non Greifing Piracy Via Private Group Mission MatchMaking

    Offer players playing in Open play the opportunity to accept Dangerous trade missions where there is a high chance a player pirate will be sent to stop you from delivering your cargo but the reward for completing the mission is double the usual payout Pirate players accept the High Value...
  20. K

    Bounty Hunting Intelligence Network

    In systems you are wanted people can access an intelligence network in stations that constantly reveals your exact location for 10 minutes. - After use the game informs the player that he is being hunted and shows a timer until he has evaded the intelligence network. - Intelligence network...
  21. Riverside

    Reducing the Combat vs Non-Combat Optimal Build Gap

    One of the issues regularly seen is that of the ganked ship being destroyed in seconds, another is that PvP battles take too long. Both of these common complaints boil down to optimised combat builds being so tough that it's affecting how enjoyable combat can be. Now with the ganked ship that...
  22. Lateralus

    PvP [Video] Return of The Code? We never left..

    Reports of The Code's inactivity over the last year or so is fake news: https://youtu.be/uM6Li7RGDCI
  23. R

    PvP Optimal shield resistance mix for PvP (FDL)

    Hey there, currently I want to upgrade my shields + booster for my combat PvP FDL. As far as I know there are two ways to go: either high resistance with bi-weave shields + resistance boosters or high shield capacity with for example prisamtic shields + heavy duty and so on. What I can't realy...
  24. Igneel Prime

    Suggestion for a PvP squadron mechanic

    I noticed that a fairly large number of people would enjoy the game more if there was a better PvP mechanic. So here's my suggestion on it including the already known to come out feature of Squadrons. As far as I understand it squadrons are planned to be some form of player faction. I know and...
  25. Riverside

    Meaningful PvP Proposal

    A regular complaint justifiably levelled at ED is that there is no 'meaningful' PvP, it has no effect on the BGS, combat ranks etc. It cannot, because the idea of effecting change via PvP is incompatable with the instancing filters (blocklist and solo/group modes). The aim of this proposal is to...

    What are you commanders using on your PvP Chieftain?

    Also, do you guys think it could be a fun pirate ship? Manly PvP pirating, and not the butthole pirate that shoots on site, but the ones that are gentlemen .
  27. Astley Tiberius

    The 10th Legion

    Greetings Commanders, I speak on behalf of the 10th Legion in an effort to convince you to join our ranks and fight for the glory of the Empire! Who are we? The 10th Legion is currently a small Imperial faction however its leadership and majority of membership hail from a once great group of...
  28. D

    Player rescue/salvage to reduce your rebuy

    You've bitten off more than you can chew in an RES, or CMDR GankyMcSpanky has yanked you and killed you, or you ran into a Neutron star, or a pirate killed you in a fit of spite. So, to the rebuy screen you go. What if, at the rebuy, there's an option that says "Wait X minutes for rescue"...
  29. C

    The Helix Corp

    We at the Helix Corporation are looking to take on new recruits to aid the progression of becoming a player faction aimed a Exploration, Guardian and Thargoid Research, Trading and Combat. We are an Independent Group that seeks progression and advancement of the players under us. Rookies and...
  30. V

    Suggested Powerplay tweak

    Powerplay, as far as I understand, is a system that encourages player interaction and competition, by grouping players to different powers with opposing agenda. However, in the current state, maybe there is some room for improvement in this system. It has potential in my opinion, but it will...
  31. M

    PvP The Savior of Momoirent

    On February 17, 3304, the Momoirent System came under attack by a squadron of the Screaming Eagles piracy group. Over the course of several hours, Traders from all over the bubble found themselves at the mercy of these intrepid pirates. All seemed lost until the Saviour of Momoirent appeared...
  32. Ramsey Sparrow

    ++ Duel System ++ PvP vs C&P

    A suggestion to create a lawful duel system as a solution to issues concerning consensual PvP within new C&P system. Anyone who played ED for longer than they should care to admit, please feel free to trash this idea with constructive criticism if it can't work, add to it, modify or express...
  33. A

    Rework Player Death & Rebuy (PvP & NPC Ship Combat Only)

    I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring for suggestions to make Elite a better experience for players in both Open and Solo play environments by adding an element of player agency to the death mechanic that can at times be, in my experience, extremely unforgiving and cavalier with a players time...
  34. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] Change CQC rank to a general PvP rank

    A simple one really, why not change the red CQC rank to a general PvP rank that also progresses in the main game as well as CQC? CQC already has it's own self-contained level-rank system, does it really need two? It would be a great way to make this rank bar relevant again and be a nice change...
  35. R

    PvP Viable missile ship for pvp?

    Im gettting back into the pvp oriented aspects of this game and i was wondering if any ships pair well with missiles and or pack hound missiles?
  36. Zcorruption

    Inter solar system extended story driven missions

    So we've probably all seen the chain missions pop up from time to time. Youve completed your kill 6 pirates and a mission critical message pops saying theres a mission to go kill the pirate lord. The same thing sometimes happens when you donate money to a minor faction and i kind of like the...
  37. C

    PvP 1 vs Wing load out.

    So as a "whiteknighter" I invariably end up fighting against a wing which is a huge amount of furball fun so running is not an option. The opposition is extremely varied so the load out has to be multipurpose. After reading Truesilvers post I experimented with gimballed weapons and it...
  38. FH DIP

    Global Increase to Total Ammo

    Pretty self-explanatory, IMO every weapon should have a larger pool of ammunition in reserve. I'm thinking somewhere between 25%-50% increase, probably less for missile racks (torpedoes should be unaffected). For the most part my reasoning comes from having run out of ammo in nearly every...
  39. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay: PvP Kills should be recorded & medals awarded for

    With Beyond Powerplay is getting its own Bounty system. As such, it may allow another way to encourage player participation in PvP, namely by recording the number of enemy kills Commanders clock up and for their Power to award them with medals or rank stripes at certain numbers of confirmed...
  40. Baba_Ghannoush

    PvP My First PvP Kill!

    It's been a long road, with much grinding and engineering and gnashing of teeth, but it finally paid off today, after a fashion. My PvE Anaconda got blown up twice today as I tried to dock at George Lucas station (first by a suicide-eagle, second by a group of FDL jocks), so I took out my...
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