ANNOUNCEMENT 2.2 Your Input Needed - Passenger Tourist Destinations

Old Herbigs

Are destinations still taken from here?

I found a couple of Herbig class stars orbitting a huge B class, the interesting thing is the Herbigs are 154 million years old - tough to find any over 10 million years old so I guess they might be record-breakers?

Link to image (I couldn't get image posting to work):

Suggested name for location: Old Herbigs
Tiny but incredibly dense, Herbig stars are some of the rarer in the galaxy, these two are particularly special being amongst the oldest of their class - our time to enjoy them may soon be at an end but they blaze on indifferently.
Discoverer: Commander Rolandde

Merry Christmas commanders
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Here's my submission:

Location Name: Blue Dream (Bubble Sector LX-T b3-1; 1 a; -32.8168/15.0452)
Description: This expansive field of fungal spores hides under a dreamlike night sky in this well-hidden canyon.
Discoverers: Cmdr McJamz, Cmdr Kaz Archer

Here's my submission:

Location Name: Blue Dream (Bubble Sector LX-T b3-1; 1 a; -32.8168/15.0452)

Nice find. I am afraid that FD is not using these locations anymore, but I would consider re-posting it in this thread

(read the rules, they are bit different, but in my opinion it is worth doing as it would be a good addition to already existing in this system features :)
When did they say that? I

It is the other way around, Michael who asked for the destination initially never said gimme more. And he is no longer working on Elite. So until someone from FD asks for new destinations I am pretty sure this is on hold. I am waiting for it to happen, I have plenty fantastic places I would love to share :)
Is this still worth contributing to?

Oh well, here I go...

Ariel in Sol has some of the most dangerous randomly tight canyons I've seen in the bubble. Picking a path through the peaks and valleys at speed requires split second on-the-fly route planning and amazing reflexes...

Check out the coords in the video, it should be a surface waypoint please. :)

The flavour text could read:

CMDR Ashenfox hints at the existence of an illegal racing club which meets in the canyons of Ariel for 'Last man standing' style canyon races. The high speed machine of many a distracted racer contributed to the craters surrounding these valleys, and used escape pods litter certain areas. Run these canyons entirely at your own risk and check your insurance papers are up to date beforehand.

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So i found this amazing system, it made me gasp when i saw it.
System: Egnaix XJ-Z e30

This trip i had a few moments where i almost dropped inside of stars almost having a heart attack.
But this system made the whole trip worth it.

This planet is orbiting a neutron star and has vibrant purple and pink clouds.
The clouds also has some amazing details.
You can also find all the materials for FSD injections in this system.


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Double-ring System in Hawking's Gap

Location: Thailooe EF-M C9-3 B 3
CMDR: vegtabill

Gorgeous double-ring system in Hawking's Gap. The outer radius of the outer ring is just under 1.8 million km. Awesome view from the third moon (3c).


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Is this submission thread still active? I mean do we have an official note if they still put in game tourist beacons?
My understanding is that it's been put on hold. But I still check this thread out for cool places to go and I figure there must be at least a few others who do the same. Sure, there's the screenshot thread, but there you have holo-me pics, ship pics, combat pics, thargoid pics, and so on. If you're just looking for locations to visit this seems to be the go-to thread.

Anyway, that's why I posted here last night. That, and also to have this location recorded just in case they do start using this again. Just in case. You never know.
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