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Trending: Commander protests against Frontier's ineffectiveness at dealing with cheats ... by cheating ... and promptly gets banned! Errr, 1-0 to Frontier or is it all a little bit more complicated than that? ;)

Edit: as I listen to the interview with the commander in question I come to appreciate that he's one of the most calm, considered and reasonable voices I've ever listened to on the subject and that my glib 1-0 comment above is unfair. Total respect to the guy. Frontier? By simply banning the guy you just scored an own goal!

Edit: and now it transpires he's been cheating for ages before his Beluga stunt, which kinda changes everything (again). Think I'll stick to reporting on new Isinona videos, races, expeditions and epic tales of derring do from now on.
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Trending: strong suggestion that FD are (will be?) working on NPC SRVs! o_O (aka: See Frontier? See how even a teensy bit of info goes a long way in encouraging positive discussion about what you are working on rather than negative discussion about what you're not working on! ;))
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Today's my last day before a 10 day holiday. Before I go I'd like to showcase two new videos, both demonstrations of piloting skills honed and perfected over time but from two utterly different disciplines.

First off, another in the series from Cmdr David187 where he valiantly takes on the best commanders in Elite Dangerous in 1-on-1 PvP battles. This week it's the infamous Harry Potter.


And secondly, a new submission from the reigning champion of the Pomeche Ridge challenge (linked in my signature), the galaxy's most testing SRV race. The challenge involves driving some 50+ kilometres along one of the ridges of the legendary ice world of Pomeche 2C. As with the above this seems almost leisurely but that belies the supreme levels of skill and dedication which have gone into achieving this level of perfection.


I would like to dedicate this post to all those commanders who have devoted their time and effort to honing their skills in the Elite: Dangerous universe.


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Issue 22 of Sagittarius Eye is out:

Woo hoo! Just catching a brief window of wifi here ... have I missed anything else? (doesn't seem so apart from Sag Eye getting their asteroid base).
Added the "Holdstock Report" to the "mysterious things and lore section". This is an incredibly detailed history of the galaxy from the Children of Raxxla and, although it comes with a Raxxla/Club galactic conspiracy spin, is based on extensive research of the Elite history tourist beacons, Galnet and other sources of authorised fiction.
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