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Trending: as Nick mentioned, the April update patch notes thread plus a discussion on drag munitions which seems to be a hot topic in the PvP community at the moment.

Also, I've added a link in the VR section to a pretty good "Best HMD for Elite" thread I stumbled across recently.
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Trending: As Lightspeed has quite rightly pointed out, Isinona (the godfather of Elite: Dangerous story telling videos) is truly back and now has a Patreon page where you can sponsor his efforts to make 2 new videos a month. Also - there's a post April update "known issues" list which makes for quite interesting reading.
Trending: April patch notes (sorry, bit late with that one), Pilots Federation rescues stranded commander, DW2 draws to a close (but FGPE rolls on) and absent forum contributors remembered.
Patch aimed for next Tuesday the 14th May.
Added "Sol - nearest interesting star systems" list (from hozbase "Elite Dangerous Utilities" website) to the "misc' other useful and/or interesting links" section.

Also - been a bit slack on this but I've added a link the DW2 "Epilogue" thread to the end of my Distant Worlds 2 section.
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Ever since the move to the new forums I've noticed that old links which point to a specific post within a thread aren't being correctly redirected to that specific post within the new forum and are instead being sent to the first post of the thread.

I've written a 'sed' command line to correct this and have now run the contents of post #2 through this so all the links should now point to the correct place.

If anyone else is curious about fixing these broken redirect links (and I'm also going to "report" this post so the mod's get to see it) and is familiar with the linux 'sed' command then I'll share my command below in case you want to fix your own threads. Basically what you need to do is edit your post containing the broken links, copy and paste the source BB code into a text file, 'cat' the file through my 'sed' command into another file, and then copy and paste the contents of that second file back over the top of your original forum post and save it again.

sed -e '
Trending: an astonishing assortment of mountain ranges

Also: I've added Cmdr Mach1ne's wonderful "Welcome to the Club" video to the "screenshots and video and songs section".
I've added the tale of @JonathanBurnage and crew's extraordinary journey down to a system 3,393 light years below the galactic plane to the Epic Tales of Derring Do section. I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologise to Cmdr Burnage for taking so long to make this update. I'm not sure which required more perseverance ... making that journey or patiently asking me every week or so whether I'd done it yet.

At least I managed to finally make the update before somebody else broke the record! (I assume?) 😬

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