Concise list of simple, useful Quality of Life/HUD Suggestions

Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed)

I'm going to be posting a few threads today of suggestions I have made on Reddit and Twitter, as I've been advised that this is where they're most likely to be seen. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible as I don't want to waste anyone's time. I absolutely love Elite, and my mind is constantly bristling with new ideas and suggestions. I hope that you like them.

1. Wing Beacon should be on by default. There's is no reason it should ever really be off, it's never not useful. At least let us choose the default.

2. "SPEEDING" should take priority over "HOSTILE" in the bottom right corner. Knowing that you're in hostile PP territory is pretty pointless in all honesty.

3. We need to be able to yaw (in mid-air) in SRV's. I don't understand why we can't. The Scarab looks physically capable of it, and it would make driving SO much more fun and fluid.

4. Being able to use a heatsink while launching from a damaged starport would be very useful, but this is a less important request.

5. The ability to cancel a launch when transferring to surface or turning the landing platform around. I always realise that I forgot something just as I hit "Launch".

6. Show some Mission Details in the galaxy map. I posted this months ago but it's still a problem. Why can't I see which mission is in a system while in Galaxy Map? I shouldn't have to keep switching to the Transactions screen.

7. Show the Security of a system in the little info panel in the galaxy map. No reason not to.

8. Show what system a mission is in within the Transaction screen without having to open the mission and scroll down. Also allow us to sort the transaction screen by System, Mission Type, Time Left etc.

9. Add a permanent HUD indicator that shows whether you're in Standard or Alternate controls. I know that it flashes up for a second, but there should be a little A or S somewhere on your screen.

10. Move the "IMPACT" warning to somewhere more prevalent, like where "SLOW DOWN" appears. A lot of the time, I don't even notice.

11. Add in some kind of reward for repairing/refuelling NPC ships in Distress Calls or Weapons Fired USS. It's ridiculous that they just fly away without even a thank you.

12. Let us filter Passenger Missions by Sightseeing, A - B, and Data Collection.

13. Add a HUD indicator for your Ship Lights so I know if they're on or not.

14. Either add racks that can fit scanners and docking computers without wasting a class 4 slot on a class 1 module, or add autodocking as a feature to all ships that you can toggle on or off, OR let us request a "Tug Limpet" from the station. It could cost a few credits, maybe 200cr, and it would act like autodocking.

And finally 15. Please add a Queue system to manual docking. It's been suggested many times, because it's a good idea. Please implement it.
Since replies are all they look for here is mine.

1. Dont know what it is but sure toggles are nice.
2. Sure, though i ignore both anyway.
3. Lets add ton hawks tricks to it as well, i could see it being good.
4. How about they just vent that star port a bit more so we have less heat than the suns damn corona (you know what would actually happen if we had a fire in space), but yes would be nice.
5. Id suggest just moving the launch button to after you already "return to surface". but yes more communication options with the station in general and maybe a few hotkeys (could use then with voice) so i don't have to go through a menu would be nice.
6. Yes, information Appears on one screen but not another always annoying would rather have more information displayed period like station type on the main hud etc.
7. yes, same reaons
8. Yes and add a filter for missions when you accept them by destination. nice qol improvement.
9. Yes, annoying little thing that.
10. Yes, its way to inconspicuous.
11. Yes, but it was such a nice way to break my immersion.
12. And destination, and number and just more filters in general?
13. Sure.
14. Or add autopilot so i can grab a bite to eat, but yeah why would a docking computer that my phone could do today take a literal ton of class 4 module space, and why am i unable to use the remainder for a smaller module.
15. Yes that way I would be at fault for hitting the npc ship that decided to stop in front of me. A great and probably simple idea that even i could code. literally would be something like
add delay timer 1000
puts> message dock when ready commander
12: We need more filters than those, also filters for missions with rewards doesn´t work as filters like "legal, illegal, combat...etc." you still see other missions without rewards. Also filter for outfiting - storage, because it´s now like searching for needle in haystack.

What i want to have in elite is some kind of loadout tool for ships that we can save re-outfit ship from combat to transport is "Pain in the asp"! And also transport that loadout in cargo bay and have cargo storage at stations so we can keep commodities from missions at stations and transport them later in larger ships.
All top ideas. I do like this suggestion in particular ...
8. Show what system a mission is in within the Transaction screen without having to open the mission and scroll down. Also allow us to sort the transaction screen by System, Mission Type, Time Left etc.
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