Halloween Two Sentence Horror Competition

The commander took off with his curious passangers to visit Thor's Eye. Wouldn't he have tried to save money and had foregone his regular ship maintenance - they would not have ended like this: compressed to a spot of dense matter in the heart of the black hole.
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"Tower this is Delacy BL1P, requestion automated docking permission".
'Stanby Delacy BL1P for Incoming Galactic Wide transmission...' "SERVERS CLOSE DOWN FOREVER IN 15MINS"
From the canopy of his melting Eagle, Jack saw a tortured landscape. Scorched fangs of rock jutted up into the vacuum, rivers of lava poured from mountains cauled in a blue Cherenkov glow, the blinding streamer of the quasar curled above it all, and a naked man walked towards him, smiling.
The ship's AI suddenly malfunctioned causing the navigation system to go haywire, CMDR OOOHNOOO tried to regain control of the vessel, but it was too late. He watched in horror the ship spinning out of control, its hull cracking and shattering under the strain.
In the inky depths of space, a lone pilot drifted through the wreckage of a celestial graveyard, the remnants of countless ships whispering tales of interstellar tragedies. A haunting distress signal echoed through the void, leading the pilot to a derelict vessel where the only signs of life were the flickering screens replaying the final moments of a doomed crew's descent into madness, but where were the bodies?
The shrill noise pierced the darkness, a sort of animalistic scream, and then it was gone, and in that silence, I steadied my weapon, and waited for the assault to begin

They are coming...
Cutting the panel and activating the airlock the weary commander entered the old, empty settlement. They cast their light about into the shadows of the old, empty warehouse and saw, there was nothing in it...
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