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Name:Far oasis
Game map search ref:Pyraea Euq ZK-P d5-0
Description:This system is located in the middle of the Abyss, along a route that only the most dedicated explorers can follow.
Reaching it requires many extremely long-range jumps, often of 100+ light-years.
Yet, reaching it feels like reaching an oasis after crossing a desert.
This systems sports:
  • 3 earth-like worlds
  • 2 water worlds
  • a few terraformables
  • 3 different notable stellar phenomena, containing:
    • Proto-Lagrange clouds
    • Purpureum, Roseum, Ravum ice crystals
    • Flavum silicate crystals
    • Cereum aster pods
    • Cereum aster trees
On top of that, it is also a green system and has some landable planets with volcanism...
Screenshot reference:
You can open the system map of systems you already visited just by searching the system in the galaxy map - mouse.over the respective star in the galaxy map, there are 4 icons at the bottom of the pop-up,
  • make the system the next waypoint,
  • plot a route to the system,
  • bookmark the system,
  • show the system map.
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@ Moonrays: That's an excellent and very rare find, congratulations!
Minor note though: it's not in the Abyss, but in the Formorian Frontier.
Here goes nothing...

Name: Mount Wesley
Type: Mountain (Planetary)
System: Smojai IT-P D6-2
Planet: A 2 A
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_LVEEfWbfI

Images: [One] [Two] [Three] [Four]

DESC: Mount Wesley is a 30km-high peak sticking out of Smojai IT-P D6-2 A 2 A, a small green moon orbiting a blue gas giant. The moon is covered in jagged mountain ranges and is ideal for SRV mountaineering and sightseeing. It takes approximately 5 minutes to jump from the peak of Mount Wesley to its base in an SRV. Here’s the original forum post where I shared it.

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Name: David and Goliath
Type: Planetary
System: Qeajo CZ-N C20-15
Planet: AB 1 D (Goliath)
Planet: AB 1 E (David)

Images: [One] [Two]

DESC: David and Goliath are a pair of twin rocky ice moons in Qeajo CZ-N C20-15 with an astonishing assortment of mountain ranges that average 25-30 km in height! It's a perfect place for high speed racing and SRV mountaineering.

CMDR DasExorcist
Name:Carnegie's Dream
Game map search ref:Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-27 1
Description:Orbiting a K giant at a distance of just 449ls, Carnegie's Dream is a landable metal-rich body, ringed and with volcanic activity, which is orbited by 8 landable metal-rich moons.
Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate and philanthropist of the late 19th century, must have dreamt of such a place, to keep his steel mills busy forever.
Be warned of the slightly higher gravity of the main body, though at 2.77g it should not pose a major problem.
Screenshot reference:Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-27 K-giant MR moons 3.jpg
A screenshot of the system map:
Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-27 K-giant MR moons.jpg
Another shot with all the moons:
Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-27 K-giant MR moons 2.jpg
Orrey shot:
Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-27 K-giant MR moons 4.jpg
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