Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

Tampoco deberíamos olvidarnos del equipo de Kumo y mirar más de cerca sus sistemas. La carga sería un manjar y Archon Delaine se encuentra actualmente en la cima.

Si realmente fueran los Thargs, probablemente Alejandría se encontraría en sus esferas de influencia como Witch Head o las Pléyades.
usually hyperdictions happen between 5000 sl and 20000 sl, that, is what the anti-xeno group investigates, you can read it on their page, but evidently something bigger happened here
Not going to be AX CZ for much longer ...

As of approximately 21:10 server time last night, thargoid incursions have been cleared in full.
Goids Gone.jpg

I would like to thank the thargoids for rallying well and putting up a quite impressive resistance.
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Linking a "huh that's odd" from another thread:

Is it just me, or is this rather dramatically off the beaten path for NHSS sightings?
Linking a "huh that's odd" from another thread:

Is it just me, or is this rather dramatically off the beaten path for NHSS sightings?
Non-human Signatures as in planetary objects, a thargoid sensor on the ground that cannot be scanned were added with Odyssey, some have been seen as far out as Formadine - we're not entirely certain if they're intended to spawn out there or not. Much like USS they appear and disappear on a whim, making them even harder to nail down.


This example being from the 7th. Patches are ongoing and we can only speculate whether they shall remain out there, but they are interesting things, though they do Not feature living thargoids.
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What's NHSS??
Non-human signal sources... = NHSS...
long version

I was under the impression surface nhss didn't follow the usual rules that space nhss did (and was likely a bug to boot)
Good morning. Following the maintenance, incursions appear to have ended as expected. The galaxy map icons may be updated in a bit.

Far as Sterope II, the system is only inhabited by Fleet Carriers. it has been the eagle eye one target since August 3305, with a brief reprieve in the following January... but there are no conflicts, no planets, nothing to distinguish it from any other non-human signal source filled system in the Pleiades within that approximate bubble of Merope.

It also being inconvenient by virtue of carrier tariffs, the lack of solid stations or megaships to moor up in - leaving you at the mercy of the carrier's owner - and no nav beacon, it doesn't lend itself to being a high-value ax hunting ground.
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Anyone know how big the NHSS bubble is around Merope atm?
From the canonn plugin alerts in the last week, NHSS have been seen up to 98Ly from Merope - going through the last three months, 99s are seen to match - the 100Ly radius seems to still be about accurate on that front.
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