Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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I remember saying a lot of different variety should be in the game, from customization's to more types of species like marine life, pterosaurs's, amphibians and more but I think that out everything everyone has asked for, I'd like to see the return of JPOG dinos and we've seen a few come back but I really want to see small dinos again like Homalocephale, Dryosaurus, Torosaurus and even Albertosaurus and big dinos like Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus and I think the remaining dinos are Corythosaurus, Ouranosaurus and Allosaurus

I do want to see the compy come in the game as well in some form but smaller dinos, medium ones and large ones are all I want to see and would be happy with!

Anyways To Frontier, Thank you so much for making this game and continuing to make changes and improvements and listening to us the fans! You guys have made the game we have all been waiting for!!!

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Hey folks, great listing of your wishlists thus far.

As a reminder, please keep the open discourse down to a minimum in this thread, more aptly - create a new thread for discussion. Thanks! :)
My wishlist

First of all, a huge thank for the possibility of publishing a wishlist ! [up]

There is my short wishlist :

1) Aquatic and flying reptiles. Even by an expension, but it's clear you have to do it.
2) A 3D terraforming allowing us to create some cliffs and waterfalls. That could make your terraforming tool and park customization perfect !
3) Several public activities, such as kayak strolls on river that can be seen in the movie.
4) A day/night cycle with corresponding behaviours.
5) A camera mode to register the best moments we saw !

Best regard !
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I watched the game play video and was very impressed. I have one wish/question. Why do the dinosaurs go from hatchery to adulthood in minutes? Shouldn't there be a nursery where baby dinos are taken after hatching and raised until they are juveniles large enough to enter a paddock with the adults? This would be a good feature to have.
My suggestions

First of all, no pressure.. I saw gameplay of the development build and I absolutely fell in love with the game and I'm definitely going to get, But I do have a few suggestions on how you can make the game better and what I would LOVE to see implemented into the game

- more dinosaurs, there are lots of fan favorite dinos in real life and in the franchise, please add them.. even if it's a dlc later on

- more hybrids, just like jurassic world: the game, add more hybrids not just the Indominous

- more personality in the dinosaurs, display of their senses, more than one killing or hunting animation, failing a hunt, etc.

- depth in the water

- decorations for your park

- blood

- feathered and fury dinos

- better camera close up view

- customisable buildings

- albino, black, spotted, or very colorful skin

- just more dinosaurs in general would make my day

Thank you reading our suggestions for making the game even better
My biggest wish a sandbox mode with everything unlocked option and a unlimited money and resources option so we can go all out and build our ultimate dreampark
like in the movies...

-Good animations between fights
-Blood and Gore, People dying and bleeding.. OVERALL VIOLENCE
-Childs in the park (and being able to die)
-Destructible Vehicles
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First and foremost, I want to be able to build using the original JP structures and vehicles. I'm suspecting and hoping that's the case when you unlock Nublar.

Maybe even an homage to Lost World and its vehicles, the RV, the snagger vehicles, etc.

Other than that, aquatic dino's. Mosasaurus specifically.
In addition to the common herbivores, I would also love to see more majestic and exotic herbivores in the game, ..
Not just the common ones.

These are just a few of the dinosaurs I hope will be in the game:

1) Microceratus
2) Therizinosaurus
3) Scelidosaurus
4) Nasutoceratops
5) Amargasaurus
6) Gigantoraptor
7) Deinocheirus

Thank you for considering and making your fans happy :).
Would love to see a dlc with extinct mammals, mammoths, caber tooth tigers and the like. Perhaps a hunting range attraction to bring the money in.
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