1. S

    Horizons Decoding the ancient ruins mission from Ram Tah

    Hello commanders, I heard about the Ruins mission last week and decided to go and do it. After all the credit reward was 100,000,000 credits. However, when I got to the meene system and received the mission it said the reward was only 10,000,000. I'm want to do this to make some money and to...
  2. Ascorbius

    Community Event / Creation What do you feed guardians? Triple Thargoids that's what :)

    I posted this video last week, but I'd forgotten (don't hate me) to post in here. So I hope you enjoy it and let's petition FDev to give us real drive through burger vendors.
  3. A

    Ram Tah mission; an unexpected reward

    I just completed the Ram Tah Guardian mission after a week of flying around scanning. Quite enjoyed the ethereal noises of the ruins will be interested to see where FD go with them. Anyway, I got back to Meene and turned the mission in, nice wedge of credits. But then I received a message. I'm...
  4. D

    Proposal Discussion Perception of movement in a void?

    Disclaimer: I tried to search for obvious keywords, but I couldn't find a discussion of this topic. It seemed a rather obvious one to me, so I apologize if I missed it. -- When traveling though space, or any realistic depiction of space anyway, you are dealing with vaste volumes of near total...
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