Notice A statement on cheating in Elite Dangerous.

The best thing you can say about it is at least they are funding FD. To the tune of 15 minutes of developer time....

As i noted earlier in the thread, one hardcore cheater, upon getting 10 accounts banned, said he might have to slow down on the cheating a bit...
yep, that was my point :)

10 accounts is somewhere between £70 and £140 assuming bought in a sale. At least that is money in the FD coffers and is probably about a days work for 1 FTE

not much but something at least.
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Except that griefers aren't cheating.
true... but in the early development video there was going to be a special mode for people who liked to play that way (hell mode)
it was where "griefers" and those on a yellow card were meant to go (I am not talking out and out cheaters. if they are caught there should be no modes for them, just account cancelled imo... but those caught using certain exploits which would be on a "list" - which would be accessible in game for those who want to see.

Now as is usual in these type of threads someone usually claims this is not legal, people have paid for the game and can cheat or exploit as much as they like... (not checked to see if that is in this thread) but to which i say.... nonsence.

Plenty of games are ruled with an iron fist, hell just look at MS zero tolerence with the xbox 360.

not only did MS perm ban consoles from ever going on line if caught having unsigned code on them / being modded..... but they dialed it up to 11 and made the console corrupt ANY even legit game save which was accessed on it, thus making people with such consoles a bit of a pariah.... (if i used my roaming profile on such a machine without knowing about it, my memory stick would have its game save corrupted. (I actually wondered if MS would have got in trouble for that due to chances of catching innocents.... but it turned out to be fine).
griefers griefing cheaters and cheaters cheating on griefers doesn't sound bad to me.
i have to concede it sounds almost as funny as whiners whining on gankers, but it definitely pales in comparison with random chaps defending frontier's anticheat policy. it's akin to worker's class voting far right without the dire consequences cause, you know, it's just a game. epic.
When it comes to taking actions against accounts we have identified as using cheats, we review every report on a case by case basis.
That's very commendable.

While there has been a level of discussion regarding these cheats within the community recently, we can assure people that the number of people using these are a very tiny number of players. We are still working on new and improved ways of stopping these cheats and tracking and measuring activity now and in the past.

We strongly advise that no player runs Elite Dangerous using a cheat client, hack, software mod etc as this will put your account at risk now, and in the future.
Even though we are only a small (not supported) group, please remember us Linux users and Proton. Now that Elite is running so well on Linux, it would be a shame if we were kicked out again because of anti-cheat measures.

Nevertheless, I very much welcome the fact that action is being taken against fraudsters. They spoil the game for others and can do a lot of harm to a multiplayer game.
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"I didn't use any of the unsafe options ever and my account was just permanently banned. Guess that trainer needs to be updated"

Latest post from the cheaters forum,FD's actions as permaban are not rare
So Fdev are handing out permabans for the trainer. That's good to see.
At lest if that forum (havent seen it myself) is correct.
Are there a lot of bans being talked about on it?

Of course that is what FDev has been saying but its nice for some corroborating information.

Nothing will ever be enough tho, and I doubt FDev will change their policy on listing people banned (shadow or otherwise).
If they did it would still not be enough for some folks.

IMO its best just to accept what they say and move on, but then I dont think I could ever tell the difference between a cheeter and a really good player/ship build anyway.
It is not easy to decide what to believe in these days. Perhaps this has always been true, an interesting aspect of an online community. Introduction of a new in-game currency, and possibly mobile base building also, would be indicative of security and network being featured in the next update. That's money when it comes to those ARX points. However, there have been examples, such as GTA Online, that failed with this for a while, and probably lost a lot of money because of it. I hadn't really anticipated ARX, despite the need for it (as in microtransactions as business), but you can kind of see the design now, when looking at past updates. I suppose third party apps are going next.
Remember the engineering cheat/exploit 1 material tier 5 god roles. Frontier would punish those players remove all engineerd equipment, ban players. Havent seen any of that .
Frontier havent done any thing against those cheaters.
There is a difference. Using an exploit, that has been reported multiple times during beta phase, but made it into the live version anyway and being left unfixed for a year. You could have probably argued it was left on purpose, because every money making exploit was being closed within a matter of days or very few weeks on the other hand.
They're being executed by hired assassins.
I have never seen perma-ban this way...
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