Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 2

I am sorry but I have not seen this update. I use Steam and it has not updated the game to April Patch 2. Perhaps things are bit slow at Steam


I there something wrong!?!
Forgive me for being picky .... shouldn't it be called the "May Update"?
Nope it's Patch 2 on the April update.

<grumble> Why it can't just be 3.4.2 I don't know, kids these days </grumble>
It's an update in May .... we had an update in April, now one in May .... There's no need to be picky calling it a "patch" :p
(EDIT in case people don't pick up on the self-referring sarcasm, I'm being picky calling it a May update when it is really a patch on the April Update)
The black screen happened quite a lot to me on PS4. Didn’t need to exit the game but just drop out of supercruise. We’ll see after the patch eh?!
Ps4 too yeah sc work only that it didn't work on some occasion that why i loose patience .So far no prob now
Half a day playin: War and CZs are still bugged, Quests for war are still bugged! still high chance for blue screen when dropin into a wingmates instance. Also still "corrupted save data" error goin. tellin this here because FDev aparently dosnt play this game
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