How to install ED on Linux using Wine [EXPERIMENTAL, NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED]

Mine was from a single system and all of the tourist beacons were producing this image and alot of lag. I have no idea how hardware works so I wouldn't know. Why would we geta face image for an in game visual in that location though. It would almost be more interesting if it wasn't a glitch. 8)
It's the proverbial ghost in the machine.
I wonder if that bitmap shows the art they are using. Maybe the art all has layered designs that are for fun or multi useful for other things. Could show something about how the art team designs things. If that is the beacon bitmap and data just messed up that would be interesting. Maybe it's taken from or related to the face designing parts of the game.

The image had clearly oriented ears. They were very white while the eyes and other things were of different shades. All black to white.

Stuff like that that disables screenshots and has deep inbeded knowledge to decipher could be cool for an actual dark wheel thing where you have to be able to figure it out.
It's not flattened. I just ran into it. And mysteriously I took lots of screenshots to post. But the folder never contained them. It also lags my game to death.. it seems to disable the screenshot function. So, either some odd glitch or some weird group resistant from of in game clue...

The image is actually an image of two faces shoved together that when looked at from the front in the middle look like a face in the middle. It also looks like a face from the inside.

It's a visual image like how you take two vases and it looks like faces. But it's weird and has alot more too it. Plus it flashes demonstrating something else there like layers.
Which system and station is this happening in?
About the ghost bitmaps - this has happened before on Windows machines where faces appeared on planet surfaces, so this isn't necessarily a Linux thing and more to do with VRAM usage and/or game engine and/or drivers, etc. Also, it's kinda getting off-topic (How to install ED on Linux using WINE) so I suggest you take it to PM's or perhaps take it up with the WINE devs and/or DXVK devs as one or two of the participants of this thread do :)

Regards o7
Hey, wanted to quickly share my recent experiences seeing how they kinda differ from the most posts here. About VRAM, for some reason, as soon as the game boots up, all 4gb of 1050Ti's VRAM max out in an instant, nvidia-settings shows 100% VRAM and 100% GPU usage. It never goes down from there regardless of graphical settings. So everything else that tries to use the GPU like Firefox fails miserably at it, resulting in extremely slow screen updates. Also OBS has red and blue inverted when that happens, and is unable to use the hardware decoder. The game itself runs kinda alright, but alt-tabbing sometimes results in a freeze and/or crash, not as often as it used to though. All that es me off quite substantially but I was unable to find anything helpful on the matter, so maybe anyone here has some tips?..
Running Arch with 418.74 nvidia drivers, Proton 4.2 or Proton-tkg 4.5.r13.g4ea094ed, depends on which one results in less freezing during a particular day

...also holy crud, have never seen that spooky face before and I think I don't want to...
Yeah, Alt-Tab is an issue here too. Nvidia driver if that's important.

I've also noticed that something seems to occasionally go wrong with the nvidia driver, as when starting the game again it might have some repeatable problem which can only be solved by rebooting the computer. For instance the same graphics corruption on each restart until I reboot.
Also even if the game doesn't crash directly while alt-tabbing everything else runs exceptionally slow, be it the plasma desktop, browsers or other apps.
Was running KDE Plasma for a while, with compositing, and still didn't have issues, but, KDE Plasma is quite hefty and I don't need all the extra cruft which comes with it.
I did spend a month or two in 2013 seriously engineering KDE (4.something) down to the bare minimum - if memory serves, the absolute skinny for a user session was 160MB, 210MB with compositing, and then anything KDE you add on top costs less due to the high degree of sharing, than taking say LXDE or XFCE and bunging a Thunderbird on top.

You can still read about it here:

The reason for the cruft is the 'everything and the kitchen sink' approach usually taken to packaging KDE. Maybe I should have another crack at it. Last time round my then manager decided there was no mileage in lightweight desktops as a shell for a primarily browser based workflow and assigned me to do community management instead...
In my case it appears that the GPU is simply very busy rendering ED, so when I switch to the desktop everything else crawls. IIRC xorg is 100% busy on one CPU, which would probably explain everything else taking more time to draw.
I suppose, it's really getting quite old.

Someday I'll upgrade, motherboard, cpu, powersupply and the gpu :)

Still I think in this case it's probably a software issue, but it's just a guess :)
I fixed the alt tabing issue if I'm not mistaken. I set my upper bar in mate to auto hide and went windowed... 8\ (have to play around to find problems with it.)

Don't know how I didn't think of that before. Oh, well. Back to ultra settings!!
I fixed the alt tabing issue if I'm not mistaken. I set my upper bar in mate to auto hide and went windowed... 8\ (have to play around to find problems with it.)

Don't know how I didn't think of that before. Oh, well. Back to ultra settings!!
nice. Except i think the Alt-Tab problem is deeper than just your upper bar. It's happening across a lot of different environments and scenarios. Good on ya if you fixed it for you though. the bars i have in XFCE both autohide, but i still have the problem. no compositing either. so idk.
Apparently another and possibly better solution is borderless with swapping work spaces. I have mate and can use CTRL-ALT left or right arrow. Borderless gets rid of the problem with fullscreen minimizing itself when you swap workspaces. This is why it was not useable for me before. As long as the game window does not minimize there is no issue! 8)

I completely forgot about borderless mode. It doesn't alt tab out under any circumstances. Which in this case is very useful. Now I can just setup multiple virtual desktops.

Edit: NVM, scratch that. It still crashed as if it was minimized. Back to windowed I go!
windowed+borderless doesn't work huh.

frankly when I start the game, i can't really imagine ever alt-tab'ing out. who would ever close elite?!? balderdash! :ROFLMAO:
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