1. E

    help! cant play the game on neither steam or epic games

    Source: on steam and time sync error on epic games launcher can someone help me? trying to play the game for several days and this is the 2. time I bought the game and cant even play it.
  2. B

    Steam Account sync problem

    Hi,I recently bough this game on the steam store and sign up this site account but when i play the launcher and log in it says that i have to purchase the game first.So I linked the steam account to it and it says ''forbidden'' what? can anyone tell me why?and how do i to fix this?
  3. P

    Requesting help with separate Steam and normal launcher accounts

    (Bad?) Decisions were made and this is my situation: I have an alpha (main) account that I at some stage connected to my main Steam account. At some point I decided to get myself an alt account, and bought another Elite on a secondary Steam account. Yes, I know you shouldn't have multiple Steam...
  4. lysan

    Game Discussions Titan Fall 2 cheap on steam

    If you like me just like to play the story line of most shooters, this is a good time to get one for the cheap. Titan Fall 2 for PC.
  5. Globusdiablo

    Epic Games taking a stab at Steam

    Epic Games are out to break the monopoly. Having given away (as in free) GTA5 and now Civ6 I checked to see if Death Stranding was in their store. Lo and behold, there it was, at 40 euros, compared to 60 euros on Steam. I've found my moving buddy. Link below...
  6. R

    Why can't I play

    Hello, a few hours ago I bought a steam key for the Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition from a third party seller, I activated the key on steam and it worked like a charm, it downloaded the game and DLC's. But when I launch the game without new horizon, just the base game, and login and...
  7. L

    ED:VR, BigPicture, SteamVR & Steam Controller

    Hello! I recently got myself an Oculus Rift S. Of course I want to try out Elite in VR, as it's a dream come true! So far it works pretty well and is absolutely breathtaking! Usually I play with my Steam Controller, as I painfully mapped every single thing I need to it. It also has a pretty...
  8. Orbitalai

    Steam Launcher does not have room for start button!!

    Hey, I use ED through Steam on PC. The launcher has started to not have room for the start button and cannot be resized. My monitor is FullHD 1080p. My windows desktop text scale is 100% (default is 150%). It only happens after I have had ED running as fullscreen. When I initially start the...
  9. Z

    Next Gen Xbox with steam accessibility

    So word is the next gen Xbox will have a switch to go from Xbox to windows pc mode. Or maybe will be all around pc oriented. Now what I want to know. Is that being able to switch to windows pc obviously changes things as far as the game. Flip that switch and it’s no longer just Xbox. What does...
  10. RedmundR2

    Steam Store DLC Deluxe Edition Pricing Issues

    Hi all, I am coming from the steam forums to talk about a frustration base game owners are having with the current pricing model on Steam, for Planet Coaster. for reference I purchased this game in 2016, and while it...
  11. flarezi

    Unable to upload workshop items with steam family share account

    I'm trying to upload some buildings to the workshop but every time I do this the game shows me an "unknown error". When I take a look at my workshop uploads via Steam I just see empty items with "Planet Zoo" as title and marked as hidden. I'm playing via family sharing and I found more people...
  12. Old Duck

    Against my better judgement, I bought some Arx

    It was actually easier than I anticipated. I expected to have to jump through a bunch of captcha nonsense to log into Frontier, but apparently ED authenticates us so we're already logged in when the "Buy Arx" button opens that external browser window. It took a little fiddling to get the price...
  13. H

    my freind bought ed and ed:h but steam tells him he don't onw base game.

    so my freind wanted to play with me, he bought the game and horizons but steam tells him he don't onw base game. any help?
  14. Manulator

    No puedo jugar!!!

    Buenas, compre ayer el juego por Steam. Y al crear la cuenta en Frontier, vincule mi cuenta de Steam. El problema es ahora, que Frontier no me reconoce que tenga algun juego comprado en Steam. Quise registrar con la misma clave de Steam y dice que no es valido. Me meto en mi cuenta en el...
  15. Old Duck

    Steam - a blessing or a curse?

    It seems that some people love Steam and other people hate it. Someday I might actually have the privilege of having to chose whether to buy ED on Steam or directly from Frontier, so I'm weighing the pros and cons now. Here's what I have so far: PROS: Ability to save lots of money through sales...
  16. D

    Possible to download from Frontier Store if purchased through Steam?

    The title essentially says(?) / asks(?) it. I've purchased ED through Steam, and almost 300 hours in, it's great fun. However I was wondering if it's now possible for me, to actually download and install ED independent from steam. When I go to the Frontier store, ED and Horizons do show up as...
  17. F

    Allow the Deluxe Edition Bundle on Steam to be purchased by users that already have the base game

    I posted a support ticket on this issue [#00000260216] and it was suggested that I post here as well. Basically, this issue is this: On the Planet Coaster Steam store page, you have a bundle that includes the base game as well as multiple DLC. However, if you already own the game, you cannot...
  18. Jenner

    Steam Summer Sale 2019

    Whatcha buyin'? :) Me - might have to pick up Star Control Origins now that the legal dispute is over between Stardock and the original creators. I'd been holding off before out of principle, but now I may pick it up. Really for ten bucks I can't see how I can go wrong.
  19. F

    Allow the Deluxe Edition Bundle on Steam to be purchased by users that already have the base game

    So here's the issue: As someone who has had the base game since before the first DLC was released, why is there no option to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition with a DLC bundle pack? I can only purchase the Deluxe Edition on Steam as a gift, but I can't get the bundle for myself, minus the cost...
  20. Shadowdancer

    On not being a casino: Valve gets sued by Native American Casinos

    … for fronting skin gambling on Steam. Source: Coming up: Valve getting sued by every single Pachinko parlour in Japan.
  21. J

    Steam vs Frontier does not run/link

    I bought the game yesterday (19-4) on Steam. 1. Installed via Steam. 2. Created a new Frontier Account > verified mail 3. Linked Steam account to Frontier account. 4. When starting the game DEMO is the only option (it doesn't seem to have linked Steam for the keys). 5. Try to logout > then Sign...
  22. Timpraetor

    ED Running successfully under Steam Play on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 with GTX 1050Ti

    After a multi-night hair pulling blitz, I'm happy to report that I now have Elite running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 under Steam with RedMcG's Proton build. My system specs: Intel i7 5770 @4GHz MSI Gaming MB Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 32GB DDR3 1600 RAM 500GB Samsung EVO 650 SSD Ubuntu 18.04.2 Minimal...
  23. krueger.freddy

    Bought DLC on Steam. can it show up as bought in Frontier Store too?

    Hi, during the last autoum sale on steam I did buy the vintage and Studio DLC though steam.. Is it possible that the Frontierstore reconiizes that somehow? I almost bought it double :-)
  24. Cmdr-Wotherspoon

    Valve gives top-selling games a bigger slice of the sales revenue

    Valve currently keeps 30% of the income from sales made through the Steam store. From now on, titles that sell more than $10M will pay a reduced 25% to Valve, and the really big titles, selling $50M or more, will only pay 20% of revenue to Valve. DLC is included in the calculations, so $10M is...
  25. StuartGT

    Vote Elite Dangerous for Best VR Game in the 2019 Steam Awards

    Only if you have a Steam gaming account, obviously :D (Elite doesn't have to be on Steam though) Go here to vote: The award categories available (and my nominations) are: Game Of The Year = Monster Hunter World VR Game Of The Year = Elite...
  26. Highlander71

    Tips for starting with PiMax4K wanted

    I've bought a PiMax4K for use with Elite:Dangerous Horizons and I would like some tips before I dive into the installation and setup. My current VR setup uses an Oculus DK2, but I wanted to try and get away from the screen door effect the DK2 suffers from. My current setup is Windows10 with a...
  27. 1v4n94

    Flying creatures you'd like to see in the game

    So, we already have the 1st two candidates which appeared in the 1st movie: Dimorphodon and Pteranodon, but... which other "exotic" or unique flying creatures you think would be a great addition to the game? CURRENT WISHLIST: Pteranodon (this one appeared in almost every Jurassic movie)...
  28. 1v4n94

    Is it difficult to port JWE from one platform to another?

    I just wanted to know if it's a difficult task to make or is it mostly automated (using already existing software to convert the features from one platform to another)
  29. A

    Je ne peux pas télécharger Horizons

    Bonjour à tous Je vous sollicite pour avoir un peu d'aide J'ai acheté Elite Dangerous sur Steam puis Elite Horizons sur le site officiel Frontier J'ai vu plein de sujets qui montraient comment lié son compte Steam : ça c'est bon, sur le site Frontiers, on me dit que mon compte steam est bien...
  30. Cmdr Eagleboy

    How to install ED on Linux using Wine [EXPERIMENTAL, NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED]

    To setup Wine for playing ED under Linux see GitHub Wiki - please use this, and provide feedback and updates to this wiki page to collate information about running ED under Linux.
  31. Caspar

    Elite / Frontier Elite - Original - Acorn Electron

    I've always wondered about this - perhaps someone can give me an answer? When I was a kid, I had the Acorn Electron version of Elite (on tape). The game wasn't too far off the Beeb version but did lack a few items. One missing thing in particular was a lack of Thargoids or Witchspace. Now I'm...
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