1. J

    Economy and Security status sliding scales

    Hello Cmdrs I've been searching and found not much on the sliding scales for economy and security. For example: For the faction 'The Dark Wheel' the Economy marker in on the 'Investment' part of the scale and the security marker is just about on the none part of the scale. However, For the...
  2. Fenyl

    Please add "battle won" information in player journal.

    This is very simple request, but so important in the current BGS for all of us using journal for third party applications: Please add "battle won" information in player journal.
  3. Mangal Oemie

    Known Issues with the 3.3.02 BGS (orig. AEDC Discord)

    Hey everybody (and any FD staff checking in), We were chatting in our Discord earlier today, and this resulted in a list of bugs with the current BGS as far as we know. This seemed wise to share with all of the BGS community, and may be an easy list for FD to work from, should they come across...
  4. BaddMongo

    Influence stays locked during cooldown - bug or feature?

    The update this morning as well as server side updates over last week apparently fixed a lot of the BGS problems. But as the title says observed after the tick this afternoon influence remained locked for my PMF, despite having run +30 worth of influence points from missions (in a low...
  5. Echo Wake

    Flipping System Economies???

    Can someone point me in the right direction as to how we as players can flip a system from say tourist to high tech? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Jibberish

    Improve Outfitting Stores

    It seems Outfitting is just RNG. My Home Station Outfitting Store sucks (no I'm not moving). FD should add Outfitting to the BGS or some way to get more hardware in stores. Unless I'm missing something you can't improve your stores no matter what you do. Say increasing the Station Income, or...
  7. Flying Scorpion

    How to make a station sell more stuff? Discussion

    How do you make a station sell a wider variety of stuff? We're located way out on the fringes of the bubble (outside of power play region) and the systems here have terrible stock on modules. How can we use the background simulator to help a station sell more stuff?
  8. Myou

    Squadron driven founding and expansion of minor factions.

    Greetings commanders, this is a suggestion for not quite overhauling, but tweaking the BGS and minor factions function, but let me preface with a simple statement: As we all know, Squadrons can pledge allegiance to a minor faction. And this, fellow commanders is what i propose to be the...
  9. I

    BGS Roll back?

    Just a quick question to spark discussion: do you guys think there will be any type of BGS roll back in light of the recent BGS bug? Having all mission rewards go to system owners seems hardly like a fair thing to leave in the game to me, and at risk of sounding entitles I don't want my group's...
  10. A

    Please, get rid of assetless conflicts!

    I like how the new war system and general BGS is set up now. But as it stands everybody is in conflict with everyone all the time. That just doesn't make much sense. To fix that I would suggest to get rid of conflicts without assets. That way we would probably cut down on conflicts by at least...
  11. T

    Broken BGS - possible explanation

    FDEV appear to have implemented a mechanism where CMDRs can hand in bounties at any station - i say appear as i do not know if this is a bug or a design 'feature' that they didnt tell us about. And since FDEV continues to refuse to publish the rules/design that govern BGS it will remain...
  12. K

    Anarchy Faction influence Working differently in 3.3?

    I've noticed an odd behavior in the bgs that I want to see if anyone else has run into. A buddy and I have been concertedly supporting an anarchy faction, and have, in the days since the reset, watched the faction's support swing wildly, and very unpredictably. In short, we have been running a...
  13. Jack Shaftoe

    Mild social pressure as a potential solution to hidden BGS manipulation

    Regarding the Fuel Rats home system struggle: I fully understand that FDev have shot down the idea of only having BGS effects earned in 'Open' count, but what if the community took up the torch? What if we spread the idea that working the BGS in Solo/Private Group was 'cowardly' or sleazy, or at...
  14. Julio Montega

    BGS - How to make the game more dynamic and drastically improve the simulation of the world

    Ahoy there, i think a lot of the trouble with how the game is presented is homebrewed. The devs have all necessary tools at hand, to correct the most obvious flaws. They have USSes and wing beacons, the ability to spawn NPCs tied to the BGS states and can change the cargo lists of NPCs, while...
  15. L

    Discussion 3.3 BGS Changes and the Journal File

    With the revealed BGS changes for Beyond 3.3, while they propagate to the journal? If so, I hope FDEV will release the new Journal Manual at the start of the beta so that changes can be made for the parsers everyone is using (and bugs found quickly).
  16. Bambi

    Faction States

    While the new ability for a faction to be affected by multiple states sounds great. It still seems off. Wouldn't it make more sense for a "famine" or "outbreak" state to affect a whole planet, or station, rather than just a faction? It's like if a new flu epidemic broke out but only labour...

    PCGamesN article reveals new BGS scenarios (SPOILERS)

    Sounds pretty cool...
  18. NewkTV

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS Version 2.0 - 17OCT2018 Guide by: CMDR NewkTV - Founder of The Forgotten Initiative. Reference Links are included. If you would like to download the .pdf, please visit: If you are interested in joining The Forgotten...
  19. D

    Modes Idea for game mode resources being non transferable

    The idea is: what happens in a mode stays in a mode. Wanna play single player fine. Wanna play open fine. Wanna play both , fine. But your stuff in one does not exist in the other. This means pvpers can't hide in solo when in their taxi ship to CG, and then switch to open when they feel safe in...
  20. Vurrath

    NEW type of pseudo-black-markets ( & dynamic details - idea already done, frontier! )

    the idea here [ ] . is one i've had before, and does seem SUITED, to different locations, where something just doesn't MAKE SENSE, when you look at it, especially when you're a new player, and...
  21. EWanderer

    More Depth to Trading in the BGS

    Introduction So as of now, trading in BGS only affects the controlling faction of the station. If you think about this, you come two one of 2 conclusions: a) The controlling faction gets a monopoly in all industries on a station. b) The controlling faction is in charge of the port and flow of...
  22. T

    The realistic approach to BGS.

    So the BGS.. The bane of many Cmdr's existence. {DISCAIMER}: This is an open only advocating post, for the reasons contained within. (I feel the need to point out these home truths as noone on the other postings will even reply to my comments.) BGS is both a PvE and PVP activity, in such that...
  23. dAlexis

    Please, fix BGS tick time to ~12:00 IGT

    Dear development & maintenance teams! Please, fix BGS tick time to 12:00 IGT. Several patches before mentioned tick time was really perfect, but now... I understand, that tick may be postponed, but/ please, move it back after maintenance\upgrade\patching\etc.
  24. mcownyou91

    Huge Empire coalition recruitment movement...Join now, prosper always!

    Greetings Commanders. Officially the Cavaliers Le Chardon are the manifestation of an allegedly retired maverick Imperial Navy renegade. Although rumour say that this group is more than one mans private army, and they are indeed a clandestine Imperial Military-Intelligence operation, working in...
  25. Reneta Scian

    More Wing Mission Nerfs - AKA We work hard for our money

    The fact is, FDev has a history of failing to properly balance and incentivize both solo and especially multiplayer activities, and we have all seen this happen time and time again. Something pays too high to the wrong rank of player, and instead of redesign the mechanics of credit payouts to...

    Massacre missions are almost always ridiculously long and not worth taking

    Massacre missions have FAR too high kill requirements for what they're worth, necessitating a pretty extreme grind of combat zones over several hours which would be FAR better spent in a RES site. This would have been fine if it was still possible to stack massacre missions, except you now have...
  27. Riverside

    Well that sucked the wind out of my sails

    I had a big day today, I flipped a system to my favoured (NPC) faction. ED Bucket List Box ticked, it was months of work and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Or I was, until I met a Pledged player. No, no PvP was involved, they just came to investigate the change & happened to meet me, we had a...

    Please add missions to systems that are being scouted by Thargoids for attack

    Star systems and stations that have been attacked have lots of nice decoration and atmosphere. In addition, they offer missions that are directly attached to this that are both cool and profitable, awarding credits, materials, reputation and data. However, systems that are about to be attacked...
  29. B


    With the launch of Squadrons, I believe that this matter should also be discussed... Since Sandro Samarco mention "PP Open Only", I think appropriate to talk about the BGS too. I already generated LOCKDOWN on a system playing SOLO (I did a test to see if it was possible). After confirming...
  30. T

    Bug? BGS not updating system faction influence data

    OK, this could get fairly involved so I apologise up front. Also, I have 7000+ hours of ED and am pretty familiar with how BGS works, so this isnt a noob question, I kinda understand what I am talking about. Pleasantries over. For the last 5 days I have been working on and monitoring a dozen...
  31. Audaxxx

    Why can't we just have a separate BGS/server for each mode?

    What is the barrier preventing Fdev from having separate servers for each mode? Is it just too much work? I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. It seems to me this would keep both sides happy but maybe i'm missing something.
  32. dAlexis

    Link for squadrons and BGS thread in Focused feedback forum. Plase,follow-BGS may change completely

    I asked question about squadrons and BGS. These suadrons may change eveything in BGS! Please, ask your questions ASAP.
  33. Darius Ventarra

    BGS: System Growth & Development

    Hi all [smile] I'm new to the BGS & enjoying it, but I was curious about a couple of things. 1) Will my trading and presence w/in a system eventually help it grow? Ex: if I start working in a system of 1000 citizens, will it boom to 1200, up and up? 2) By contributing to a system that only...
  34. D

    Looking for Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC

    Hello. we've tried to make contact in game to no avail. We are looking to speak with the player wing that supports the PMF Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC as we would like to open a line of dialogue between our two factions, if anything to merely establish communication between us...
  35. T

    Perhaps a way to make the BGS seem more alive and new Gameplay.

    One of the things that seems to animate a lot of players is the background simulation. It operates almost invisibly for most, and seems to have little real relevance in the game. This suggestion is therefore an idea to bring the BGS into view for players. I would like to see the Megaships...
  36. n13L5

    Is gaining INFLUENCE of any use to players who don't care to muck about with the BGS?

    I have so far ignored influence. But I seem to get some small amount with pretty much every mission I turn in... Is there any reason I should care one way or the other? Any practical benefit?
  37. CMDR Nechtain

    Mission influence effects on other systems

    Hi there, I've been trying to bring about a regime change in my chosen system for a few months now, learning as I go along. I have noticed that if a faction gets into a war in one system, it brings about a general drop in that faction's influence across all the systems in which the faction is...
  38. CMDR Tom D

    Automation and Scripting - An investigation into further abuses of BGS and Powerplay

    TL : DR For several months, The Alliance Office of Statistics have been tracking and monitoring up to 20 seperate accounts that have been using automated scripts for station services, flight and travel from system to system. Collectively this has been used to undermine Powerplay powers and...
  39. Riverside

    Meaningful PvP Proposal

    A regular complaint justifiably levelled at ED is that there is no 'meaningful' PvP, it has no effect on the BGS, combat ranks etc. It cannot, because the idea of effecting change via PvP is incompatable with the instancing filters (blocklist and solo/group modes). The aim of this proposal is to...
  40. Astley Tiberius

    The 10th Legion

    Greetings Commanders, I speak on behalf of the 10th Legion in an effort to convince you to join our ranks and fight for the glory of the Empire! Who are we? The 10th Legion is currently a small Imperial faction however its leadership and majority of membership hail from a once great group of...
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