1. L

    Non combative status

    I have just been in the situation with Cmr Sundancesk10 and he asked me for a 1v1, this would be good if I didnt have a cargo I wanted to keep and someone I was waiting for to be mentor for on multicrew with Cmdr Dcman 1985. I already said no, to earlier mentiomed Cmdr, yet still starts to pull...
  2. Highwayman

    Multiple AI crew

    So, I have the ability to hire 3 AI crew members, I have the ability to fit a fighter bay with 2 slots, why can’t we have multiple AI crew active at the same time? I’ve had 2 buddies in my Annie flying SLF’s from it, why not AI crew that are lounging around in space dock cashing in their pay...
  3. Sentience

    Ok, I'll contribute an idea to ED: Mission Hubs

    This has probably been suggested before, but I'm too lazy to go search for it (sorry). Current Mission Format You dock. You access the station computer (from inside your ship). You get missions. You undock. You can't even see other player ships parked nearby.....zzzzzz....boring. Suggested...
  4. D

    Multicrew and limpet controls. Give them back to me!

    New to setting up my ship for multicrew mining. Had a blast having a gunny and an SLF keeping me safe. But loosing control over prospectors and collectors really slowed me down and made the session turn into a BH run. Anyway to restrict the gunner to the turrets only? I mainly wish to keep my...
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