The Docking Computer thread.

But docking is so easy it doesn't matter either way. I don't know how the computer works (can't play yet, at work :( ) but even if it docks you perfectly it's just a time saver.


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Does the auto docking system take one or more of the utility slots of the ship?

Because if it does it would be a good way for balance.
Well if someone wants a docking computer and be brain-dead while docking, why not?

It's better to have it and not needing it, than to need it and not having it.

If you don't feel that docking computers are good, then don't use them. Let them be available for people who aren't as skilled at flying.

I read that in real world today, planes have autopilot, even to the extent of landing the plane by itself - pilots just don't use them cuz of ego and pride. I don't know this first hand by the way - I read some military article somewhere some years back and saw this interesting bit of info.
Thousand years into the future and no docking computer? Awkward. I'm happy that FD did this and I hope they will continue with more autopilot implementations for the sake of immersion. Game needs to take a step away from the arcade style and focus on realism and immersion.
I've only just started playing and love the challenge of manual docking. I can't see myself using the docking computer tbh. I can't wait to try manual landing on a planet!!
You know, to encourage some youngsters to play who perhaps don't have the dexterity or for those with mild physical limitations, docking computer opens up Elite to them as a viable game I'd have thought?

Anything that helps give as many as possible the Elite experience has to be positive, and the fun we can have corkscrewing past auto pilots will be ace for us and beautiful to see for them!

Not sure I want to sacrifice a module myself :cool:
Docking computers take up a module slot and aren't as quick as a skilled player.

I should hope not.

Got to say I was disappointed too... Kind of given in to the whingers there a bit... Docking is easy if you practise... How the hell will people practise now if they're given the point and click route? A shame... :(
Docking computers take up a module slot and aren't as quick as a skilled player.

in which case I dunno what people are complaining about ;)

a docking computer is an important piece of tech for a lot of people (not me i love docking)

and it taking up a utility slot puts anyone using one at a significant disadvantage.

Thanks for the info Michael.

Don't you deserve a day off after yesterday? :)

indeed.. given he could well be running on fumes today and a little bit grouchy, I shall try not to poke the beast for fear of getting an infraction ;)
If you don't like it, don't use it. Think about it.

If you get really, really, and I mean REALLY good at manual docking .. what effect will someone else buying a docking computer have on YOUR skill to manually dock?
I've always enjoyed the ability to manually dock in games and plan to continue enjoying it in ED - but sometimes you just don't feel like going to the effort.

Plus if it takes a module slot then it's not damaging to the game - if you buy one you've made an internal risk/benefit analysis and decided that the computer is worth it. It's not a compulsory purchase.

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Docking computers have always been a part of Elite so they should be in the game. As I said earlier if you don't like them don't buy one. But remember just because you don't want something doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the game. If you want a space game without docking computers, go and write one yourself......
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