1. Xaintly

    More ship-specific modules

    The only ship-specific modules are Luxury Cabins, and they are pretty situational. I hardly ever see missions requiring them, and even then the missions don't pay out much more. How about more restricted module slots, especially for core internals? Enhanced-performance long-range FSDs for...
  2. Xaintly

    More module types

    Some additional variety in module types would be useful, this could allow wingmates to take on support roles. Cloaking device - reduces the sensor signature of the ship (probably better to restrict this to specific ships with a module slot that allows it) Sensor scrambler - Reduces the sensor...
  3. A

    Outfitting Idea to Add More Module Space - Module Racks

    There are a lot of small sized modules and more are on there way by the sounds of it in Beyond Chapter 4. I'm talking about the scanners and limpet systems. It's a shame to imagine a size 1 scanner taking up a whole size 3 or 4 slot especially when you can get 16 tonnes in the same space. I've...
  4. D

    Quality of life improvement to shipyards

    Here's the issue: all newly bought ships start with E grade equipment. This was a design mistake to me. It immediately communicates to players that they bought a ship with cheap, cutrate hand-me-down garbage gear and want it all replaced ASAP. Do you go looking for cars with horrendous...
  5. C

    Tech Broker modules and weapons are borderline useless (and how they should be fixed)

    Tech Broker modules and weapons are borderline useless, often even compared to their stock normal equivalents. Let's look at some examples:- 1. Plasma Charger: only come in one size (medium), do less damage than a similarly sized plasma accelerator and needs to be charged up 2. Gauss cannons...
  6. Bluebone


    Im mostly in exploring interested and in VR. Every now and then Im flying inside some deep craters or equivalent things. And it's often very dark. Now my Asp has these lights but they are kind of weak and they aim allways to the front. In VR you can walk around the ship, turn your head in every...
  7. C

    Balancing Hulls vis a vis Shields (and making the shield meta less dominant vis a vis hull tanks)

    I think that it’s not a matter of debate that there is significant imbalance between Hull and Shields in this game; Shields are far more important in comparison to Hull for ships, which is detrimental for ships which rely on high hull strength for their survivability. Therefore, I (using the...
  8. ebbrell

    FSD Booster as sub slot module

    Can we introduce module sub slots to power plant, FSD and shield generators? the recently added FSD booster takes up an entire module slot, can we have this changed. Can the FSD have sub-slots maybe allow 2 maximum, allowing us to insert the FSD booster into the main FSD module. Make it work...
  9. L

    Guardian Modules

    Guardian Power distributor screenshots or stats? Also really wish *all* experimental weapons had gimballed versions. Especially hard bringing out a big ship like the Anaconda to get fixed mounts to hit the target. Particularly with the scout. The earlier Thargaroid ships were easier to hit.
  10. U

    Stored Modules Sorting

    Stored Modules are sorted in no order at all. They used to be by size. Now, it's just a random mess. Is there a way to sort them?
  11. I

    Ship config preset

    Since the addition of stored modules, I believe it would be nice to have Ship's Role Presets. Have the items you have stored in a station in a set of config preset slots. A copy of your ships module slots, that you as the pilot, designate what item is in that slot for that preset config...
  12. zombieapocalypse

    Any chance of getting some filters for our stored modules?

    Some filters or sorting options for our stored modules would be nice :)
  13. CMDR Runcible Shaw

    The Trouble With Limpets

    So, I think it might be time to rethink how limpets work in the game. Currently (and in the beta) there are Prospector limpet Collector limpet Hatchbreaker limpet Repair limpet Recon limpet Fuel transfer limpet Decontamination limpet Research limpet It's starting to get a bit out of control...
  14. RichTF

    Specialised ships — Suggestion

    It’s always bothered me a little bit that some ships are clearly intended for a very specific purpose, and yet they’re not actually particularly specialised for that purpose. The problem seems to be that the main tool for customising a ship is through the optional internal modules. But these...
  15. Audaxxx

    Module Storage

    Please, please, please can we have more module storage? It's beginning to get really tedious having to switch ships every 5 minutes to access modules and weapons that i've had to store in storage ships. Having to transport an entire ship (and wait the required amount of transfer time) or fly...
  16. G

    Engineered Modules Locking Mechanism

    Hello Everyone I don't know whether was talking about this topic in past. I couldn't find anything. I don't have much time to waste it on a forum, wasting my time with Elite is enough - over 1350 hour in game. One thing I can't understand in this game. Developers expect from us spending a...
  17. M

    Newcomer / Intro Thrusters and heat

    First off, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong section of the forums. I sifted around for too long, and this seems the most appropriate location... So, I have been engineering my thrusters and came across something that I do not fully understand. Heat output from this module! I have...
  18. C

    Ships Beluga Suggestions

    As someone who did most of my missions in a beluga (passenger, sight see, and tried a slightly longer distance one (2200ly), here are my suggestions. Looks: I have taken many screen shots - the design as beautiful - 9/10 Suggestion: - Allow LED mods to be added to the ship as module (if Fdev...
  19. shadow133

    Ship Builds & Load Outs FDL heat management help needed

    This is my first all encompassing retrofitting I do, since previously I only improved one module or another, not the whole ship. Since I had to unlock most of the engineers, I don’t have enough materials for G5s everything, and I quite enjoy the results so far, except heat buildup. This is what...
  20. T

    Kill Warrant Scanner Power Requirements.

    Don't know if this has ever been discussed or not... so, here goes. The Kill Warrant Scanner's Power requirement for a small scanner: E: 0.20 D: 0.40 C: 0.80 B: 1.60 A: 3.20 <--- This is as much power as your thrusters on an unmodified eagle! 3A Thrusters: 3.72 / 38.8% 0A Kill-Warrant...
  21. T

    Please please PLEASE let us edit weapon colors individually

    I want blue lasers and yellow multicannons. At the very least we should be able to assign different colors to different weapon types, if we can't have each one colored individually.
  22. Dan Diplo

    Question about sub-targeting modules in combat

    Can anyone help clarify a few things for me? * Is targeting your opponent's power plant still the way to go? Or does it depend on type of ship or whether PvP or PvE? Is there any general guidance? * Is there any disadvantage in targeting specific modules? If I miss and still hit the ship...
  23. G

    Small balanced tweaks for the Vulture please!

    I think the vultrue needs a small balance change in regards to its optional modules I think the number of modules are perfect for a more dedicated fighter and don't want more modules. But I think the sizes need a little tweaking. Basically I think one of the size 1 modules should be changed...
  24. Tigir

    swap modules with stored ships at same station directly in outfitting

    It would definitely be a quality of life improvement to be able to swap modules between ships in the same station directly within outfitting. It really doesn't make sense that we have to slip seat between ships to store/retrieve modules from/to ships located at the same facility.
  25. I

    [Suggestion] Allow players to locking module to prevent them from being sold or reengineered accidentally.

    [Suggestion] Allow players to locking module to prevent them from being sold or reengineered accidentally. I had this idea awhile back, inspired by Destiny, and was told by one of Frontier's support staff I should post it here after pitching the idea in a support ticket I filed for missing...
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